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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. Dubstep Girl

    looks like those will be the exact tubes ill be getting for the time being. I would one day want a pair of 422As and 300B though, or even better, the WE 274B... :rolleyes:

    i do plan on using the wa5 for hd 800/t1, rebuying those soon
  2. musicman59
    I listened to the mew McIntosh MHA100 with the PM-1, HD800 and HE-6 and sounded fantastic to the point that I ordered one right on the spot. It should arrive by the end of the month. Now I am seriously considering using the McIntosh for all my dynamic and electromagnetic headphones and sell my beloved WA5-LE (which has more upgrades than the officially offered) and most of my tubes to then order a RSA A-10 for my SR-009.
    My struggle is that I love my Woo![​IMG]
  3. joseph69
    Congratulations on the McIntosh!!! I would love too hear the MHA100 one day.
    I totally understand how you feel about the Woo…my WA6-S/E shipped today, but I feel bad for my WA6. I most probably won't sell the WA6.
  4. jc9394

    Totally with you on that, loved my Woo. It takes me back and forth for almost a month before I decided selling it, mainly the reason was I traveled three out of four weeks.
  5. jc9394
    Love the look of MHA100...you got me thinking, I should stay away from HF.

  6. 62ohm
    Do you still need anything else when you have RSA A-10 and SR-009? [​IMG]
  7. musicman59
    Don't listen to it because then you will have to buy it! [​IMG]
  8. musicman59
    Yes. It is like sometimes you are in the mood for a glass of a nice red wine but other times the mood is for champagne... [​IMG]
  9. Silent One
  10. Feedbacker
    My WA6SE arrived today, and I've just got its first sounds running through it and out of my K701s! I'd decided that Swans new album would be its first music, but I hadn't managed to get out to buy a copy, so I'm playing it from Spotify through my iPhone 5S, which I realise is a travesty really. It still sounds grand right out of the box though.
    Going to run it for a few days on stock tubes, and then roll in the 6FD7s and EML 5U4G after that. Want to check all is in order with the amp itself first. So far, so good.
  11. Dubstep Girl
    Wa5 incoming! [​IMG]  (i can't believe im gonna be a woo girl again [​IMG])
  12. kazsud
  13. bpcans
    Congratulations. I've always wanted to know a girl who has my dream amp.
  14. koiloco

    You just can't stop, can you?  [​IMG]  Gratz!
  15. magiccabbage
    Now don't hold back on the pictures. You will have to load us up. I want to see it beside that GSX! 
    You will finally have your dream set-up. You must be chuffed? 
    Have you got any tube surprises? Or, just stock for now? 

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