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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. 62ohm
    I'm using the WA3 for HD800 & T1, works well IMO. The WA3 lacks detail and transparency compared to the WA6, but is warmer, thicker and to me, more musical. So in the end it depends on what you're looking for.
  2. Silent One
  3. kazsud

    I would steer clear of the Wa6 & 6LE for the hd800. The Wa2 is your best bet which is also OTL.

    I heard all of them in the same day.
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  4. musicman59
    I have not listed to the WA3 or WA2 but from the rest the WA5-LE is the best IMO. I bought the WA5-LE after comparing them. If you decide on the WA5-LE I would seriously consider going to fr WA5 because it will give you the power to drive any dynamic or electromagnetic headphones to their best of their capabilities. If I had the chance to make my decision again I would go with the WA5 instead of the WA5-LE.
  5. Pudu
    Besides, it's basically the same price as the WA3.

  6. bpcans
    If the WA3 and the WA5 were basically the same price I'd have bought the WA5 instead of the 6. Lol. Funny you mention that though. In a perfect world I'd like a WA5 as the power source for my home system. Does anyone out there have such a setup?
  7. jc9394
    I would not discount WA6SE for HD800.  Just roll in the right tubes, the HD800 will sing.
  8. walls
    My WOO!!


    Kills the LD, of course it should. Gonna do a little comparison with my Crack soon. :xf_eek:
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  9. Dubstep Girl
    with the right tubes, I enjoyed the WA6-SE and HD 800 quite a bit. Though i still preferred the WA2, both where very good with the hd 800
    WA3 doesn't have enough power I don't think, you would be better off with a Crack at that price, it would sound good with slightly less tube rolling to do also. The WA2 is alot better though, and amongst the best i've heard with the HD 800 at that price, beautiful lush tube sound. 
    i myself am close to buying a WA5 for Hd 800 and T1.
  10. bpcans
    Get that WA5 and decide you don't need it so I can buy it from you and get the amp I need
  11. Fugue
    Hmm...I'm getting contradictory advice! I think I'll go with the WA6 since Woo themselves recommend it for the HD800. If I don't like it more than the sound I get from plugging directly into my Oppo 105, then I'll send it back!
  12. jc9394

    PM if you want another choice, been extremely happy with my current setup.
  13. jc9394

    I did get the WA5LE and sold it.
  14. MickeyVee
    Think you'll like it.  I've got the WA6/HD800 and really like it.  Make sure you get at least the Sophia Princess.  I'll probably end up with the WA2 in the fall and be done with it.
  15. bpcans
    What was the deal breaker sir? Not enough power?

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