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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. jc9394

    What can I say??? I knew you will be a Woo girl forever. When should I bring the beers? Congrats...:beerchug:
  2. Dubstep Girl
  3. TontNZ
    An Accidental WA5-LE Owner
    I started out a few months ago thinking that I'd buy a relatively inexpensive headphone amp, I had in mind a budget of about US$500. After looking around I came across the WA7, so I upped the budget a little.  Then I found out that the WA7 had a tube power supply (WA7tp), so up went the budget a little more.  Then I discovered that there was the WA7d + WA7tp, so up it went again!
    At this point I'd ordered and paid for the WA7d + WA7tp, since they were on back order I carried on reading and browsing.  Then I discovered the WA5-LE!!  So after much angst and shuffling of funds I switched my order to a WA5-LE + upgrade parts and Teflon sockets!!  Just about 11 times my original budget.
    I can't afford the tube upgrades at this point in time (I still have headphones to buy), but can anyone recommend any other upgrades to the WA5-LE that might improve its sonic performance as opposed to aesthetics. I'm in New Zealand and the shipping costs for returning the WA5-LE to Woo Audio for any additional mods would be prohibitive (US$500 round trip). So if there's anything else that's not too expensive and can be done before I take delivery, I might just consider it.
    If you have any suggestions, please suggest away!  I asked the same question of Jack Woo but never had a response.
    Cheers - Peter
  4. musicman59
    What I did for mine in addition to the electronic parts upgrade and teflon sockets I sent Jack Neotech OCC Copper wire for all the internal wiring and cards Eutectic solder to be used. I also upgrade the RCA sockets to WBT. After that the only other thing you can do is to change the volume potentiometer to the RK50 but that is way too much money (somewhere around $700-$800) and jack said the improvement was not that significant so I didn't do that.
  5. kljash

    It's here!
  6. TontNZ
    Would you mind saying how much Neotech OCC copper wire and WBT RCA sockets cost and where you got them from?
  7. Silent One
  8. punit
    [​IMG]. Nice, Dubstep playin @ the Woo Club again.
  9. musicman59
    The WBT Nextgen were provided by Jack as an upgrade option.
    The OCC Copper chassis wire is from soniccraft.com I sent to Jack 20 feet of 20 awg and 25 feet of 16 awg which is what he told me was needed and also sent him 24 feet of Cardas Eutectic solder.
  10. bbophead
    Mighty fine looking!
  11. Problem
    +1, if I could roll back time, would definitely have gotten the WA2 over the WA6-SE for the HD800's.
    Now I'm Woo-less! 
  12. bbophead
    Profile still shows a Woo.
  13. jc9394
    You are not the only one here... [​IMG]
  14. kazsud

    New or used?
  15. kljash


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