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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. bonesnv
    Now I just need the headphones meant for it so I can really enjoy the fully depth of it; and I will be ordering the Sophia and some other tubes this evening.  Stock tubes in the photo.
    Even the P7s got a very minor boost in sound clarity but I wasn't expecting a drastic change with them compared to using the AD2, fairly similar sound makeup between the two amps with the P7s.  I have to keep the volume even on low around the 8-9 o clock range.
  2. bpcans
    bonesnv, nice looking rig sir. I've got the B&W P5's and I've heard the P7's also. I wouldn't consider any of the B&W headphones worthy of your amps capability. Good headphones would really make a difference in your music enjoyment.
  3. Feedbacker
    My WA6SE has shipped! Got to get it through UK customs yet, which I expect will not be a cheap experience, but hey...
    Can anyone recommend a good, reliable, trustworthy purveyor of tubes in the UK/Europe?
  4. bonesnv
    Thanks, and totally agreed, it's an ongoing wait.  
  5. joseph69
    They don't get hot like you think. The hottest running tube would probably be the GZ34 from my experience, but then again I never touched them, I only held my hand over them and they are warm from about 2-4" away from the tops. As a matter of fact, the aluminum on the entire  amp, only sometimes gets slightly warm, even mine with the wood on it doesn't get hot. 
    Nice!!! enjoy.
  6. bbophead
    Mostly, don't touch the tubes after they've warmed up.
  7. Stealer
    I'm interested in wa22 to pr with my T1 and he560...
    anyone have this combo?
    and wondering, does woo amp have auto-biasing function.

    Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  8. punit

    I have WA22 & T1, highly recommended. You do not have to bias the tubes on WA22. Haven't heard HE 560.
  9. jc9394
    As long as you are using high output tubes like 7236 and 5998.
  10. punit
  11. daverich4

    I have my WA22 on the shelf that's under the end table next to my couch. The top of my USAF 596, which is that tallest tube in the amp, is 3 inches below the top of the table. The wood above the tube gets just barely warm to the touch after an hour or so of use.
  12. Nic Rhodes
     For the signal tube best use US as it is a US model. Rectifiers can be sourched from all places.
  13. Dubstep Girl
    I prefer WA2 for T1 over WA22 still, the wa22 doesnt give the t1 much bass
  14. punit

    Agreed , OTL will mostly always give more thumping bass than a Transformer coupled amp. But there are certain tube combinations that i have tried (list below, this list is a WIP, still have quite a few combinations to try from the tubes I own (mentioned in my profile)) which give HD 800 / T1 good quality of bass on WA22 (I listen to a lot of EDM & love my bass).
    1. Cossor GZ37 + GEC 6AS7G + Mullard CV 181
    2. Cossor GZ37 + GEC 6080 + Mullard CV 181
    3. Cossor GZ37 + TS 5998 + Mullard CV 181
    4. EML 5U4G + TS 5998 + Mullard CV 181
    5. USAF 596 + GEC 6080 + TSBGRP 6F8G
    6. USAF 596 + TS 5998 + NU 6F8G
    7. USAF 596 + TS 5998 + Mullard CV 181
    8. USAF 596 + TS 5998 + Sophia Electric 6SN7
    9. USAF 596 + GEC 6AS7G + Mullard CV 181
    10. WE422A + TS5998 + Mullard CV181
    11. WE422A + TS 5998 + TSBGRP 6SN7
    12. WE422A + TS5998 + Ken Rad BG VT 231 6SN7GT 
    13. WE422A + TS7236 + Mullard CV181
    14. WE422A + TS7236 + SP 6SN7
    15. WE422A + WE421A + SP 6SN7
    16. WE422A + WE421A + Mullard CV 181 (This is the best sound I have heard from my HD 800 , I call it the GOD combination  bcos the every once in a while after tube rolling when I change into this combinati0n I invariably say "Oh My God!" [​IMG] )
  15. Feedbacker
    Thanks - will do this...

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