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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. Feedbacker
    Enjoy your amplifier!
  2. kljash
    Ordered a Wa2 to go with my t1's today. Very excited!
  3. joseph69
    Thats a really nice looking amplifier!
    I have the WA6 and was looking the other day at the WA2, and had too stop checking it out before I bought it myself! If I wasn't already set up nicely with the WA6 as far as the tubes and a little custom wood work, I may have sold it to buy the WA2…but as of right now, I can't bring myself too do it, plus I am enjoying it very much! Who knows, maybe the WA6 will become my desktop amp some day, and I'll also get the WA2 for my main rig. Anyway, congratulations on your new amp, enjoy it and let us know how you like it! Thanks.
  4. bbophead
    WA2 is an OTL.  Better for high impedance cans, no?
  5. noobandroid
    any woo suitable for q701? my friend told me to get wa7 but I'm unsure
  6. joseph69
    Yes, from what everybody says. 
  7. Pudu

    You should be.

    Wonderful pairing. Congrats.
  8. joseph69
    My mistake, I was actually reffering to the WA6-S/E for myself, not the WA-2, but it is a really good looking amp. If I ever purchased a high impedance headphone I would definitely try the WA-2.
  9. kljash
    Thanks everyone. Just counting the days now.
  10. -kent-
    Ordered mine yesterday. Jack said he will ship it by next week. Can't even concentrate at work until the WA6 are in my hands lol
  11. joseph69
    Congratulations on the WA6! I've had mine for about 5-6 months now and just love everything about it.
  12. bbophead
    Two years now with my WA6.  Still very happy.
  13. -kent-
    Thank you :D @ joseph69
    The WA6 will be my first tube powered amp. It took me years to figure out that the sound I was so long searching was infact the beloved tube sound. The shipment will take some weeks, since I live in germany. I hope the packaging is good. :)
    And I ordered the Sophia Princess with them!
  14. joseph69
    Nice tube (S/P) you'll really like it!
    The packaging is excellent, as is the sound/build/aesthetics. It is 2nd to none!
    When you receive it, please give us your impressions. Congratulations again!!!
  15. -kent-
    Thanks :D
    I've fallen in love with them the second I saw pictures on head-fi! I wonder - how hot do tubes (Sophia Princess for example) actually get?
    They look like I could burn a toast over them :wink:

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