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Woo Audio Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by dannie01, Jun 9, 2009.
  1. Stealer
    Thanks ...
    You guys are great...
    Will be in the club once my woo is in..
    Meanwhile enjoy the music

  2. Dubstep Girl
    makes sense, I found the Cossor to have a huge warm bass punch, very full decay, most of the tubes mentioned here are pretty bassy and fun. except 422A / GEC 6AS7G which will sacrifice some punch in exchange for better control as well as resolution/detail.
  3. Silent One
    Congrats Stealer!
    Former Woozie - Black WooAudio WA 6 Special Edition
  4. punit
    422A / GEC 6AS7G on their own may not be bassy but the beauty of WA22 is that all three categories of tubes affect the sound, so while using WE422A  is you use pro-bass power / driver tubes like TS 5998 / 7236, WE421A , Mullard CV 181, Sophia 6SN7 you get good bass. Same goes while using GEC 6AS7G , you use pro-bass recs & drivers.
    Edit -  have added some more combinations to my post
  5. OldSkool
    My new silver WA2 arrived yesterday and I'm blown away with how it sounds thru the HD800. And that is with the stock tubes! I have better tubes on order and can't wait to hear those.
    One question...can I leave my headphones connected during turn on/off, or is it better to unplug each time? Any danger?
  6. magiccabbage
    Its fine just turn the volume all the way down. I do this all the time. 
  7. OldSkool

  8. Dubstep Girl
    yeah just turn volume down cause some of the tubes tend to sometimes make popping noises on warm up (TS 5998 is one of these).
  9. 2359glenn
    With the 5998 it is best to have your headphone unplugged turn the amp on wait 5 minuets then plug in the phones.
    Silent One likes this.
  10. magiccabbage
    +1 I actually wait 15-20 minutes just to be sure. 
  11. kljash
    P.S. Is it Wednesday yet :).
  12. joseph69
    Congratulations on the WA2, enjoy it!!!
  13. jc9394

    Not needed. I never did.
  14. Pudu

    Congrats! You clearly have great taste in sound ... and colour. :wink:

    Well done sir/madame.
  15. Fugue
    I was all set to order a Woo WA 3 for my Sennheiser HD 800s, but looking at the headphones page on Woo's site, they recommend the WA 6, WA6-SE, WA7, WA2, WA22, and WA5-LE for those phones. Why would the WA 3 not be a good choice? I like the OTL idea.

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