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Toys for Boys

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by musikaladin, Nov 9, 2013.
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  1. musikaladin
    ... amazing how small excellent HiFi can be nowadays...
  2. musikaladin
    ...well, the little Elac speakers arrived on my desk now. Actually I am doing all my cutting and editing LP to DSD recordings here. So I do not only use this setup for pleasure, but as a near field monitoring station (which of course is still a pleasure this way... :)

  3. musikaladin
    ...and this is how I digitize my record collection by using the Korg DS-DAC-10R with 1bit 5.6MHz DSDIFF:
  4. musikaladin
    ...AudioGate 4 is the software by Korg which I use for digitizing and editing with the above shown equipment...
    Its a very easy and comfortable to use software. The only thing I wish they changed was a significantly larger window for the waveform display.
  5. kurochin
    So basically you're getting DSD pin-drops? Slick!!
    Apologies if you've already mentioned this earlier in the thread, but what's your preferred cart when digitizing vinyl?
  6. musikaladin
    ...good question, and you surely can imagine, the decision for a certain pickup for digitizing is much harder than choosing one for a single listening session... the listening session is over soon, whereas the digitized LP remains...
    To make a long story short, after several attempts with different pickups (I even bought myself a brand new AT 33EV only for the purpose of digitizing) I always came back to the Audio Technica AT OC9, actually my favorite pickup since the late 80s...
    On this pic it is the second from right:
    With its microline stylus it has lowest side-noise; in other words, it is most forgiving superficial damage of the groove since it "reads" the sound very deep inside the groove, it has lowest distortion, and reacts least sensitive on azimuth... and the powerful yet detailed sound is always a pleasure to listen to...
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  7. kurochin
    Yeah, I know all too well how hard it is getting the right balance of stereo separation and tracking without ruining the "heft" (in quotes because I can't think of a better term, you'd understand if you ever ripped with any Stanton) of the sound. That's why I gave up. T_T
    Thanks for sharing, mate. Your setup is definitely a few steps above my old Technics 1200 + Nagaoka MP110 combo. Nowadays I leave my ripping to an acquaintance who knows his stuff, or at least knows it better than I do. He's got a Thorens (forgot the model) and Nagaoka MP500, and combined with whatever voodoo he does to the files in Qubase, I usually end up getting pretty decent rips without having to put in any effort myself. I do pay him for his services and time, so it's win-win, I suppose, though I miss having my own decks.
    Always enjoy looking at the pics you share - both audio and watches - so keep em coming.
  8. musikaladin
     @kurochin, can you play DSD? I would like to send you a download link for one of my recently with the AT OC9 ripped songs.
    ...below two pics of two totally different toys... sorry, neither watch nor audio, but nevertheless a lot of fun...
    On the left hand side a brand new 2016 model, the Mathews' Halon, and on the right hand side my "old" Mission Craze:
    Today I shot the Halon for the first time, and all I can say for now is that there certainly is a lot of potential in that bow....
  9. kurochin
    ^ I don't have a DSD capable DAC at the moment. Strictly PCM for now (WAV or AIFF with regards to my vinyl rips). Thanks for the offer though.

    You must be some kind of modern day Robin Hood. Scaling HDB flats with that bow in hand (plus watch), listening to DSD vinyl rips of DJ Koze on your AK DAP, green spandex.....
  10. musikaladin
    ...as much as I wish I could distribute goods (in this case music) here to everybody in Robin Hood manner, I rather won't. Copyright-law is an issue I am not too familiar with... even if I think that according to US law it shouldn't be a problem to distribute some LP ripped music here as "educational samples" to display the sound quality, I think I better refrain from doing so.
    As such, as mentioned above, I will PM you the download link after the upload is finished.
    From DSD 1bit 5.6MHz I created WAV 48.0kHz, 24bit.
    Let me know what you think....
  11. musikaladin
    ...just having some quality time while digitizing some LPs...


  12. sterling1
    I too have a lot of fun digitizing LP's: analog out from preamp to DAT recorder and from there the 16/44.1 file is sent to laptop where track divisions are produced in Roxio's Easy CD Creator. CD is then downloaded to iTunes.
  13. HappyHead
    Hello Head-Fi friends,
    Brand newbie, here. This post is related to Musikaladin's post about the new KORG DS-DAC-10R. I am very interested in this DAC because it has a Phono input and I am about to digitize my record collection so my questions are directed to Musikaladin or anyone who has experience with this DAC (very recently released I believe). Interestingly enough, the turntable I will be using is a Micro-Seiki RX-1500, a close cousin of the deck I see in Musikaladin's pictures.
    Anyway, the first thing is the DS-DAC-10 (according to specs) seems only able to handle Moving Magnet (MM) cartridges with a nominal sensitivity of 5 mV RMS. Also, I see that Musikaladin speaks about the Audio-Technica OC 9 Moving Coil (MC) as his favorite phono cartridge which has an output of .4 mV, so I am wondering a few things. Are you using the low output OC 9 with the DS-DAC-10R and if so with what results (there should also be some sort of input impedance mismatch here)?. If not, which cartridge(s) are you using with the KORG that you find is/are good enough for the laborious purpose of digitizing a record collection (presumably something you are unlikely to do again). I am quite curious because my favorite cartridges are all moving coils. Now you might also use a dedicated phono preamp connected to the KORG, but what interests me the most about the KORG is that the RIAA equalization correction is performed at the software level with AudioGate 4 (and btw, one has the choice of 4 others equalization corrections besides RIAA, for recordings that did not include it, WOW!!!), so if one is using a separate phono preamp (99.99 % of phono preamps have the RIAA correction baked in), this extraordinary feature of the KORG is defeated, bummer. I am not too sure how to reconcile this unless I buy another cartridge, either a moving magnet or a high output moving coil.
    So any help in this regard much appreciated. And any and all observations on the DS-DAC-10R's performance as an AD/DA Dac and headphone amp would also be invaluable.
    Thanks in advance for any response.
  14. musikaladin

    Hey there,
    welcome to Headfi! Sorry for letting you wait so long with an answer... I just was a Little too busy with other things recently.
    Coming to your question... you guessed it right already, I am using the DS-DAC-10 with the line Input, not its internal RIAA function. (Amongst others) I use an external Benz Micro Lukaschek PP1:
    This just perfectly matches with most of my cardridges.
    I never tried the Korg's internal RIAA fuction, whereas I have to admit that I am also curious about it. But for the time being I will rather not look into using it, simply since I am so happy with the result I have now, that I have other things to experiment with first....
    Anyway, if you buy yourself one and have some experience with it please let me know!!!
  15. musikaladin
    ...oh, how I love this studio design-style of the 80s and 90s. Sony, Studer, Aiwa, Teac and some others were really good in that!
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