1. collie1967

    Advice for newbie

    Hi everybody , just looking for some advice hopefully in the right place to get good advice , I recently bought a pair of shure 1840s , I have owned a musical fidelity x can v2 for years which I've always been happy with I then bought a creek obh21se bit unsure weather it was any better tbh but...
  2. moriez

    Opinion on 'a sweet HD600 deal?'

    Hi,   Looking for a word of advice. I might have the chance to buy a used pair of HD600's, X-Can V2 plus dedicated DIY 'powersource' for a good price. I've read on the net that it's supposed to be a nice combo. But, I am really mostly interested in and curious about the headphones for...
  3. ts0003

    San Francisco Bay Area Headphone Stores

    I live in an area in NC where there are few retailers of audiophile headphones. I will be visiting San Francisco, CA and surrounding cities for the first few weeks of January. I am interested in visiting a headphone retailer in the area during the period. The criteria that the retailer...
  4. MichaelJames99

    Schiit Asgard 2 vs. Musical Fidelity X-Can v2

    Question: I just got the Schiit Asgard 2.  It literally just arrived and I have used it for 3 hours.   Is there a break in period?   I'm concerned also because it is getting hot..burning hot!  You literally cannot leave your hand on it.  I'm at 3 o'clock on the dial.  Also, just sitting...
  5. musikaladin

    Toys for Boys

    ...returning home after a long and hard working day you quickly rush to the shrine and ...there it is... your favourite toy...errrr... or second favourite, or whatever...   Anyway... your set-up is more than just about listening music? It is passion for design, fine mechanics, precision...
  6. mindflayz

    Help with amp/dac ~1000 euro budget (for Hifiman HE-400)

    Hello guys, I've a budget @ 1000 euro and I'm in the process to buy a DAC and an AMP for my Hifiman HE-400.   I've really fallen for the REGA Dac, but its ~700 euro then then I only got 300 for the amp, I was thinking the Rega Ear MK II  or Musical Fidelity VCAN MK II.   Is this really...
  7. T

    WTB: Heed CanAmp, Or a modded MF X-CAN V2 Headphone amp.

  8. baka1969

    WTB: Little Pinkie PSU for X-Can v1

    Hi, I'm looking to buy a USA voltage Little Pinkie power supply for a Musical Fidelity X-Can v1. That is the first version of the amp. Please email me at baka1969(at)tmo(dot)blackberry(dot)net with which version of the Little Pinkie you have and your fair price. I will take preferences to the...
  9. hixy

    warm sounding headphones for modded x cans v2

    Hello folks,i am in the process of buying a modded x cans.At the moment i have a pair of grado 125i.I would like something more warmer and plenty of detail.Could you recommend some phones please   cheers mick
  10. pathway

    Maplin L54BR or similar for MF X-CAN V2?

    Hey all,   I'm looking to upgrade the PSU/Wall Wart on my MF X-CAN V2 so have been looking for a decent 12V AC plug here in the UK as I have read it can bring improvements to the overall sound.   Maplins seem to stock a 12V AC 3A unit...
  11. offmetree

    MUSICAL FIDELITY X-CAN v2 AC input polarity?

    Hi - hoping someone here can check their AC adaptor polarity for Musical Fidelity X-Can v2 - im guessing its positive tip (+) but would rather be safe than sorry - please let me know - cheers
  12. noisebass

    Headamp for Shure SRH-1840

    Hi all,   Just joined this forum to ask this:)   I've just ordered Shure SRH-1840 and I want to do them justice by getting a descent headamp as well.   The first question probably should be, do you need to buy a dedicated headamp for these 65 Ohms headphones?   If the answer is...
  13. CheekyMonkey

    DAC/Amp upgrade suggestions re: AKG K550

    Hi all,   [Update: so I have purchased a pair of AKG K550s and currently have it paired to the Fiio E7, and so far am enjoying the sound. I've read the E7 is a decent amp but there are better amps to pair to the K550s. Is the Arcam rPac considered a solid match? Any other recommendations...
  14. pathway

    Recommendations wanted for a DAC/AMP needed that can run as DAC only when needed

    Hi all,   I'm a recent member here as I'm just getting back into hifi/head-fi after many years so all help appreciated.   I generally have 3 listening environments   1. General walkabout - iPhone 5 and V-Moda M80s 2. Office - Laptop/iPhone 5 and V-Moda M80s 3. Home -...
  15. prinsfotografen

    Buying a Shure, ending up with a Sennheiser

    I wanted a headphone for working with the ipad. So I went in town and tried a couple of models with the info of this forum in my head. I wanted a close model so went for the shure 840. (needed a closed model for working in the library) Back home I was estatic, I lost some interest in music due...
  16. Chris_Himself

    How Do I Buy a Modded X-Can

    I know the guys from RockGrotto build 'em and specifically that PinkFloyd guy. After dicking around with too many amps I decided that one was my favorite of the bunch.   I haven't had one in a while and I bought mine from another member but I would like the honor of it being built for me.
  17. MichaelJames99

    How to watch movies on Elliptical?

    So I am trying to combine 2 of my favorite things to do.. watch movies and workout on my elliptical machine.  Its an hour a day that I want to not think about work.   Right now, I have a pair of Grado RS1's hooked up to Musical Fidelity X-Can v2 amp which is connected RCA stereo to a headphone...
  18. autumnholy

    Graham Slee Solo (Green VS PSU1)

    Hey, guys.   Sorry for me asking, if you have ever compared both Solo Green and Solo PSU1. What's the difference anyway? I just wanna know if the price can be justified, and if it's better to upgrade directly to Solo Ultra linear or any other amps around the price range.   Btw, my...
  19. metrathon

    HD650 amp: 3 days of reading, no decision yet

    Hi there,   I did a lot of reading lately (great forum btw) but still cannot decide on what amp should I get for my HD650. The biggest decision factors are:   1. I have around $350 to spend. 2. I have sensitive ears, esp to high frequencies and high volume. 3. I like deep, extended...
  20. T

    Marantz 1040 amp.

    Not really a headphone amp..yeah yeah, I know :)   My MF X-CAN V2 is in my bedroom being used with my tuner for late night chat radio.   I'm using an old Marantz 1040 int amp, And using it as the headphone amp to drive my headphones with the laptop. I just use it for when I'm going on...
  21. gurnisht

    Musical Fidelity X-Can V2 vs other tube amps

    Hi. I recently got in a trade a Musical Fidelity X-Can V2 amp (traded for E9). I use it with HD600 and Beyer dt880/600 cans. The amp sounds ok, but not significantly better than the inbuilt amp of my external sound card. I am trying to decide between selling it and buying Darkvoice 336i or...
  22. Jay1403

    Help for a Newbie to the Site

    Hi Guys,   I'm in the UK and my current system consists of the following:   Main System - Roksan Caspian M1 Pre / Power Amp, Caspian M1 CDP, Rega Planar 3 TT, Musical Fidelity X-CAN V2 with Grado SR80i headphones.   Portable System - iPod 60gb with Sennnheisser CX300II's  ...
  23. gilbodavid

    Newbe Synergy synergy HD590's, MF X-can v2's, and great FM source!

    Hi, I'm a relative newbe here, though a long term audiophool.   I was using a Richard Brice class a headphone amp with the hd590's, results were very good, especially with strings in orchestral music, the best i have ever heard recorded strings.   Then bought a used x-can v2, and the...
  24. irrbloss

    Good isolating headphones with good audio quality?

    Hi, I'm looking for some good headphones to wear at work. I'm in an open office space with (disgusting) music/chatter all day long. At home I have a pair of Sennheiser HD600 which I love, but they're open. I have looked at Denon AH-D2000 which seems to offer the sound quality I'm after, but even...
  25. DrNope

    Is it the Grado SR80 or old tubes?

    I'm using a set of Grado SR80 at work with a Little Dot II++ and a Denon 755 cd. Since I'm using it about 5hours a day I've started to notice that a lot of CDs, if not all, has a very high trebble which is killing my ears. I thought this was down to CDs being mastered with high average...