1. Zoomer13

    CIEM Reccomendations

    It has been a while since I have used IEMs on a regular basis. I used to use Monster Turbine Golds, but they were falling apart. Lately my nodded T50rps are my go to for everything, but I would like something a bit more portable. So, if I could get a similar sound presentation (minus the sound...
  2. Ckc4043

    I am Freshmen of over- ear headphones: Do you have any suggestions for sennheiser headphones (below $150)?

    Freshmen for over- ear headphones: Do you have any suggestions for sennheiser headphones? Budget: below $100-150, I do not mind buying used headphones, but I do not know what place is good for buying used one. If there are no good headphones in sennheiser around my budget, would you mind...
  3. seqasim

    What does it mean for headphones to be "warm" or "dark"

    I have the HD 598s and the HD 650s are on their way. I have often heard that the HD 598s are classified as "warm" while the HD650 are classified as "dark". Where can I find out what these mean? I keep getting conflicting responses.
  4. KT66

    Great service from Beyerdynamic UK (Polar Audio)

    After my DT 1350s breaking in the middle of the last London meet , my T50ps started to crackle in one ear a couple of weeks later . I could not believe my bad luck, both were less than a year old , so I contacted Polar Audio , Beyer in the UK. I sent them both back, they confirmed receipt of...
  5. SingleDriver

    Looking for a good HD25 replacement, or companion

    Hi everyone ! I'm currently the happy owner of a Sennheiser HD25-1 II, an old one but in very good conditions, i'm overly satisfied with them and could go for another 10 years with them, however I'm considering the purchase of a new set of high end SEALED, and if possible over ear portable...
  6. AcousticCafe

    Looking for highly detailed, durable headphones

    Hi! I tried listening to my friend's Triple-fi's and I loved their detail and the fact that I could "hear everything." However, I was looking for headphones in over the ear or on ear form.  I am looking for headphones that are... Highly detailed (revealing) throughout lows/mids Very...
  7. Groznyjgrad

    Beyer T50P

    Seriously, these seem to be some of the most polarizing headphones on the site. It seems everyone thinks they're either an absolute steal and wonderful or they're trash and like listening to an phone speaker in the bottom of a tin can. Paying attention to the positive reviews, these seem to be...
  8. KT66

    Is On Ear market dying ?

    Looking through this section of Head Fi it strikes me that On Ears get very little mention, it doesn't help that some On Ear related posts go to Headphones - "Full Size". At present the forum seems only about IEMs. As I look around here for something new it struck me how few new models have...
  9. Proxyep

    looking for (cheap)good headphones for modding

    I just bought a pair of Fostex T50RPs and reading about modding them has gotten me very very interested in this whole modding thing, I picked up a pair of Sawafuji Sz-2Ts and a whole bunch of tweeters and have been looking for a good set of headphones to transplant the drivers out of and play...
  10. alienden

    Looking for <400$ portables with good mids and comfort

    Just a copy paste from reddit :)   Budget: <400$ Source: Nexus 7, Galaxy S4 ATT Isolation: Reasonable isolation of portables Past Headphones: Cheap-open senn, 363d for gaming, X10 IEMs Preferred Type of Headphone: Closed portable Preferred Music: Some vocal heavy genres with little bass...
  11. ecosse_011172

    Comfortable Portable Headphones for large heads

    Hi,   I use AKG K550 in the office and my IEMs are Phonak Audeo 111 but I'd like portable headphones to use when travelling as a change from my IEMs. I have quite a large head and I'm struggling to find a pair that will sound great, be comfortable and provide low leakage and decent isolation...
  12. SeEnCreaTive

    First true Hi-Fi headphone experiences.

     Hey guys, Im a bit new to Head-Fi here, and have been mostly lurking in some smaller threads. I don't think I have enough experience to post anything meaningful in some other big threads.   But here is my debut I suppose. If you're into some reading   Background I was using ear-buds for...
  13. Tstorey

    Apple MFI Pricing?

    I didn't really know where to put this since it originally related to my search for an iPhone DAC that would allow me to enjoy superior sound with my iPhone and not have a separate gadget for music (I subsequently ended up with a DX90 and love it!).   However, I've just noticed that on the...
  14. Butthungrymonke

    Headphones for gym use

    I have a pair of modded T50RPs that sound beautiful, but I'm hesitant to bring them to the gym since they're heavy and have light clamping force.   Are there any headphones you guys would recommend for gym use?   I was thinking about the ATH-M50s since theyre closed-back, durable and light...
  15. Ryannnn

    Headphone Help - Over Ear headphones

    Hi guys my name is Ryan, and ive been looking to buy a pair of over ear headphones for under $300 (£250)...   What I want from them is   1) Looks nice  2) Really good sound quality 3) Decent Isolation 4) Comfortable :D   So far i have looked at the Sennhieser Momentum over ear, but i...
  16. Butthungrymonke

    Will my modded T50RPs benefit from DAC + AMP?

    I've been researching for a solid week and I've been finding a lot of conflicting information and need some help. I've been reading and some people say that as long as you dont hear any background noise from PC interference and your volumes are loud enough, you will not benefit from a DAC+Amp.  ...
  17. autumnholy

    The Golden Triangle: A short impression between T50p, DT1350 & T51p

    Beyerdynamic has just released its t51p, a refreshed version of t50p. It looks very similar to t50p, and only under close inspection can you circle the differences. Today I'd like to make a short note (for anyone interested to read) about:   The perceived difference between t50p, DT1350, and...
  18. b-lilja

    Beyerdynamic T50p question

    I am pretty into audio stuff and have a great Naim/Rega/Thorens system at my house.  I recently decided to pick up a decent system for travel and office and bought a Fiio X3 and Beyerdynamic T50p.     I understand the Beyerdynamics need breaking in.  I'm at about 25 hours.  I generally like...
  19. musikaladin

    Toys for Boys

    ...returning home after a long and hard working day you quickly rush to the shrine and ...there it is... your favourite toy...errrr... or second favourite, or whatever...   Anyway... your set-up is more than just about listening music? It is passion for design, fine mechanics, precision...
  20. Rillettes

    Which DAP for a beyer T50p

    Hi,   I was using a portable system including an iphone4 + FiiO E11 + Beyer T50p.  I had to sell the iphone and now I am looking for a DAP to replace it (max 300 $) (and yes, I use another device to phone ) Which one do you think I should buy ? (hifi man 601, cowon XX, colorfly C3 /...
  21. wualta

    Planar Obsession: old Fostex T50

    Planar Obsession. Otherwise known around our place as "plana feeva". 1978 FOSTEX T50.................................................. ....................PHOTO BY TYRE One of the more interesting planar-magnetic / isodynamic / orthodynamic 'phones from their heyday in the late '70s and...
  22. Fizban

    Got myself a T50P, love it, any reason for me to get the DT235?

    As above.     Thanks peeps!  
  23. freddiechina

    t50p, DT880, (T1?), SR225i (with end choice...!)

    to cut a long story short, i'm now sitting at home with the SR225is on my noggin, listening to all kinds of music.   I went to the local electronics market in Beijing earlier on today, with the preconception that I wanted to try a number of different headphones, namely, the beyer T50p, the...
  24. minwyn

    can't decide which to get: Bowers & Wilkins P5, Audio Technica ATHESW9A, Beyerdynamic T50p, Sennheiser HD25-1 II

    i'm looking for a portable pair of on-the-ear headphones for use with my ipod and laptop, tried out the P5 at the apple store but havent been able to try out the others (Audio Technica ATHESW9A, Beyerdynamic T50p, Sennheiser HD25-1 II) i do own the following: Audio Technica ATH-M50, Grado...
  25. Joytoy

    Beyerdynamic T50P no cost upgrade: improve the sound !

      Here is a solution to improve the sound of the T50P. You simply have to remove the earpads!     Pros: No damage no cost No annoying resonance around 250Hz increased sensitivity of the headphones. increased resolution and detail comfortable fit with small ears Even on the...