1. AspettiSignore

    [FS]Silver Dragon Premium Cable (dual 3.5mm locking to 2.5mm balanced)

    Selling my Silver Dragon balanced cable because it's not getting used anymore. The cable is 5 ft long, terminated to fit Focal headphones/headphones that use 3.5mm locking heads. The amplifier end is terminated using a 2.5mm Furutech Rhodium-plated connector. MSRP is about $500. Free shipping...

    FS: Like new Focal Clear + Dekoni Elite pads

    Hi all. I'm selling my beloved Focal Clear because I don't spend enough time with these babies to justify keeping them. They are less than one year old and are in perfect condition, aesthetically and functionally. I include a pair of Dekoni Elite Hybrid pads that I bought to keep the originals...
  3. QwertyQmin

    [SOLD] [US-TX] Focal Elegia great condition

    Hi! I recently bought an Elegia as a part of a campaign to find the perfect closed backs to work with. Although this doesn't meet the strict guidelines I have for elimination of external noise, I thought it'd be best to talk about the sound objectively, as there are many conflicting opinions...
  4. S

    [SOLD] Like New Focal Clear + CC - $1,049 shipped CONUS

    All 3 original cables, accessories, and packaging included. Plus a custom cable by Hart Audio Cables (the one seen in the pictures). Owned for just under a month, used even less. These have been burned in for 100 hours, but spent less than 2 hours (literally) on my head. Long-story short...
  5. cuiter23

    WTB - Focal Clear

    Looking for a pair of Focal Clear headphones shipped to Canada. Condition is not too important as long as it is in perfect working condition. Let me know if you guys have any for sale. Thanks! Kevin
  6. Uppertaker

    WTB: Focal Clear [EU]

    Looking for Focal Clears, PM me your offers
  7. Earl of Bouillon

    [SOLD] Focal Elear

    Hello, Looking to sell my Focal Elear. It is in great condition with only one very minor flaw on the focal logo on the right cup (it is pictured below). I do not have the stock cable but it comes with a 5ft periapt cable that terminates in a 1/4". Also comes with the box as pictured. Price...
  8. 04gto

    <SOLD> Massdrop Focal Elex Dynamic Open Back Headphones PERFECT CONDITION

    Hello all I am offering these Massdrop Focal Elex Dynamic Open Back Headphones have only been used for a few hours and are in 9.9 out of 10 condition. With almost no visible blemishes. Includes items seen in pictures. Massdrop/Focal Elex headphones and original balanced cable. No box or other...
  9. R

    SOLD 10' Balanced Dual 3.5mm Cable for Focal, Hifiman & More

    SOLD! 10 foot long custom balanced cable using real Rean and Neutrik Connectors with Van Damme microphone cable. $55 USD plus shipping. Located in Canada.
  10. P

    Dac+Amp or combo for Focal Elear

    Hi I'm looking for a dac and amp stack or combo for my Focal Elear to connect with PC with USB. Currently i am using Asus Xonar Essence STX II. I mostly prefer crystal clear sound, I like to hear every detail but still enjoy the music. If that helps i am listening to rock, metal and 80s...
  11. me2621a

    Focal Utopia, Like New, with Extras - SOLD

    Pricing Update: The listing Price of $1900 only includes the stock Utopia cable (not the two Wireworld cables) and does not include paypal or shipping, all other accessories mentioned are included. I can provide you a shipping quote, or if you would prefer a flat number $2000 includes shipping...
  12. I'mSparticus

    SOLD: Lavricables Grand 20 Core Silver 2.5m 4pin XLR to Dual 3.5mm

    Hey there, Up for sale is an amazing balanced solid silver TOTL Lavricable for use with HE1000's, Clears, or any other headphone that uses 3.5mm headphone inputs for its cables. Selling as I am downsizing my collection from 3 TOTL cans to one. Here is a product link...
  13. J

    FS or FT: Focal Elex SOLD

    Good evening, I'm selling or trading my Focal Elex. Only trade I'm currently interested in are the HD800S (obviously I would add some $$). I understand these are currently on Drop, but rumors have it that they are not shipping currently (might have changed since last I've heard). Selling them...
  14. S

    [SOLD] Focal Elegia (Like New) + extra cable - $599 shipped CONUS

    Hello, These are pretty much new. I sold my Elex to fund buying these (as can be seen in my post history), and now found out I actually prefer the Elex after all. I'm making a full circle back to where I started. I'm mad at myself as I type this :) The Elegia's were burned in for 40 hours...
  15. djembeplay

    Focal Clear HFs ***SOLD***

    Hear ye, hear ye… up for sale are my (soon to be your) Focal Clear headphones (cue bell rings and crowd gasps). I suppose in our ultra speed society I should limit this ad to something that can be read between blinks, but I want to add a little more info. So, first and foremost -- the...
  16. juanix

    WTB Norne Draug 3 Focal Utopia Cable

    Looking for a Norne Draug 3 cable for Focal Utopia. Let me know if you’re selling one. Thanks.
  17. juanix

    [FOUND] WTB Focal Utopia

    Looking for an excellent condition Utopia. Preferably less than a year old so I have some warranty left. Must have original purchase receipt for the warranty. Please send me your offer if you have one. I also have a pair of Aryas (less than a month old) that I’m willing to trade to offset the...
  18. Vonx

    Sold: Focal Elear

    Focal Elear in excellent condition. Comes with an aftermarket 1.5m cable.
  19. MoonAudio

    Focal Arche Bundles Now Available for a Limited Time

    Back for a limited time - Focal Arche Bundles! Get the Focal Arche Headphone Amplifier with your choice - the Clear, Stellia or Utopia! With presets for every Focal headphone model, get the most out of your Focal headphones with the Arche amp. Bundle and Save up to $1,480...
  20. MoonAudio

    Focal Arche Bundles Now Available for a Limited Time

    Back for a limited time - Focal Arche Bundles! Get the Focal Arche Headphone Amplifier with your choice - the Clear, Stellia or Utopia! With presets for every Focal headphone model, get the most out of your Focal headphones with the Arche amp. Bundle and Save up to $1,480...
  21. S

    [SOLD] Focal Elegia

    They're in excellent condition. Only 3 months old, barely used, absolutely smoke-free environment. Comes with an aftermarket cable, as the stock cable is absolute rubbish. Selling because I no longer have the need for a closed-back headphone, but nonetheless, they are absolutely brilliant...
  22. Audio46

    Focal Arche Bundles at Amazing Prices

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of Focal. Save big on Focal headphones bundled with the Arche. CLEAR+ARCHE $3,000 $3,998 SHOP> STELLIA+ARCHE $4,000 $5,498 SHOP> UTOPIA+ARCHE $5,000 $6,498 SHOP>
  23. Giraku

    SOLD: Focal Stellia Absolutely Mint (<100 Hours)

    I decided to sell Focal Stellia, which was used less than 100 hours. My use of these HPs have been strictly in house under strictly smoke free environment. Comes with the original packaging and all the accessories as you see in the pics below (HP stand not included). SOLD: US$1950 or Best Offer...
  24. Collusion[FIN]

    *SOLD* Focal Utopia + ImpactAudio balanced cable

    I have now these and RAAL SR1a's and I don't probably need them both. Utopia's are in absolutely top condition. I've always used a washable woolen headband protector (visible in one of the images) to keep the headphones in as good condition as possible. From a smoke, a perfume and a pet free...