1. L

    Upgrade from Focal Elegia - Clear MG, or Arya Stealth?

    Hi, so I've been loving my Elegia's (upgraded from DT 1990's), for 6 months. But they have some real flaws. I love the soundstage - the "bubble around head" presentation. Great presence, it fires directly towards my head, and I'm surrounded by music. Layering, depth and separation are...
  2. TaronL

    iBasso DX320 Shipping Today + Save on Focal Clear

    iBasso DX320 Digital Audio Player The iBasso DX320 just landed at and is shipping today with Free Overnight shipping and 365-Day Returns. Both the Black and Blue are available here Also, in...
  3. DekoniAudio

    (Re-Release) Dekoni Audio ear pads for the Focal Stellia

    We now have Custom Series ear pads for Focal headphones! These pads were originally released under the "Limited Edition" series, a limited run of ear pads based on the original Focal Stellia pads. They now re-introduce themselves under the Custom Series name thanks to their unique design...
  4. DekoniAudio

    Focal Celestee Giveaway

    Enter now to for your chance to win a pair of Focal Celestee headphones! We are excited to announce that we are back with our first Dekoni giveaway of 2022! This time, our first place winner will be win a pair of Focal Celestee headphone and all 4 of our Elite Series ear pads for Focal! This...
  5. Q

    Tips for controlling Focal earcup spring tension

    Does anyone have any tips for controlling, loosening or perhaps removing the spring tension of the Focal Elegia earcup hinge? I've got a new Elegia, and the top of the earcups do not seal and leave a small gap because of the spring tension. Assuming this is the same as the Celestee and possibly...
  6. MoonAudio

    Limited Edition - Chameleon Focal Sopra No1 Speaker Pair

    Special Edition Chameleon Focal Sopra No1 Speaker Pair $11,998.00 Shop Now Only one pair of this special edition colorway is available. Compact and powerful, Sopra N°1 is a concentration of technological innovation. It features 'NIC' magnetic circuit, 'TMD' surrounds for the midrange woofer...
  7. Netforce Ultimate Holiday Giveaway!

    This giveaway is open to also international viewers as well! Get entered and get subscribed for your chance to win!
  8. TaronL

    Cyber Monday

    Exclusive to and ending tonight at 11:59pm PST, save $300 on the Focal Radiance, get a FREE $100 Gift Card with a purchase of the Focal Clear (In stock and ready to ship!) and deals from more brands! Buy the Focal Clear, get a FREE $100 Gift Card Buy the Focal Radiance for...
  9. Audio46

    Focal B-Stock Sale at Audio46

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of Focal Black Friday is starting early with big savings on Focal with their factory refurbished Clear MG and Celestee. You can get them now at Audio46, online and in store! SHOP B-STOCK CLEAR MG> SHOP B-STOCK CELESTEE>
  10. Focal Celestee

    Focal Celestee

  11. Todd

    IN Stock and Ready To Ship!

    HI All, I am sure we have all run into the supply chain problems! It is irritating and a pain in the arse to say the least. Fortunately, we have quite a few great items in stock and ready to ship. Also, if you are interested in the Focal Clear MG or the Celestee, we have special pricing on...
  12. Todd

    Focal Celestee Loaner program from

    HI All, We have our demo Focal Celestee now available for a loaner program. Same rules as always. We have them in stock and available. We would like for those who are considfering purchasing these headphones to sign up. They are really very good and are confident, once heard they will become a...
  13. P

    first expensive cans (( for metal)) (help)

    Hi! everybody! I am looking for a great pair of cans for headphones. I want to be slapped in the face when prayer poisition by periphery start and still I want clearity in complex passages full of instruments like haken's songs and I also want to enjoy orchestral, calmer, full of details songs...
  14. Focal Clear MG

    Focal Clear MG

    Focal Website: Consumer Edition: Professional Edition: 55 ohm impedance, 104 dB/mW sensitivity
  15. Focal Stellia

    Focal Stellia

    2990 USD Closed Back Beryllium Drivers 35 ohm, 106 dB/mW Made in France
  16. gaming

    Have I overstretched my headphone drivers?

    I need some help with a newish Focal Elegia I've been running it in for a month now using a music source with an inbuilt amp Volume level 14% is my normal listening volume and running in volume. It may be slightly loud for some people with some music tracks. While I was running it in at that...
  17. S

    Focal Elegia - TRS instead of TS

    Hi I'm new here and hear this is the place to post first, so, a question. I have some 3rd party cables for HiFiMan Sundara which at the headphone end are TRS. The amp end is interchangeable (can be SE or balanced). Can I use this same cable on my Focal Elegia which has TS to SE on the stock...
  18. C

    Am I bottlenecking my Focal Clear Mg?

    I'm currently running my Focal Clear Mg's off an iFi Zen DAC and considering that Focals are really easy to drive, I haven't bought an external amp for it. Someone pointed out that I may be bottlenecking it, can someone let me know if this is true? Can someone suggest some amps that pair well...
  19. jonno41

    Focal Stellia Ear Pads v Dekoni Ear pads.

    Has anyone tried the Dekoni ear pads on Focal Stellia headphones and if so,how do they comparre with the stock Focal ear pads.
  20. Todd

    Sennheiser IE900 and other great headphones in STOCK at

    HI All, First, we would like to make everyone aware of our price match policy - if you have a quote in writing (email, or from a webpage) and you send it to us we will match or beat the price of any of our competitors. We are here to deliver quality products at competitive pricing and with...
  21. H

    Anyone know if Focal allows transfers of warranty if you have the original invoice from the first buyer?

    will Focal allow a transfer for the warranty if the original buyer never registered the headphone and still has over 2 years left on the warranty--if you have the invoice from the first buyer?
  22. gaming

    Best noise cancelling headphones?

    I'm looking for a wired noise cancelling, over ear, closed back headphone Preferably with an audiophile level sound quality, one at least as good as the Focal Elegia The noise cancelling needs to be very good Noise isolation needs to be very good It has to be comfortable to wear for 8 hours...
  23. Impressed with this little red Devil!

    Impressed with this little red Devil!

  24. TaronL

    Focal Clear at $500 Off | Now Shipping from

    The Focal Clear has finally started to ship from Everyone who has pre-ordered will get their tracking numbers in the next couple days! Our latest shipment was scheduled to arrive today but looks like it took a slight detour through Montana and should be delivered tomorrow or the...
  25. Netforce May Giveaway! Focal Utopia!

    This month our giveaway is the gorgeous Focal Utopia! How do I enter the giveaway? In order to be eligible, you have to do the following: Subscribe to The HEADPHONE Show YouTube channel: Follow...