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Toys for Boys

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by musikaladin, Nov 9, 2013.
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  1. Oregonian
    @musikaladin - what brand is that iPhone holder/interface unit you have?
  2. musikaladin

    ... this is a Cambridge iD100...
  3. musikaladin
    ... here a DSD64 download link. I made this recording from LP to test my setup after fine tuning the adjustment of the AT33EV. It starts with a wake-up sequence (literally) then transfers via a hint of India to a really nice guitar / banjo rat-race...
    Digitizing LP is something I enjoy a lot recently, and DSD is definitely the right format therefore. In my humble opinion FLAC 24/192 doesn't reach such stressfree listening experience.... but hear yourself.
    Here you can see the setup I used...
  4. RRod
    [wrong thread]
  5. musikaladin

    ...never mind, here the comment as then posted on "High resolution music vs mp3. - Page 3":
    "Referring to that thread, I'd happily make a 24/384 version of the DSD64 file, and then various downsamplings that would be inaudibly different, but that would mean you'd have to be willing to accept that 24/384 can be as "stress-free" as DSD64."
    Somebody else concluded:
    "Did you do the test blinded? If not, you can really just conclude that placebo is a powerful thing."
    After many hours of comparing DSD with FLACS, WMA Professional, WMA Lossless and AIFF with different music and different equipment over the last 6 month, I came to the conclusion that I prefer DSD .
    The difference is nothing you hear immediately as in a blind AB test. There is no difference in FR / coloration, dynamics or whatever other kind of sound signature. So yes, just considering those aspects, even a 16/44.1 "sounds" pretty much the same as for example a DSD64.
    Here, in this case the difference is far more subtle: It is more emotional than intellectually analyzable.
    This became obvious to me especially when I did a kind of "slow" blind tests (not the "from A to B and quickly back" comparison). I listened to one and the same sequence of tracks either in DSD or another High Res format without actually knowing which format it was.
    While listening to each track I also played around with the volume level to see how I reacted in relation to stress level. Of course I not only used LP rips as above. I also used professional live recordings in native DSD64 and DSD128 and their conversions to 24/192 FLAC.
    Its not that the other formats sounded bad. Definitely not. But after a certain time of listening I find DSD is simply more pleasing me than other high res formats I compared it with. Even at higher sound pressures I feel less stress. With other format it certainly sounds good, but after a some time I have enough and need a break. With DSD I want to go on listening much longer... I actually don't want to stop anymore; really addictive! And this is definitely not a placebo.
    Well, I am not a scientist who could explain the reasons therefore; here, even if I have my theories, I can just speculate. So whatever it is, for the time being and until the secret was discovered I listen to some more of it... let me see, what do we have here in the collection...[​IMG]
    Toys for Boys; what a nice hobby!
    PS: Here another post about ripping LPs to high res and some psychoacoustic effects involved...
  6. musikaladin
    ...here a pic I made for my review of the AH-MM400:
    ...and here the toy-box with their little brothers:
    The Monster Miles Davis Trumpet, Shure SE535 & Klipsch X7i
  7. musikaladin
    (image missing)
    ..since the wood is not sealed with a lacquer (as it is on the D7100) I wanted to protect / preserve the surface with something water-repellent / hydrophobic. And I wanted to use something that still keeps the open-pored surface. So I applied, by using a small brush, a thin layer of universal (weapon-) oil called Ballistol:

    The oil is then completely soaked in within some hours, and after several days there just remains a slghtly darker color (looks good). Thats it. Whether it really gives the wood a better protection I do not know, since I obviously will not try that on purpose. But, what is most important, I definitely have the feeling that the wood is better protected now. And be it a placebo or not, I like it.
    I also applied this oil to the pads (also the pads of my D7100 and D600) and the effect here is really good. As with the wood, the oil was soon soaked in and makes it super soft. Ballistol is well skin-compatible and all in all makes the MM400 even more comfortable.
    Well now, I tried it with the actual pleather pads of the Denons mentioned above and it works very well. Still, I have no idea whether other pads maybe made of differently composed pleather might react differently to the application of such oil. So I would recommend to try it first on a less visible spot of the pad and see what happens.
    ...and just by the way, here a happy threesome:
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  8. musikaladin
    ...after I found this thread, I took some of those out of a different toy-box, and arranged them against the background of the hobby we are sharing here:
    My wife's Ballon Bleu De Cartier together with Denon AH-MM400 and AK100II:
    Here a Sinn 6060 with the Audeze LCD-X:
    And last but not least a Breitling B1 with the AKG K-1000:
  9. musikaladin
    Some more portable combinations:
    ...soldered a balanced jack to a fiio cable for the SE535 so I can use the balanced output of the AK100II finally :)
    ...and here the D600 combined with a fiio e12 and a iPod touch 64gb:
  10. musikaladin
    ...here another one of my DIY toys, somehow involved in a rather strange and funny cable - placebo discussion...
  11. musikaladin
    ...my latest bedside toy...
    ...the Woo Audio WA6...
    I especially love the bass impact this combination is able to produce. Dry but punchy. Actually I bought the WA6 because non of my other amps really harmonizes with the LCD-X, only one of my single ended tube amps on the speaker terminal. But here I have a slight humming...
    So now, with the WA6 I have a similar sound signature without any humming... Very nice!
    Using the AK100II as a source works great in this combination.
  12. musikaladin
    ...just now listening to Malia via the iDSD micro and the AH-D600.... WOW, excellent!!!

  13. musikaladin
    ...also a nice team...

  14. musikaladin
    ...small things making a big difference...
    Here 2 siblings...
    ...and some more distant relatives...
  15. Hal Rockwell
    Toys for girls

    My girlfriend's rig:
    FiiO E10K
    Microlab B77
    A wooden DIY headphone stand and a free access to my entire headphone collection (about 30 pairs).
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