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Toys for Boys

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by musikaladin, Nov 9, 2013.
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  1. Hal Rockwell

    Home studio in my new apartment.
  2. musikaladin
    ... COOL [​IMG]
  3. musikaladin
    ...after rearranging my bedroom-rig, today I finally felt like taking some pictures again. Here you go...







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  4. Harry Deng
    Quality high-fier right here! Good for you man!!
  5. musikaladin
    LCD-X mod
    Well, before I show the details, allow me to first repeat what I wrote about that in the LCD-X thread recently:
    My relationship to the LCD-X is quite ambivalent. Important to know, I bought a very early one from the very first batch. Long before you could actually buy it here in a shop. I bought it directly from Audeze, despite warnings, that Audeze previously had some issues with early serial production. Me idiot just couldn't wait.
    So what happened? Via my LCD-X the upper bass was (with a lot of my music) bleeding into the lower midtange and making the whole ptesentation sound matt, muffled, intransparent. With some cinema-style loudness and whatever else effects treated music it created great results. But with "just" realistic, rather untreated music the result remained unsatisfying, however long I burned it in. Whatever cable or amp I used (some tube amps with suitable music were even on killer-level, but again, only with the "right", enhanced music as for example Yello and alike)....
    I was considering to take the grills off, but thought that alone impossibly could make that difference. Well after reading your comment, I thought I just give it a try. I took off the grilles, removed all the syntethic felt behind the grill and put the grill back.... and what shall I say, I do not recognize this headphone anymore... it is a completely different league. The mid- and highrange came forward just enough to make it now a balanced sounding headphone, open, transparent, clear and with serious punch... all there.

    Shame on me that I didn't try that earlier, especially since I am quite a DIY guy.... well, better now than never.
    I saw other comments here saying they didn't like it without grills. I can imagine, if you have an LCD-X that already sounds "correct" with grill and syntethic felt on, it certainly will be too bright / harsh without it. So what I write here might only be valid for my specific LCD-X.
    ...so @dan.gheorghe, kudos to you...
    Here some pictures of what I did:
    First I cut off the syntethic-felt; I left the edge, so it will be there to keep the original distance to the headphone body when screwed to it.
    Since I didn't want dust to intrude, I protected against dust by covering from the inside with a very thin and acoustically perfectly neutral lady's stocking. I simply glued it to the syntethic-felt on the edge.
    Then I just cut the stockings all around:
    ...well you guessed it... thats my daughter's hand, not mine...
    Then I screwed it back to the headphone body. Voila.
    ...and it looks so cool now... [​IMG]
  6. musikaladin
    ...today I felt like bringing the bunch together again and have a little photo session...
    ...what a pity they don't spawn...[​IMG] 
    ...edit: Uuuups, I forgot to invite the Fostex T50RP MK3... so here we go again:
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  7. chrismini
  8. musikaladin
    ...recently did that with my xDuoo XD-05:
    I changed the already quite good OPA1612 with the Burson V5i... simply fabulous... with whatever phone I plug into, the Fostex TH-X00, the LCD-X, HE-500.... I would say despite the relatively low price tag (XD-05 + V5i) this combo plays very close to, if not within the top-league of portable DAC/amps! ...after quite a looot of break-in of course... this one needs around 50 hours to really shine.
  9. musikaladin
    I so much enjoy my new SPU...
    ...and finally found the time to take some actual pics of my setup with my camera instead of just using the iPhone :)
  10. Oregonian
    Love the setup! Where did you get that turntable light?
  11. musikaladin

    ...as far as I remember from Ikea...
  12. hal55
    Would you describe the burson upgrade as making the amp more tubey/analogue? Looking to also do an opamp upgrade but my music taste is very much in the warm analogue mould rather than digital precision no matter how good.wondering which unit from sparkos, muse or burson would suit me best, or indeed something else.
  13. timorinolee
    Hey man, 
    Love the mod, just wanna ask is there any soldering required to install the opamp? 
  14. musikaladin
    ...no, not at all, it's plug and play...
  15. Meowheng
    Hi, may I know where can I get this V5i?
    Thanks in advance!
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