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The discovery thread!

  1. aspire5550
    Well, aliexpress is meant for people outside of china. The items are directed to non-chinese, that's why it is in USD instead of RMB .

    Everyone in china buys stuff from tmall.com, taobao.com , jd.com .
  2. kova4a
    Ueah, I know, I just made a reference to the items. That's why I said "buying the stuff popular on AE" instead of "buying on AE". Actually, Vsonic's main problem is the lack of international stores and warehouses and generally not caring much about the market outside China. The "official" Vsonic store on AE is actually official. That's why a lot of people complaining about the build quality of the older models moved on to other brands, because the international customers buying from third-party resellers don't get the great promotions and customer service with easy unit replacement the official Vsonic store provides for Chinese customers.
  3. archy121
    I took the cheap option of buying it from AliExpress during the 11/11 sale so I’m having to suffer a long wait ; (

    There seems to be two quite opposite set of opinions on the mids of the DM6.
    When I read that you were using the Sony Hybrid tips it immediately made me question what you was hearing in the mids. Because of there reputation in the past I must have tried those tips on 4/5 different IEMs over the years. I always came to the same conclusion on how they effected the sound signature each time. I tried to like them because of their reputation and instead i have now completed given up on them.

    These are the Symbio W (wide) tips you may consider ordering as they are getting good praises all around.


    And I’m sure you are not complaining.. not with a second set in your possession : D
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2018
  4. Nabillion_786
    Thanks and by that do you mean the soundstage is below average and the vocals aren't very full and clear? I know every iem reacts differently off phones soo do you feel the finschi is still worth it for phone use only?
  5. mbwilson111
    I have a hard time believing that any of these higher end iems are worth it for phone use only. At least add a decent portable amp to your phone. I don't think the creators of these products are thinking about watching movies on a phone as being the primary use. Most reviewers talk about the music that they used when evaluating the iems and what gear they used.
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  6. Nabillion_786
    Well everyone is different and I believe high end iems can be used for movie purposes. It's just about finding the right one. When I kick back in bed I have a 10.5 inch tablet to make the most out of and I can tell you for a certainty that the os v3 gives me a woow effect everytime anything bass related drops in! It has great everything but the vocals are slightly recessed which kind of ruins it because most of everything you watch is speech related. I'm just trying too find the right balance here whilst having a decent soundstage or otherwise the experience becomes noticeably worse even if the sound quality is top notch. Os v3 is still one hell of an iem! And I will still keep it despite the mid recession. It is simply too good to let go of!
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2018
  7. ncristia
    I use an original dragonfly out of my MacBook and Netflix and YouTube sound great, huge bass and articulate vocals but out of the iPhone alone it doesn’t sound as rich and clean as it does with the Sony 300zx. It’s fine just not as good.
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  8. Nabillion_786
    Thanks for that and do you hear any differences in soundstage when switching through your devices? Is it a more in your head type soundstage or more a 3d feel?
  9. demo-to
  10. ncristia
    Depends on the track. When watching a show on the computer you here all the nuances of street noise or normal out door activities. On videos like Kings of Leon “Walls” the bass is thunderous, on the live concert version it’s very spacious and wide. Out of the Sony it’s just more refined.
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  11. The Pix
    I've been on 2 conference calls using the BTR1 today, with zero issues if that's any help.
  12. Redcarmoose
    I would be the first to guess my thoughts on the midrange could be my individual hearing. In theory if an IEM is perfecly flat it’s going to show where an individuals hearing is........for better or worse.

    I didn’t know there was perception out there that the DM6 has fabulously sculpted vocals? And.........I pretty much always perceive the sound character as reported on various headphones and IEMs. I also seem to correlate my hearing perception to correspond with purplished graphs; so this would be a first?

    But.........I agree, we can all be mislead if we were searching for a V shaped sound signature and found a tip which enhanced the mids; we could even think there was no seal. Lol

    This is all speculation at this point as yours has not arrived and I haven’t rolled tips. Also too, this hobby can be strange, as pre-listening bias can occur as if you start to hear what you have been told to hear. Also at times we will not like a headphone and not know why; then a member listens and describes the sound so well that we learn what we didn’t like in the first place.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2018
  13. archy121
    That’s so true.

    It’s great how you have picked up on this phenomenon and described it so well.
    Both thumbs up to you !

    Do you publish reviews ?
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2018
  14. phthora
  15. Redcarmoose
    I have done maybe 16 reviews or so here, though after the website redu it only shows maybe 6 reviews. I’m too lazy to go find them and put them on a list somewhere. Mainly budget Chi-Fi IEMs or earbuds.


    Above is probably my favorite review. I was listening to them the other day on my best gear, and they come close to the Piston 3, but at the price of $10 they sell for........are absolutely the best cheap IEM ever.
    Last edited: Nov 16, 2018
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