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The discovery thread!

  1. Redcarmoose
    Well I’m only listening to them now out of an iPod Touch 6th gen, as I don’t travel with my gear, I’m in Thailand now. But I have learned to use the Touch to demo gear, kind of knowing the shortcomings and how stuff will sound later on with my Sony DAPs. Basicly everything just gets a little better. So at that time, with my DAPs and after 1-200 hours of burn-in I will feel better about describing the sound. But I purchased a back-up pair because I just kinda know these are going to scale. In fact before my purchase I had no idea about this thread, I heard about 10 Chi-Fi IEMs I was curious about and the DM6 was the best. The Secret Garden was OK, as was The Queen and King Pro by TFZ. The new Fii0
    Flagship was OK but didn't sound as good or fit as well.

    But so far they are just a slight V shape, with a maybe almost perfect treble roll-off; at least for me anyway. They walk that fine line of just enough treble and just enough roll off. Plus every once in a while there will be a polite extra treble display outside of the soundstage which is nice. Just refined with everything sounding normal, yet a little more clear and a little more exciting. I find the midrange just right, though all I have with me is 320kbps EDM, for whatever that’s worth. The bass is enough as I would ever want, plus I can’t distinguish it from DD bass, like I can with regular pure BA arrangements. For me these have nice refinement which I never would have thought I’d hear at this price? In fact after my first interest in Chi-Fi, I always thought most KZs had some small thing missing, something was left out of the signature. But the DM6 changes things; it’s the first Chi-Fi IEM that does it all correct, effortlessly. IMO
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2018
  2. Zerohour88

    found this on taobao last week, 100 bux or so there, 109 on penon is a really good deal. Really dig the retro-look and only one product on their page, so I'm assuming its a debut for a brand. Might be a good deal to test the waters

    I'd be interested if not for the fact I'm all out due to 11.11, lol.
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  3. Dsnuts Contributor
    I believe this is the first time we are seeing a combination of titanium and graphene used for a dual dynamic. They are interesting. Will see if some of the Penon reviewers get a hold of them.

    So I brought my EZAudio D4 to work with me. Threw them on my Sony ZX300 and gave them to my friend at work to audition. I asked him how much he thought they D4s cost. He said $100?

    The look on his face when I told him $10. Lol.
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  4. archy121
    Thanks for sharing and its been particular useful to me.
    Like you I'm often out myself listening to 320k EDM/Trance using just my iPhone or old Sony Walkman. Your experience so far sounds very promising especially with your comment on the Bass side of things. Having a BA instead of DD was a little concerning but you have managed to put those concerns to rest.

    I'm in for a long wait as I ordered from AliExpress. Really hoping I get it before Christmas.
    I get the impression the DM6 are readily available in Thailand or you rushed to Internet cafe to place another order ? Good prices ?

    Look forward to reading more impressions from you.
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2018
  5. Nabillion_786
    That's the only issue I have with the dm6 right now that some people say the mids are slightly recessed. I have the os v3 which has slightly recessed vocals aswell but I need something has good vocals which is not recessed.
  6. peter123
    A bit late to the party but these arrived today:
    20181113_173323.jpg 20181113_173754.jpg

    The last couple of days I've been listening to the unmentionable 6ba and the Rhythmos Super SD7 and the Pro 4 definitely has less bass impact than both of those. Vocals are great and more forward than on the SD7 but. Initial impressions (from the ES100) is mid-centric with great vocal reproduction and overall a very good offering for their price. They're pretty relaxed and natural sounding in their signature and I don't think anyone would find them fatiguing but they're not for bassheads. Should be interesting to compare them with the B400 when I get some more time with them.

    I also got these but haven't had a chance to listen to them yet:

    20181113_173738.jpg 20181113_173340.jpg 20181113_173403.jpg
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2018
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  7. papa_mia
    What does "high sensitivity treble" in the ZSN sound descripsion mean anyway?
    Does it get offended when you say it lacks sparkle?
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  8. drbluenewmexico
    just heard back from Advanced that they have no reviews on the Elise yet. hope you can do one Lurk650!
  9. Malfunkt
    @Redcarmoose thanks for the early impressions.. You have a XBA-Z5? How do you think they would compare?

    I’ve been eying getting an XBA-Z5 after I lost my A3. I have an Etymotic ER4SR on the way so I’m probably good for neutral.
  10. Lurk650
    Definitely will post my OOTB impressions and follow up with impressions after a few days. I haven't done a full fledged review in a while, maybe I'll do one. I wrote a small review on the Adv site the M5-1D (only one who did). Maybe I'll do a full review on here for those as well.

    Adv's reward system is great. Buy stuff, get discounts on future products. I got the M3 BT cable for $15 off, making it $45 shipped. It sounds really great and is well built but unfortunately the 2 pin doesn't stay attached to my RX8, unsure why as they are both .78. Oh well. Considering returning it or maybe just keep it for the 1D if I want to run those fully BT. Or maybe I'll superglue the cable to the RX8 and make them perma-BT! I used another $15 coupon for the Elise and still have a 25% coupon for a later purchase (M5-5D is very tempting).
  11. drbluenewmexico
    I got the Superbass D3 and it is fantastic! rivals my Aurisonics 2.0 in bass impact, but still has decent mids and treble. i just burned in my Oriolous MK2, which are TOTL level performers
    at midfi price (through MusicTeck, talk to Andrew ) which through Ayre Acoustics powered Pono have TOTL level clarity and dynamics!! Looking forward to your impressions on the Elise.! those guys at Advanced seem to know what they are doing tuning iems. i bet those M5-5D are spectacular, but no reviews on those yet either. of course my mystery bag iems are coming from AE in about a month or so, so we can find out if a ten dollar iem grab bag iem is the Hail Mary!!!!! DSnuts will be proud!
  12. eggnogg
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2018
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  13. Bartig
  14. mbwilson111
    Too "special" for me. I wouldn't have any of them even if they were $10.
  15. ncristia
    Oriolus Finschi great midrange great vocals, solid top to bottom.
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