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The discovery thread!

  1. Ahmad313
    Congratulations bro , these stuff looks really beautiful , eagerly waiting for your impressions specially how they hold their position against Andromeda S ,
  2. jant71
    Good then you don't need your Andromeda S anymore. I'll buy them off ya. I'll give ya...
  3. Nabillion_786
    Thanks that was very informative. So If I understood correctly your saying it is very mildly recessed which can become more neutral with cables? Can you recommend a very cheap cable I good pair with this on my phone to bring that midrange more forward?
  4. silverfishla
    Everything that you've said in this post is truth and fact! Agree 100%.
  5. Malfunkt
    @Redcarmoose and @silverfishla, I’m taking both have quite different signatures? I’ve owned the XBA-A3 and really enjoyed its forward bass presentation. I’ve heard the Z5 is less treble forward but similar in presentation. The DM6 has a flatter signature?

    Thanks for your impressions. Definitely sounds like DM6 has great value.
  6. FastAndClean
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  7. darkwing
  8. Zerohour88
  9. Bartig
  10. FastAndClean
    is not mine, i just post it here :floatsmile:
  11. Bartig
    Well, I love Riccardo's writing then. :p
  12. Redcarmoose
    dm6 2.jpg dm6.jpg
    It’s noticeable how the vocal area is slightly pulled from the mix. Where people who are really concerned to use it with vocal music should take note. I really don’t even listen to vocal music so I don’t care. The mids too are slightly thin sounding; meaning they don’t have emphasis, but also don’t have harmonic richness. The mids are just slightly one-dimensional. IMO. And........ it’s hard to say this as everything else is just so great for the money. I used the Sony 1A DAP which is better at balancing to a midcentric signature, but the intrinsic IEM quality was still there with the DM6. The 1A is the best DAP I have with the DM6. Still I spent most of last night using the TA desk-top amp with them.

    I am just guessing about a different cable working. I’ve now used it with the included grey/bass cable, though it seems there is an option for the white, more bright cable to be included. Strangely both my pairs came with different cable plugs and the grey cable. First pair had the bigger L shaped plug and the second pair had a straight plug, though there was no mention about the plug configuration on the box?

    I’m always slightly sketchy about doing numerous MMCX cable changes as I think the plugs wear out. I don’t believe the sales pitch about the DM6 being able to perform 5000 cable switches before MMCX failure.

    Also I would suggest people to just get them and listen, I’m hopping the signature will change slightly after burn in. This midrange character is there but maybe not as pulled-back and noticeable as other V shape IEMs.

    The Magaosi K5 (2.0 edition with improvements to cable quality) is another $199 IEM I picked up this weekend, and it has profound midrange emphasis, but unless the eartip seal is not totally correct with the Sony Hybrid Tips, the sound comes offf bass shy. The Magaosi V5 2.0 is a perfect example of maybe a mid-forward “vocal” IEM, but it doesn’t display the natural tone and correctness of the DM6. The Magaosi doesn’t have the largeness of sound stage or filled out presence of the DM6 in the end.IMO

    It’s like the Magaosi K5 2.0 is all about the midrange, and the DM6 improves so many other areas of the signature, it leaves the Magaosi K5 2.0 in the dust.


    At some point I will try a Han Sound Zen 4 wire with the DM6 and report back, but I need to get one, my Zen I own is two-pin not MMCX. It’s strange as the vocal area of the DM6 sound is slightly pulled in the mix; and will always be there, though at times it’s more noticeable and at times it’s not. It’s absolutely the best instrumental IEM you can get for $199 or less, though there will always be members which are looking for a strictly vocal IEM, which although being fairly well rounded, the DM6 is not 100% perfect due this slight midrange issue.
    The Magaosi K5 2.0 is a strictly vocal IEM, but it’s nothing of the sonic value the DM6 is in the end.

    I have found the Sony Hybrid Tips to be the best tips to use with the DM6.
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2018
  13. Nabillion_786
    Thanks ever so much, this was a very detailed response. I guess I'll probably just cancel my dm6 order then because I am looking for clear, full and well done vocals that is not recessed with a good soundstage for movies. Most of the recent users have mentioned about this having slightly recessed midrange so I feel it will not be an upgrade over my os v3 now.
  14. dweaver
    I have been very tempted to buy a pair of Fender Puresonic IEMs Jant likes but have always held off. So today I thought to look at the website of Long and Mcquade a national yet local music store here in Canada and they had the Fender FXA2 on sale for $139 CAD which is the lowest I have ever seen for that IEM. So figured it would be close to the Puresonic and allow me to play with cable options.

    So here are my new bad boys,
    Have to say I have been shy to buy anything Aurisonic since the Rockets because I was not that happy with that particular IEM. But this FXA2 has a great signature. Nice beefy bass, liquid mids, relaxed yet detailed treble. May not match up to the best chi fi stuff or have multi drivers but this one chill sounding single dynamic driver IEM. For $139 it's a pretty good deal and scratched my itch to try a Fender IEM for the past couple of years.

    Jant, have you heard the FXA2? If so how does it compare to the Puresonic models? Looking at specs I suspect they share the same driver but it always hard to say for sure.

    Sure like the look of the metallic blue color.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2018
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  15. Nabillion_786
    @jant71 could you please tell me more about the vocals and soundstage of your finschi? I have cancelled my dm6 order and am curious about these.

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