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The discovery thread!

  1. paulindss
    I eager to see a comparison with b400.
  2. Nabillion_786
    Do you know how the vocals are like compared to the dm6?

    @crabdog I believe you have tried both the finschi and the os v3. Do you feel the vocals are more better and forward compared to the os v3?
  3. crabdog
    I only listened to the Finschi for 10 minutes and that was over a month ago so honestly, I don't even remember. All I know is that I walked out of there knowing that I liked what I had heard.
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  4. Dsnuts Contributor

    Got these in my ears as I am typing. Geeze man. They sound stupendous. Just simply stupendous!
  5. Redcarmoose
    Just arrived home and put them through the paces with the Sony 1A and 1Z. I’m going 4.4mm balanced with the Mee audio multi plug adapter cable.

    I was slighly worried, maybe a 1 in 10 chance they wouldn’t scale but they do. They scale wonderfully in most areas, which would include bass definition, soundstage and treble smoothness.

    The elephant in the room is the midrange and vocals, and please remember here, I’m not a total midrange fanatic. Due to the intensity of treble and bass in EDM, midrange isn’t always a requirement for success. But like the Sony ZR1 full size headphone............midrange seems the easiest slight deficiency to work with.........but.........that could be just me?

    So with the Apple Touch 6th generation the midrange factors were harder to identify. Also mind you these IEMs have maybe 4 hours of burn in at this time. My other pair has more hours but I’m not changing cables with it yet, so no critical listening with the Sony DAPs.

    Going balanced with the Mee cable 4.4mm is better with the lesser cost 1A at this point. The 1Z naturally out of the box has a forward treble and boosted bass. I’m using FW 3.0 with the 1Z and FW 2.0 with the 1A. I’ve gone and listened to my test tracks which I will list below and feel the 1A simply creates a better balance. Though this is absolutely one of the best values I have ever come across in audio, it’ probibly 80-90% perfect.

    Could I sell all my headphones and IEMs and walk away using only the
    DM6????................I probibly (almost) could, as it’s that good. Still other IEMs and headphones are going to offer a more complex and harmonically rich (and forward) midrange. I think it’s one of those things where I’m pretty sure I can get around the midrange issue as it’s really only there in a small area of the midrange and not a giant midrange issue like what had to be fixed with the Sony Z7 full-size headphone. It is where the vocals sit but it’s not that bad. And.............I’m pretty sensitive to what I think sounds like hollow or scooped out midrange. In fact the IEM does so much right at so many charming levels that it’s easy to overlook and simply forget about. But remember I like the pulled midrange signature, and always have. This issue is so small that I see it being addressed somewhat with cable build and metal property change outs.........I think cables could go a little way toward improving the mids. Still there is always maybe going to be that area where the midrange is not as rich and robust as other IEMs.

    I have heard a bunch of IEMs but have only spent a ton of time with what I own. In comparison to the Z5, the Z5 bass is slighly smoother still the DM6 has amazing bass in pretty much every way. The bass is detailed, goes low, in fact .............and has a charming location of all it’s own in the soundstage. It’s this definition which comes from musical information being set apart from other elements which makes this IEM so magical. The fact that the soundstage is special. Also it’s pretty forgiving of bad files or bad recording. It makes everything sound good. I hate to say this so soon, but this IEM may be just as well rounded as the Z5, but slighly in it’s own way. I can’t easily recommend the Z5, as after you get them you will need a different cable as the one they come with flops around, also the DM6 is way..way more comfortable. It’s hard for me to ever compare the Z5 sound as I love it so, it’s like an IEM wife, or some strange thing.

    There is no harsh treble in any way, so again from my last post the treble is just right, being detailed but rolled-off correctly. This is not a treble head IEM, but a slight V enhancement which makes most music fun and come to life. As a value it’s probable to compete with $500-$800 IEMs, that is if you can deal with the slight lack of complexity in the small area of the midrange. I can’t believe how much I like it.

    So from my last post only using an IPod, I can now hear the slight issue with the midrange, still it is not a big negative with me. It’s one of those things I became used to with the Z1R and the Z7. Nice 24bit files sound as you would want, 44.1/16 bit is fantastic, MP3 320kbps are totally enjoyable. But I would recommend a good source, as they are revealing enough to show you your source quality. Better source, better quality.

    These only have a couple hours on them, and I’ve just purchased these IEMs, still I can’t figure anything will change except better sound after burn-in?

    Test Music:
    Hans Zimmer
    The Dark Knight Rises OST 192/24

    Zen (Matter Remix) GuyRo & Chris Sterio 44.1/16

    Ghost Prequelle “Rats” 44.1/24

    Enya The Romantic Years 44.1/16

    Ayreon The Source 44.1/16
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2018
  6. Aevum
    I have a question, I ordered the DM6 off Aliexpress and got a message from the seller that the DM6 are custom made and they need me to extend the processing time by 7-10 days.

    Is this true or are they yanking my chain ?
  7. Redcarmoose
    In Bangkok Thailand there is a giant mall called Terminal 21. On the 3rd floor “the Istanbul” floor, I think? There is a shop called “Lady Gadget”. I payed $199 USD. She has two pair left, translucent blue, and opaque black. Just call her, she speaks English, have her DHL you a pair?

    She has every KZ......every TFZ, the FiiO H5? Whatever the new FiiO flagship is? She has that and a ton of others all under $500.

    I was staying across the street from Terminal 21. That’s all I know. I don’t know IEM stores in Thailand, I normally purchase in Singapore.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2018
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  8. darkwing
    what color did you choose? i went for a clear and an emerald and the emerald one, they had to make for a week, it's true
  9. silverfishla
    I have the Z5 and the DM6 too. No worries if you like the Z5 better. I do.
  10. Redcarmoose
    Well, I don’t know? The DM6 fits better. And........I just wrote what my first impressions are. As we know there is the new toy hype. So far so good with the DM6, they scale well........but yes, the Z5 sounds expensive has way smoother bass, is a certified winner doing all genres and can scale to higher and higher places with the right gear. I have only had the DM6 for a couple days. Still without a doubt the DM6 sounds way better single ended from an iPod. The Z5 is high maintenance needing juice to start to wake. That’s the thing.......the Z5 is nothing special from a phone but the DM6 is nice.

    The real hype here probably comes from the simple fact of the $199 sounding the way it does; that’s a new thing in itself. IMO
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2018
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  11. totte
    I think the store is called Indy gadget right? There are a few other headphone stores in Bangkok that I know of. Bkkaudio at phayathai plaza, munkonggadget at siam paragon, soundproofbros at MBK, jaben at fortune town, zoundaholic at centralplaza rama 9 and 64audio close to wongwian yai bts.

    All have varied amounts of brands of iems and headphones and most are very happy to let you try them out. I have to say especially the guys at Bkkaudio are very nice and hospitable. They have alot of demo versions of ciems and is a great place to visit. So does soundproofbros but bkkaudio really makes you feel welcomed.

    Im sure there are other headphone stores in Bangkok but with the ones listed above you can really cover alot of brands that you might be interested in. You can without a problem demo ve8, u18t, flamenco, samba, phantom, legend x, uerr, or whatever iem you might be interested in the span of a day.
    Last edited: Nov 14, 2018
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  12. Redcarmoose
    Oh, that’s the name? Indy Gadget. There may be a bunch of stores there. Actually I went with my Wife, which means I let her shop. Lol

    I’ve heard a big number of the listed IEMs, though not the Legend X. Samba or Flamenco, would not interest me. I’m only curious about two IEMs at this time, the IER-Z1R and that one you never ever read about Sole’.........Solar? Oh ya Solaris. Lol

    But that’s cool, I’m actually saving for maybe one more IEM this year.
  13. crabdog
    +1 for BKK audio, those guys rock!
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  14. Redcarmoose
    I miss the food already. The food was amazing!
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  15. geagle
    I think that it all depends on what they have in stock when they actually process your order- the shop I ordered it from did not have the color I wanted, and offered me another color that they did have in stock, or to wait until the factory manufactured the color I originally wanted. I did not like the one they offered, and countered with another choice (also saying that I would be fine with waiting for my original color). They did have my second choice in stock, and they shipped it. I don't think that any shop can actually stock all colors they offer as choices in enough quantities to satisfy possible spikes in demand for 11.11 (particularly if you ordered late, say, so if your order gets processed after others wiped out their stock), so tbh, it does not look all that unreasonable, to me

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