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The discovery thread!

  1. Lurk650
    AFAIK, only eBay. You can get all one size if you want. Just message them. Id go with Small or Medium, Large are really big unless you take out the foam (which is a nice mod in general). They ship from Hungary so take a couple weeks to deliver.
  2. Kitechaser
    Ebay or directly from their website.
  3. Apputty
    Just asked the seller for a discount and used some of 11-11 coupons. :boy:
  4. chinmie
    i kinda like it :o2smile:
  5. Kitechaser
    Reminds me of that Sega game.
    JET SET RADIO!!!!!
  6. kova4a
    I saw these yesterday few minutes after I bought that mystery bag and honestly needed some willpower to stop myself. I for one really dig this old school vibe. The case looks kinda cool too
    Dsnuts likes this.
  7. ZenoJin
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  8. facethemusic88
    From MD?
  9. raykoh5
    Interesting to see two pairs of BGVP armatures. Is the DM6 supposed to have one knowles 30017 BA unit?
  10. facethemusic88
    I think so.
  11. raykoh5
    I don’t see it...
    Owners of DM6, is there a knowles 30017 in the DM6?
  12. darkwing
    how would i check for it?
  13. raykoh5
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2018
  14. raykoh5
    18C8CE07-86F0-479E-89CE-410B2B0CDDDE.jpeg How do I post a picture...
    Last edited: Nov 13, 2018
  15. superuser1

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