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The discovery thread!

  1. Redcarmoose
    Tried them both back to back........and the differences are big. Didn’t buy the DMG. But that’s just me, everyone has a sound they like.

    Though I’ve yet to get home and listen to the DM6 on my best gear, so far they are truly special. Out of an iPod the DM6 was more refined and had better over all cohesiveness. IMO
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2018
  2. rockingthearies
    I wanted to get the silver cable. It comes with the straight plug termination instead of the L plugs.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2018
  3. antdroid
    I think I will order one of these BT adapters. Just not sure if I want to get an MMCX or 2-Pin one.... sigh too many IEMs.
  4. papa_mia
    Safe to say by now that no one has or has heard all 3 of them to give you some impessions.
  5. Huxley
    Anyone know what diameter spinfits to get for the dm6?
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  6. Aevum
    Sorry for the vague question...

    I keep bouncing from 2 different signatures, FutureSonics Atrio M5 to Triple.Fi 10 back to IE80 then to Earsonics SM3v2... and then i lost them and i had to start over again and i was in a much weaker economic state.

    I managed to pick up some RHA T20 from amazon on sale for 100 and then picked up the Nuforce Massdrop EDC3, While the RHA is more Dynamic and fun but very coloured at the same time, the EDC3 is more flat and neutral but loses some of the force at the bottom and some of the spark at the top,

    Now from what i understand the DMG is Very close to the T20 but with a more controlled and refined signature... but just by a bit. While the DM6 is less V shaped and more neutral like the EDC3 but does not sacrifice bass and treble to reach it, i guess as the review stated in a earlier post, a EX1000 just with a slight drop in detail in the mids, but you have to look very closly to find the potholes in thaat road.

    I guess im answering my own question, the DMG is more Versatile with the filters and the Dynamic drivers do give it a deeper and more fun base, but at the same time make it slower and more V shaped. its the Mr Jekyl to the DM6 Dr Hyde.
  7. antdroid
    so I lied earlier. I did buy things on 11.11 day. Got the TRN BT20 adapters... a 2-pin and a mmcx one lol. My fiancee wanted one for gym too. And got a cable for my Focals. Will report how they are whenever I get them.
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  8. Dsnuts Contributor
    Now that I got my order in I am thinking. Cables or no cables? Geeze man today has to end already.
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  9. drbluenewmexico
    GET it all ...
    better to be safe than sorry
  10. paulindss
    If you are afraid of losing impacrt at the bottoms you are ok with dm6 because even my tehnz p4 pro is very good at the bottoms, dm6 should be even better at bass. my p4 pro sounds full, fuller than dmg in some way, only the bass is somekind poor in articulation. The bass on dmg is soft, the v shape gives it more of a room felling than exaclty lots of impact at the bottoms, it is a very even signature for a v-shape. I think your best bet would be dm6.

    filters on dmg don't change sound too much, the tone is warm in all filters.
  11. Dsnuts Contributor
    Already blew my budget last week and now blew it again on todays sales. I mean if today goes by, the next time they will have sales day will not be until Chinese new years? Damn it!

    This hobby is brutal. Highly recommend staying away from this thread and me especially. FOMO is getting to me. I think I will go watch some football and forget about browsing nice balanced cables and phones in all configurations for the cheapest prices of the year. Who needs that.
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  12. hakuzen
    imo there is no pure silver version of this cable. only pure copper, or silver plated copper, different colors:
    silver: 3.5mm OCC silver plating cable with straight plug <---------- is this the one you wanted? silver color, straight plug..
    gray: 3.5mm OCC+ copper silver plating cable with straight plug
    3.5mm OCC+ copper silver plating cable with L bending plug
    2.5mm OCC+ copper silver plating cable with straight plug

    bronze: 3.5mm OCC cable with straight plug
    3.5mm OCC cable with L bending plug
  13. Huxley
    My wallet is crying already, and I've only been back five minutes.
    The sales have some real nice bargains mind.
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  14. Carlsan
    Now to buy some extra ears so I can listen to all my new toys.
    As my wife always says "but you only have two ears"
    Can we change that?
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  15. silverfishla
    I spent a couple hundred on stuff during the sale. I mistakenly encouraged my wife to go shopping for some cute clothes during the sale....boom! She outspent me! But WHOOSH!!! There went my guilty conscience. :)
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