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The discovery thread!

  1. Kitechaser
    On the same train. Saving up for a Sony IER-Z1R, not interested in anything middling. You end up spending more money by doing incremental upgrades.
    You know what Huey Long says, go big or go home :wink:
  2. drbluenewmexico
    Poe's law is great reference! It's amazing that any of us take this stuff so seriously.
    Of course by 2020 the new 25 driver
    Let's that are implanted in your ear canal permantly will be all the rage! With ten sunwoofers in your skull.. .I
    Should head fi sponser a 12 step audio addict program? See Billy's Church of Stop Shopping a NYC And BurningMan
  3. CoFire
    So what does everyone think is the best deal out there iem today? About to check out but some of these guys aren't gonna make the cut.

    NiceHCK M6 $100
    Nice HCK DT300 $73
    TRN V80 $23
    BGVP. DM6 $179
    BGVP DMG $118

    Many of these don't have coupons applied. DM6 sounds like a must, V80 might be good for the gym, DMG has a rep, M6 is a gamble.

    Didn't list the super cheap iems.
  4. Ders Olmaz
    hi i listen bgvp dmg against audbos p4. i dont like the details of dmg. i read on forum a lot i think if you to take one of the dm6 and ezaudiod4 for gym from nicehck you will be happy.
  5. Apputty
  6. Apputty
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  7. papa_mia
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  8. aspire5550
    Hi guys, I ordered a DMG and it is currently on it's way here. I ordered the DMG because I got them for $100 which is a big discount from the usual price of $139.

    However, I am thinking that should I just sell this off and get the DM6 instead? like what they said, go big or go home.

    My concern is that I am coming from KZ ZSR which is just around $20 dollars. So I am not sure if I will be able to appreciate a expensive gear as I mostly listen from youtube/spotify through my laptop which is paired with a Zishan Z2 (which cost me $20).

    Is the extra $50 from the Dm6 over DMG worth the upgrade in it's sound performance? or am I good with the DMG?
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2018
  9. papa_mia
    No it's not. Technically the DM6 is better but irl they're just apples and oranges, it's up to you to decide between them.
    You should not think this way, A is $100 B is $150 therefore B must be 50% better than A.
    This is never the case, you're gonna get your heart broken, tears drained, soul shattered if you keep thinking like this.
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  10. aspire5550
    Thanks, then let me rephrase it this way. Is the extra $50 worth the upgrade in sound performance?

    I understand that one is V-shaped vs another one which is neutral and that generally everyone thinks the DM6 is better than DMG.

    Once of my concerns are, will I be able to appreciate it if i just listen to not so good sources from youtube or am I better off keeping the $50?
  11. CoFire
    Great Rec, a little ahead of you. I have the EzAudio D4 in the cart, just didn't list them.
  12. papa_mia
    Nobody can answer this but I think in this case I think you're better off with the DMG because if you have questions like "Will I be able to enjoy these" from the first place then at some point along the line, you will likely have other questions like "Why the hell did I buy these". The DMG should be good earphones with a fun sounding and more suitable for a daily beater so you can't go wrong here.
  13. Kitechaser
    I wouldn't do the DM6 out of a cheap player or computer. They are transparent, and might end up sounding worse than what you have.
    They need a good source to go along with them.
    I'd be happy with the DMG.
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  14. rendyG
    I think you should choose primarily based on your preffered tonality. From what I've read and seen on graphs, DMG have looser bass with mid bass hump, dip around 1k and more energy above 3k. DM6 should have more linear response (I hope it has some 3kHz energy to be closer to Harman target), tighter bass and probbly better technicalities. However from my experience, I would rather have the iem with preffered sound sig, than some V-shaped beast which excels in other aspects..
    I will be able to provide measurements for DM6 in a few weeks.

    Be careful with that Zishan, not sure what output impedance it has, but Walnut has around 100ohm which can really mess up the sound of BA iems, depending on their impedance curve.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2018
  15. zikarus

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