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The discovery thread!

  1. The Pix

    Probably only need to watch the first 3 mins...
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  2. aaDee
    Just bought the DM6 for $168. Got a hole in the pocket and a stare from my wife.
  3. Redcarmoose
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2018
  4. dweaver
    Thank you this answers my question definitively, no need for @Hawaiibadboy to reply as he did it very succinctly in the video.

    I am going pull my finger back from the buy button and live with the gear I have.

    I actually pulled back out the Mackie 220 I bought and have paired it up with my Fiio RC-BT and slide from a loose right ear connection am enjoying that combination. So I am going to get creative to overcome that loose connection instead or maybe just buy another MMCX BT cable.
  5. The Pix
    I picked up this KZ BT Cable in the sales, seems to have very similar specs as the Fiio RC-BT, slightly less quality at the connection points, but essentially the same.

    Forgot to add 1/3 of the price.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2018
  6. jant71
    I might wait for an impression or two but the TRN BT20 comes in MMCX...
    Of course, I will most likely be getting the jays m-SIX so will recommend checking them out as they check a lot(not all) of boxes for me for a weather resistant, good sounding, unobtrusive design with good range and antenna and aptX as well.

    So what about this HCK M6?(down to $100)...
    Obviously trying to capitalize on the DMG's popularity.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2018
  7. arielext
    buy more, the look will change
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  8. stryed
    xduuo xq-23 bluetooth usb! Must resist. Luckily I can't find any reviews on it.
  9. jant71
    With limited codec support, older BT4.1, and 5 hour battery who is buyin' it :) They are all buying the BTR1k and BTR3 and ES100 and other BT amps over this. Sorry to bash but it seems so... meh.
  10. bogginhead
    No one has an opinion on the Toneking BL1 vs Senfer MT100 vs ISINE 10 (I know it isn't Chi-Fi, but I figured this was the best place for info, lol)? I love the look of the BL1, but I just haven't heard much about it so far...
  11. dweaver
    Gonna look at the true wireless unit, the m-six looks interesting and found an a-six that also look interesting. Still might buy something before the day is out :)
  12. Aevum
    So the DM6 is much better then DMG ?
  13. PeterDLai
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2018
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  14. paulindss
    This question in impossible to answer correctly, be more specific and we might help you. better, slight, better, much better, it is all too subjective.

    dmg's are V-shape, more like a U to me... dm6 should be flatter and analitycal, drier brass, better highs and more even mids according do reports. Dmg's should sound bigger and have a dynamic driver bass (a bit on the soft side) and a thinner presentation.

    i don't have dm6s, only dmg's my i 've been reading all of the reports on the internet, so hope that helps but take a Truck of salt.

    Mind the price difference is arouns 50-70$ to.

    I have the tehnz p4 pro and a Dmg and if i should stick to only one iem i would go to dm6's as i like the flatter and reference like presentation of tehnz p4 pro, i only miss some dynamics and bass quality wich dm6 shuuld give according to direct comparisions.
  15. paulindss
    Also, grabbed a Ezsound d4, it will be fun comparing them to my hifiman re-400s, something tell me it will be a good fight and a remarkable fact if the 10$ iem finally dethrones or rival the 100$ benchmark of few years ago. Their profile seems similar.
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