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The discovery thread!

  1. Ocelitgol
    sub to the thread just to follow your take on that adapter lol
    I'm thinking of getting it for my dear T8iE....
  2. Dsnuts Contributor
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  3. drbluenewmexico
    Don't be so hard on Yourself DS you avoided buying a new car or Learjet
    buy buying audio tools. Enjoy them and feel the love!
  4. battosai
    Hilarious review!
    So to sum up my 11.11 I bought the DM6 because everyone and their family and their neighbors bought one.
    I bought a bunch of 8 core cables. I bought a 8ba iem for less than $200 because next to moarrr bass, I want more BAs... Hopefully they will sound decent but at $23.5/BA I beat your $29/BA bargain
    Now if I could find a dap that satisfies me for under $500...
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  5. phthora
    Wait... is this what audio has come to, IEMs rated in price per BA? Dear god, how misguided...
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  6. battosai
    You should read dsnut review before, my comment tried to be in the same tone...
  7. BLmusic
    Hi Dsnuts, can you sent us the link for the DZ12? Can’t find it on AliExpress site?
  8. phthora
    If you were joking before, I apologize. It seems I fell victim to Poe's Law. The drivers war is bound to create that sort of calculus of value before too long, however.
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  9. Dsnuts Contributor
    Ya ended up spending about $500 today. Yikes. So I did end up with some cables. No way was I gonna pass up on them cables.
    For a dap I am waiting for Shanling to release their new M5s. Seems it will be a very great bang for buck flagship dap from Shanling.

    Can't wait to get one to pair up with my new toys.

    Bass it's what's for dinner!
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  10. Dsnuts Contributor
  11. papa_mia
    After dis your girlfriend will dump your broke ass and then you can truly celebrate this day the way it intended to: Single.
    I mean 8 BAs vs 1 Girlfriend. No contest here. It's basic math.
    Joke aside, the M5s should be a big contender for a good DAP under $500. If you're quick you can even get it before Dsnuts does. He's economically vulnerable now.
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  12. Dsnuts Contributor
    Even though I don't adhere to the more drivers equals better sound formula. The trend is. Each new iteration of the multi BA iem these guys are pumping out are legitimately better over the previous lesser driver earphones. It is more of these guys getting better at their craft and tuning but also happens to add 2 more drivers for newer versions every half a year or so it seems.

    These guys definitely know what they are doing. They seem to tweek each iteration with some type of improvement from the previous versions. I noticed a jump in sound stage and depth from the HK6 to the NK10 for example with even better balancing.

    They seem to get the same Japanese enthusiasts group that buys every version of these. As they still cost a fragment of what is offered in japan for anything that comes close. NiceHCK and the other sites on Aliexpress seems to be extremely popular among the Japanese.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2018
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  13. Kitechaser
    So quick question to the people that already have their DM6s. Where does it rank in your collection, especially when compared to more well know companies?
  14. battosai
    I thought it was pretty clear that I was but no worry, I get that it does sound ridiculous in all seriousness.
    Still, it's hard to resist and it is going to be a good benchmark with the DM6.
    Before my shopping spree of today, my most expensive iem is my fully custom CTM-500 pro with 5 BA per side. I paid $850 for these bad boys back in the day. Because they were so expensive and I didn't want to break them/lose them, I started my Chi-fi life. You can get some decent stuff for cheap but now I am done with cheap iems. You only live once so I may as well get a handful of iems total but iems that I truly enjoy. I don't think selling my TRN V80 makes sense but I am only aiming truly great iems from now on. Maybe something like one good iem per year... Now if only I could get a dap...
    The M5s is on my list but I kind of need a dap that does Tidal and Spotify... I am looking at the Fiio M9 at the moment...
  15. battosai
    I bought a total of 26 BAs today , not bad, not bad at all. And also 4 cables with 8 cores, that's 32 cores if my math is right.
    Wife is stuck with me, dem kids won't raise on their own ahah...
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