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The discovery thread!

  1. Dsnuts Contributor
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  2. archy121
    I’ve ordered the DM6 and now thinking i should take advantage of the sale and get additional spare MMCX cable.

    What are people’s thoughts on the cable supplied with DM6?

    I believe the supplied cable is 6N 8 core OCC which on paper sounds good to me as I prefer the warmer sound with copper than that from silver cables.

    I’m wondering if this NiceHCK cable would make a worthy side if not an upgrade ?
    Described as Highly quality copper vs BGVP OCC.


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  3. TooPoorForHiFi
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  4. Dsnuts Contributor
    Don't know about he DM6 but I use them on the DMG and they are perfect sounding on that earphone. It is a better deal on that post so I thought I would post it.
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  5. Dsnuts Contributor
    If you guys are gonna post about cables. Look at the cheap cable thread. I have been posting about all the cables I found myself on there and more.
    We will make the discovery thread into a make shift singles day thread for earphones. Lets keep the cables on the cheap cable thread. People post your deals. Today and tomorrow if you guys are curious to find out what a different cable can do to make your earphone sound better. It is time to snap up on them cables. Especially if you want to try balanced.
  6. archy121
    I posted here regards DM6 supplied cable thinking it’s more likely that owners of DM6 will be in here to offer opinion.
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  7. Dsnuts Contributor
    There are a lot more cable options on the cable thread. I have been looking at some of the nicer ones on aliexpress. Got a few I have in mind. Since now is the time to buy. I am considering a nicer cable for my Solaris but I read that phone is finicky when it comes to cables so we will see.
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  8. davidcotton
    Which store did you buy the dm6 from please?

    Also a question. Being a potential (knowing me my inability to a)make a decision and b)wait will mean I'll freeze and not order anything!) first time buyer on ali I've got one of those $100 off coupons. Does anyone know if I can use that on it's own, or will I have to spend some money to use it?

  9. josesol07
    Spinfit info indicates model CP145 fits FInal Audio E3000. I am currently using Final E3000 tips on my DM6, so CP145 should also fit.
  10. mochill
    Spinfits released a new tip called the cp500 , should check them out
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  11. hakuzen
    i bought bgvp dm6 cable separated, to get the balanced 2.5mm version (grey color).
    it's the same cable that comes with DM6.
    measured dc resistance (in mΩ): L+:169 R+:173 L-:277 R-:190
    they provide some info in the product page, but it's unintelligible. the wire looks like this, instead:
    look is awesome, nice porn. but i miss better strain relief in the jack, and the resistance of L- signal suggest a not so clean solder than the others.
    besides, it's stiffer than some similar cables. it might be due to teflon somewhere.

    the nicehck cable of the link has amazing conductivity, which indicates the overall quality, besides of total thickness of the wire.
    got the balanced 2pins version, and measured its dc resistance (in mΩ): L+:107 R+:111 L-:104 R-:114.
    i wouldn't say it's an upgrade, more of a side grade. this cable is more flexible, has better conductivity, but we don't know about the wire material in any of the cables.
    bgvp seems to be silver plated copper, while hck seems to be copper. about wire purity, we know nothing either (we can't trust provided info).
    anyway, this hck cable is very cheap for what you get. it is worth it in every case.

    for more cables discussion, surf on @Dsnuts 's cables thread. you'll get more info there.
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  12. archy121

    Thanks for the great info.

    According to the store description the supplied cable is 6N 8 core OCC which means all copper and not SCP ?
    The difference pointed out in conductivity is intriguing and may just be the excuse I needed to buy the nicehck as a backup cable.
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  13. paulindss
    I am blasting my emx500 earbuds in the topping now and i am amazed, the penon he150ohm is the best high impedance earbud deal out there now ?

    Also, what about the ezsound d4. more words on them please.

    Also... intrigued by that nicehck luckybag...
  14. slowpickr
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  15. hakuzen
    in theory, 6N OCC is pure copper 99.9999%.
    if they mention silver, it's probably silver (or tin or whatever) plated copper. 6N OCC silver plated should mean 6N OCC copper which is silver plated.
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