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The discovery thread!

  1. papa_mia
    I mean a better seal should only increase the bass response, not the other way around.
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  2. Wiljen
    I did a couple quick tests in Arta with the OM1 and to say deep V is an understatement. From the mid-bass peak to the mid trough is just shy of 15dB. I ran a few other big V signatures through ARTA to compare and none has a difference of more than about 7dB and most are closer to 4 or 5dB between peak and trough.
  3. Wiljen
    I am not finding it in the writing but it looks to be a single Knowles Ci which I would expect to have pretty good low end but struggle a bit at the top. I'll be interested to confirm if it is the Ci and if so what kind of top end extension it is going to offer.
  4. Wiljen
    I did that same lucky bag sale on a tip that I had the EBx and would like what was in the bag. One of the best $20 I have spent on an earbud - very very good. I like them better than EBX as the fit is less tempremental.
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  5. archy121
    In what respects - Fitting or signature ?
  6. Wiljen

    I can wait because the problem will be combining those three different topologies into a shell that doesnt block one with the next. I think the reason we are seeing the planars explode right now is miniturization has finally gotten a small enough transducer to fit inside a shell. I'm not sure it has gotten far enough to fit anything else in there with it without problems. I agree, the combination has promise, but like every new tech, it will take time to iron out. I'll pass on the first few and wait for a more mature product.
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  7. FastAndClean
    i just bought earphones for 400$ from ali, that hobby is eating money
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  8. Dsnuts Contributor
    OK FELLAs. YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS.. 11/11 sales are upon us. Happy shopping everyone. Time to spend that hard earned cash. Lol.

    Already got a new OCC cable from NiceHCK which they are sending me with the M6. So already started with me. Lol.
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  9. Soul_Est
    Looking over the deals during this 11.11 sale and I am still unsure as to what to get. My gateway into this hobby was the HifiMan RE252. Neutral sound signature with excellent imaging and soundstage. I followed that up with the KZ ZS5 and while I do like it, it is nothing like the RE252 (or the SoundMAGIC HP100 that came afterwards). I have looked over this thread and it looks like the BGVP DMG/DM6 may be the best for me but I'm unsure. I set my budget at $250 CAD ($200 USD) max excl. taxes.

    Dang, NiceHCK has so many nice ones to look at.
  10. phthora
    $22 USD for a TRN V80 is quite the deal. I would start there. Very impressive earphone for the price. Still gives you room to pick up one of many other higher end options too.
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  11. FastAndClean
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  12. Soul_Est
    That looks like an excellent choice. I looked at reviews for it and it is described as either neutral-ish or slightly V-shaped in sound signature. The bass would be closer to the HP100 (a major plus). The TIN Audio T2 seems closer to the RE252 but with a soundstage that comes closer to the HP100. Thank you for the recommendation. You have given me a lot to consider.

    A better RE252. :darthsmile: Probably go with @phthora 's advice and start again at the bottom.
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2018
  13. davidcotton
    Recommendations for which store to order from, as well as any iems? I like an older westone w3 type sound (is that v shape?).

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  14. phthora
    T2 is an excellent choice as well. More refined and definitely more neutral than the V80. I find the T2 less of an overall value however. Mine came with a broken cable, so I had to put some more money into it immediately, and the earphone is the hardest to fit out of all earphones I've tried. Obviously, that it subjective and won't apply to everyone. V80 on the other hand has a very comfortable and secure fit, I even use mine primarily at the gym.
  15. fljoe
    Anyone see any 11/11 deals for nice silver cables for sale in either 3.5mm or 2.5mm, please let me know. Looked at the OKCSC cables ... they are expensive!

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