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The discovery thread!

  1. FastAndClean
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  2. Nabillion_786
    Thanks alot the Smyth research realizer sounds very tempting for someone like me! Which model is it btw? Also, for clarification, when you say it is not mid centred do you mean the vocals are inline with the rest of the sound or the vocals are slightly recessed? Because you have both it01 and dm6 I am asking you so I can figure out if it really is an upgrade for me.
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  3. gugman
    Hi all

    ls there any dedicated 11.11 thread or some deals that deserve to be shared will be posted here?

  4. josesol07
    Switched from stock tips to E Final tips on BGVP DM6 and after 20 hours of burn-in, I am liking very much what I am hearing: tight and controlled bass, which kicks hard when called upon; no bass bleeding on midrange, male vocals sound particularly clean; midrange is polished and detailed. Initial rough edge in treble not longer present. Very 3D like presentation.
    I find myself often lost in the music and forget paying atention to technicalities, and that is a good sign!!
    After some more burn-in, going to try some tips from Ibasso and Tenmak that I have around.
    On the negative side the stock wire is too flashy for me. Could someone recommend some options?
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  5. FastAndClean
    my dac has 2.5mm balanced out, is it worth it to buy some 2.5mm balanced cables for multi balance armature earphones, does it make any difference?
  6. FastAndClean
    the cables are very cheap now and i can use all of my in ears in balanced mode, if there is any difference i will get some 2.5mm cables and run them from balanced out
  7. josesol07
    I just played some Ella Fitzgerald´s recordings on both IT01 and DM6 and her voice sounds inline with the orchestra´s sounds,while on IT01 it sounds a little recessed. Hope it helps.
    At this moment, for me, the DM6 is an upgrade over IT01 considering the emotional engagement I derive from them. Again, we sure have different expectations on what is an upgrade or not.
    I am a happy camper with DM6

    Regarding Smyth Research, I got the model A8, which was their first model. I was so sold on the technology that I arranged a trip from South America to Chicago to purchase the system. ( I contacted a high end store in New York but they didn´t bother to answer my request). Well, at that store in Illinois (Glenn´s Poor Audio) they open it for me one Sunday, where Mr Lorr Kramer from SR made the measurements himself. I ended up "cloning" a 5.1 system based on Wilson Audio Sasha, the 7.1 system at their Home theater room, and several 2.0 rigs (Magnepanan, and Sashas).
    The "cloning" process (for lack of a better word) includes the whole audio chain from the audio source right up to the listener´s ear canals, including the room´s acoustics.
    Every single time that I use the system I´m in awe. Is that good.
    If you want want more details on SR Realizer please send me a PM.
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  8. kukkurovaca
    Certainly worth picking up one inexpensive cable to try out and see what you think. Balanced performance improvement or lack thereof will to some extent depend on how balanced and single-ended are implemented in your particular source. (Also a factor is whether you have any earphones that require more power than your source puts out in SE.)
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  9. FastAndClean
    thanks, i will try it, one of them have 10ba per side so probably will benefit from more power
  10. FastAndClean
    one more question, i have two amps for sale, one of them is very good but have 5ohm out and is not good for ba in ears, the other one is magni 2 and the magni is pitch black silent, is it wort it to keep the magni for IEMs, do they benefit from more power?
  11. FastAndClean
    the dac alone is very clean but with my ER4S i have to turn it upp a lot without much headroom left
  12. hakuzen
  13. TooPoorForHiFi
    Hello two Questions.

    1. Have anyone happen to Heard of the TONEKING BL1 Planar ? If so How does it compare to DM6 in term of sound?
    2. Tip Rolling with DM6, What Tip(s) would you guys recommend with the DM6?
  14. Lurk650
  15. Dsnuts Contributor
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