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The discovery thread!

  1. stryed
    At that price bracket, I would assume that all the reviews are with light criticism in terms on SQ. In that type of price range, the IEM market ressembles the luxury car market where everything concerning "bang for the buck" goes out the window and the IEM only can be compared to others in its market segment even if they're all overpriced.

    I can't imagine paying more than 300eu for an IEM, but it seems like you are saying that some people have an agenda or just lazy, which is entirely possible but why should it bother you?
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  2. Kitechaser
    No I am saying, the iem takes over 50 plus hours of burn in before the sound changes. And it changes drastically.
    The pressure rating on it is 89db, about 30% less than most iems. So the iem only sounds right when it is seated deeper in the ear canal ,deeper than almost every other iem out there. So you need tips a size smaller than your regular size, with wide bores.
    RHA recommends a 100 hour burn in.
    The reviewer would have known this, if he would have simply asked some of the people on the thread about what they thought, or had simply read any of the posts.
    And no the change is not minor, it is drastic, like the difference between 900 dollar iems, and something you pick up for 20 bucks at a garage sale.
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  3. dweaver
    I thought this was the discovery thread...
  4. bogginhead
    I thought I'd ask you guys over here the same; repost from the other "Chi-Fi" thread.

    Out of these three planar IEMs, which would have the best sound quality / build quality and most neutral / midrange-based tuning?

    Audeze ISINE 10

    Toneking BL1

    Senfer MT100
  5. PacoBdn
    I do not intend to disturb anyone, but I've been reading for days that if I burn it, that if the silver, copper, gold or platinum cables ...

    There is not a graphic that demonstrates these affirmations¡¡¡

    The only differences that can appear can be caused by the different impedances of the cables, since the hybrid or multis IEMs are very sensitive to them because they work with very little impedance.

    And with regard to burning, the only slight differences that can appear can be caused simply by the slight deformation of the pads by use.

    If you do not like a headphone or IEM when you take it out of the box, return it or get used to its sound, but it will not change anything for many hours if you burn it.

    I repeat, I do not want to make controversy, I respect the people who believe in it, but please, do not make us believe that the earth is flat ...

  6. archy121
    When deciding between the Whizzer and DM6 I asked HawaiiBadBoy to compare the treble - particularly which was closer to ex1000 as I found it hot. He said the Whizzer so maybe keep that in mind.

    This was one of the reasons which helped me decide on ordering DM6.
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  7. rockingthearies
    Hi I recently bought the BGVP DM6 with the copper and silver braided cable. And would like to purchase the SPC cable (all white). Anyone have any idea where I can get one?
  8. hakuzen
    do you mean this?
  9. Redcarmoose
    Just picked up a solid black BGVP DM6; I’ll report back about it in a week.
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  10. arielext
    Ordered clear black DM6's 2 weeks back on amazon and contacted Linsoul about the status:
  11. B9Scrambler
    ...removed pointless stuff...
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2018
  12. Nabillion_786
    I have an interesting experience regarding burn in. I generally am one of those that believes in sound changes according to your mood but was recently amazed by my findings. Basically, when I received my os v3 the 2 pins on both sides of the cable were slightly bent and I asked penon to send me another cable. They gave me the same os v3 cable and the sound difference between both of them is drastic! The slightly bent one which I burnt in for like 20 hours has a much more open and bigger soundstage whereas the other cable sounds more in your head in comparison. At that point I was convinced that cable burn in could be a thing or just maybe penon gave me a different cable which is hard for me to tell as they look excatly the same.
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  13. Dsnuts Contributor
    I am having a difficult time with this sales this year. Just got my Solaris, should be getting it next week and I definitely want to find a good balanced cable for it and my Andromeda S but buying up a nice cable for these earphones is a shot in the dark.

    On one hand throwing out a bigger chunk of cash for a higher end cable seems to be the more logical way of getting a good match. Both these iems being very sensitive I have already found out at least with my Andromeda S that they can change sonically drastically with a cable change.

    However buying up said higher end cables is not too logical as I would rather get other iems vs spending so much on cables. For example I can get a nice supposedly higher end cable but it cost roughly the same as the new Wizzer phone. Lol

    Hmm what to do. I was telling myself after putting down a chunk o cash for the Solaris that. I was gonna live with the stock cable. Which actually costs $300 by the way on alo site. I am sure it is a nice high end cable but why they don't come in a choice of balanced is beyond me.

    So I am now in a funk with the sales. Don't know what to do.
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  14. Redcarmoose
    They are pretty darn good. No burn-in as of yet. But I was told they are selling out, I had a very small choice of colors.
  15. chinerino
    do the switches make significant changes? or just a little wee bit ?

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