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The discovery thread!

  1. Lurk650
    Also blanket statements like "best bang for buck" are ridiculous as well (saw it recently in here when discussing the DM6). I could say the DMG is the best bang for buck @ $140 or my RevoNext RX8 @ $25 is the best bang for buck. It means nothing since its all subjective. Now saying something such as "it's a great bang for buck" is completely different. Unless of course you have tried every single IEM ever produced then you can say "best bang for buck" :D
  2. Kitechaser
    Colloquial expressions are informal words, phrases or even slang in a piece of writing. Colloquial expressions tend to sneak in as writers, being part of a society, are influenced by the way people speak in that society. Naturally, they are bound to add colloquial expressions in their vocabulary.
    Petty..just petty. Not a good look.
    Any other words you wanna parse?
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2018
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  3. superuser1
    In all fairness he apologised.
    But asking Peter who he was ... I mean Peter from Norway :D
    That was just too much ... its Peter from Norway for crying out loud.
    I reckon we have had enough of this crap and should move on. The particular individual
    in question should go easy and all other members too.

    I mean here we are looking for what to buy on 11.11 and this is what one reads... Bah!
  4. Nabillion_786
    Thanks alot man for the info i was not aware of that. I'll probably have to chat with them through Ali to see there current situation. Are you aware of any other places that I can get a good deal for them?
  5. thejoker13
    You bring up a great point, so I wanted to just reiterate it. One person's OPINION should not be made out to be FACT. I've been seeing it more and more lately and it truly bothers me. Sound is so subjective and there are so many variables to how a particular person hears what they hear, that a single opinion shouldn't be taken out of context and not made out to be FACT. Nothing will substitute actually hearing something for yourself. Lists are somewhat pointless as well, unless you know the person's preference's to a T, and know exactly how they're rating or scoring each iem etc. Anyways, rant over. Please proceed with your regular scheduled programming, lol.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2018
  6. Dsnuts Contributor
    OK fellas lets keep it civil. Back on topic

    Tenhz P4 pro in the house!

    DSC06525.JPG Impressive package for a sub $100 phone. Love the premium looking case.
  7. B9Scrambler
    Yeah! Glad you got a set. They're a quality piece of kit.
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  8. Dsnuts Contributor
    Bass got some rumble. Lol. Can't say much out of the box but I like where the sound is going. Will give it some run in time before listening to them again. I skipped the stock cable. Went straight for one of my silver cables. Will give it some run before listening to them.

    Love the fit. Very comfy, shell size is roughly the same as my HK6.
  9. thejoker13
    Looks great man. I'm anxious to read your thoughts on them then.
  10. Dsnuts Contributor
    So I haven't heard these for over a week. The sound has definitely opened up. These have titanium drivers so. Regardless of if you believe in burn in or not. These have to have a burn in. [​IMG]

    To my surprise. These don't sound like the NuForce NE700m they are supposed to be knock offs from. Believe me I own the NE700m. These don't sound anything like them. However even more surprising, they sound like the Mee Audio P1. MD PX. Might actually have the better bass to boot. Very surprised by these. I wasn't all that impressed out of the box if you guys read my impressions on them when I first got them. They lack some depth but has a surprising amount of imaging and clarity. Way better than them Opera Factory Om1s. Your better off getting 3 pairs of these instead. Lol.

    Sound has definitely opened up and cleaned up. The sound is very good for $7.99 phone. Completely surprised at the SQ of these. These don't sound anything like a sub $10 phone to my ears. I have to listen to them more but I am gonna have to do a close comparison to my PX vs these. Will make some great gifts for the Holidays is all I am saying.

    Damn I haven't been this impressed with a sub $10 phone since the Philips SHE3590. Lol.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2018
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  11. drbluenewmexico
    Be sure to try a copper cable also DS i
    As bass response can get really impress ivr
  12. Dsnuts Contributor
    Will most definitely get the best out of the P4 pro. Right now I can't stop listening to these EZaudio D4. I knew the sound would get better after some burn in but never did I expect this sound from these. These actually have a better tuning than the NuForce NE700m. NE700m had a bit of a treble roll off but had some stout bass end to them. Maybe too much I have to whip those out for the review. These have a better balanced presentation. Surprisingly good treble detail and extension on both ends that don't suck. Imaging and clarity stands out. Female vocals sound superb on these similar to the PX. Stage is wider than the smaller shells would indicate.

    So when buying cables and earphones from the up coming 11/11 sales. You guys are gonna have to trust me on this one. Throw in one of these too. Your gonna be very surprised. And do not judge these on open listen. They will sound thin and cheap out of the box. However cheap is not how I would describe what I am hearing right now.
  13. peter123
    Really nice! My pair should arrive next week :)
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  14. hakuzen
    i've received them from massdrop today too. fast delivery using DHL Global Mail (tax free).

    have made a quick comparison with Audbos P4. using stock cable and their respective stock silicone tips. rockboxed xduoo x20 single end. listening mostly to The Brand New Heavies (funk, acid jazz).

    the box, cable, and foam tips are the same. the silicone tips are different. i prefer audbos silicone tips (wider bore, and shorter); tenhz tips are easy to find in chi-shops.
    the resine shell of tenhz is smaller than plastic audbos'. fit is perfect for my ears in both cases, but tenhz protrudes less (its flat outer face looks suitable even for side laying). this is an improvement.
    drivers are the same (you get the same warm, i mean thick, sound, and mids in your face), but tuning is slightly different. guess crossover has changed (because i don't think that all differences of sound may respond to their different shell material, or to nozzle length).
    tenhz have a bit less bass quantity, and i think a bit more upper-mids quantity. the result is more balanced, less dark than audbos, which bass was a bit loose in some tracks. to me, this is a sound improvement.
    when comparing audbos p4 to toneking t4, i said that found audbos thickness + mid-bass fatiguing, even a bit cavernous, and appreciated t4 crystal clarity.
    tenhz thickness is now acceptable, because overall tonal signature is less dark, more airy, and there is not cavern effect. more realistic, natural.
    sub-bass and highs are ok, but not remarkable.
    so tenhz p4 pro is clearly an improvement over audbos p4. with minimal changes, they have changed exactly what p4 needed to sound more balanced and natural. it's an small difference, but essential. well done.
    now i'm listening to them balanced with pure silver cable (2 hours in a row). sure it's placebo, but i'm enjoying them even more than single end stock cable. the wider soundstage might help to create a better separation and imaging illusion.
  15. geagle
    Unfortunately not... all the others seem to have prices which are roughly similar. I think your best bet is going with Penon if you want them fast, or wait until the 11.11 deals are in (for most you should already be able to actually see the prices) and choose the best combo of store reliability and prices. Penon is an excellent source, but it does not really do discounts for 11.11 etc.
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