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The discovery thread!

  1. Dsnuts Contributor
    So I have been eyeing these. I have to admit I am curious about these Whizzers Kylin A-HE03

    These look slick. A bit of a heads up. Any of you guys want to try these out. They are $10 cheaper on Amazon. Looks like Whizzer is selling these directly on Amazon.

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  2. phthora
    Those really make me want to listen to Weezer and watch Wonder Woman for some reason...
  3. Kenneth Galang
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  4. Lurk650
  5. SilverEars
  6. SilverEars
    Are the dense foam tips generally called sponge?
  7. Dsnuts Contributor
    So I just got home. Threw on my TenHz P4 pro in my ears. I actually changed back to the stock cable just to get a good idea what the intended sound is.

    Changed back to my silver cable. I am gonna tell you guys if you want to maximize your P4 pro. Get yourself a cheaper pure silver cable on sale soon. I get a wider stage with better definition. As they are I didn't know what to make of the wide stage on these but these in fact have a nice wide stage. Something I wasn't expecting.

    Listening to them now. These are most definitely enjoyable for the little we paid for them. Again another example of the gains chi fi has been making lately in audio.
    It astounds me we can get this type of sound for the money now a days. I have a Nuforce HEM8 that these are comparable to but those were $400. Lol. Unreal.
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2018
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  8. Lurk650
    Ahh ok, custom fit. I'm gonna say no but who knows.

    Yeah, pretty sure I've seen people call them sponge tips.
  9. Zerohour88
  10. thefallenangelx
    I am having trouble in fitting the DM6 (beside being very huge in shells), looks like fit in not tight on my ears and bass is recessed and high forward and isolation not very good.
    I tried included foam eartips and Symbio W eartips.

    Instead Oriolus Finschi fit is perfect, with Symbio W.

    Any help would be appreciated.
  11. autosleeper
    I’m kinda having the opposite problem! I get a good seal but if anything the bass (or maybe I mean the warmth) is a little much. I think i was hoping for something a little more analytical and cool.
  12. thefallenangelx
    ahah, yes. I am actually believing on my ears the Finschi are warmer than the DM6, which feels cool and too much analytical, poor musicality. Hope to test them better.
    DAPed though a Shanling M0, FLAC files.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2018
  13. autosleeper
    I should add that I’m listening through a ZX300 which is a warm source I spose.
  14. mathi8vadhanan
    You will have to go one size smaller with these semi-customs for a deeper tighter fit. If you're normally 'M' try the 'S'.
  15. thefallenangelx
    I'll try that later.
    On my Oriolus Finschi (they have not such deep insertion as the DM6) i am using Symbio L fitting perfectly. I'll try the Symbio M size then on these!

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