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The Deals Thread (CLOSED! See the last post for the link to the new thread)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by wyldrage, Aug 6, 2010.
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  1. eatsleeplim
    Just received the AD900 from buydig. Took some time as it had to be delivered through 3rd party as I don't live in USA.
    My 1st order of 2 pairs were cancelled (with the same reason - pricing mistake); My 2nd order for 3 pairs went through (the other 2 pairs will go to my lucky friends)... I haven't left any feedback on their ebay page though.[​IMG]

  2. thinh4u2
    Wow so lame...never got my 10% off, and now the HD 650 is back up to $495. i hate you amazon -_-
  3. Spiderman
    Lol that amazon pricing the price was $410 an hour ago then it shot up $85 dollars.
  4. thegunner100
    Thanks for this deal! I managed to get myself the last pair of beyerdynamic t70 for $303 shipped! For other people, the t70p is still available for $320, dt880/600 for $224, dt990/600 for $223.20.
    Crazy prices!
  5. parasitius
    Almost nabbed AKG K550's on Amazon at $270, when I had a sneaking suspicion I might get better luck and used google shopping to find:
    10 pairs of AKG K550s at $239 on eBay.   
    Well there are only 9 left now :) I hope it is a good price, but I've not been tracking AKG. I only decided to try this because last week I finally started getting complaints at work about all my open collection (HD650 & Byer DT 990s) and started hitting the threads for best of the best sealed stuff. (Will be comparing these to Byerdynamic DT1350 that I have on right now)
  6. Carlsan
  7. dxanex

    I got mine used for $190, so $239 isn't bad for NIB. Congrats, you'll enjoy it! [​IMG]
    I see they went quick, too!
  8. DemonFox
    Trust me, the sound is worse. Just awful awful sound. Brutal mids that drown out everything, weak bass and painful highs make for one of the worst headphones I've ever owned. Needless to say I sent them back very quickly. Now when I bought them I was still very green so I jumped when I saw them at $349?!?!? Bad bad! $155 is ok... But still, I couldnt recommend those headphones if someone had a gun to my head...
    A bit dramatic I know, but they really are that bad.
    Sony XBA-1 still on clearance in Best Buy (NJ) for $36.99
    Great pair of IEMs when paired with the walkman!
  10. parasitius
    Thanks man :) Now the only problem is anticipating the delivery for a loooooooooot longer than Amazon prime would have taken heh. (Prime is the worst thing ever, made me so much more impulsive and impatient!)
  11. cubusmybro

    Music Direct HD650 new shipped $399. Idk why no one talks about it.
  12. thinh4u2
    Because amazon also has $50 GC, so it was $410 + 50GC = $360, no tax, 1 day shipping and super lenient return policy. I was just being extra hopeful and wanted the 10% off...making it 
    $410 - 41 = 369 - 50GC value = $319. totally doable. I really want another D2000 for $200ish, but i'd def do the HD650 for $320 lol
  13. gopanthersgo1
    Just scored a pair of uptowns for $50 at Marshall's!
  14. willmax

    That's very lucky, you should take the prize for deal of the year :wink:

    At the same time so random the way BuyDig operate.
  15. kstuart
    And with the returning of Sennheiser headphones on Amazon to full list price ($495 for HD650, $249 for HD598), I hereby declare the Deal Season to be over, and welcome the Buyers Desperate for Christmas Gifts Full Price Plus Huge Overnight Shipping Costs Season. [​IMG]
    And we await the Post Christmas "Didnt Want These" Used Buying Season.
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