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The Deals Thread (CLOSED! See the last post for the link to the new thread)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by wyldrage, Aug 6, 2010.
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  1. WyldRage
    *NOTE* I have not updated this list since August, but I am keeping it as an handy tool to compare prices. Deals are now posted as replies when they are found, so look at the end of this thread for the latest deals.
    Since there were several requests for this, I am starting a thread for current deals on headphones. I will be updating this daily if possible, just post here and I will make changes to the first post. I do not believe this is against forum rules, but I will erase this thread if the moderators consider it such. I will not include IEMs, since they are simply too many for me to track.
    I will give the links for the seller at the bottom, since it will be faster for me. Prices are in US dollars, and do not include shipping.
    Headphones by manufacturer

    K 81 DJ                                   $55       @ B&H or Adorama
    K 141 mk II/K 142 HD              $130     @ B&H
    K 171 mk II/K 172 HD              $135     @ J&R
    K 181 DJ                                 $129     @ TTVJ
    K 240 mk II/K 242 HD              $130     @ Amazon (sold by Adorama) or $129 US only
    K 271 mk II/K 272 HD              $141     @ Amazon (sold by Adorama)
    K 601                                      $149     @ TTVJ
    K 701                                      $249     @ B&H or Adorama
    K 702                                      $249     @ B&H
    ATH-M50/M50s                      $99       @ Amazon (via Ace Photo Digital)
    ATH-ESW9/ESW9A                $199     @ Beach Camera
    ATH-AD700                            $80       @ Beach Camera
    ATH-A700                              $110     @ Beach Camera
    ATH-W5000                           $730     @ Adorama
    DT-770/32                            $185     @ B&H
    DT-770/250                          $195     @ Amazon (sold by Best Seller 21) or $185 US only
    DT-770/600                          $185     @ B&H
    DT-880/32                            $255     @ Amazon (sold by Best Seller 21)
    DT-880/250                          $245     @ Amazon (sold by Best Seller 21)
    DT-880/600                          $250     @ B&H or Amazon (US only)
    DT-990/32                            $249     @ Amazon (sold by RecordingStore) US Only
    DT-990/250                          $199     @ B&H or Amazon (US only)
    DT-990/600                          $250     @ B&H or $230 by Amazon (US only)
    Tesla T1                               $1,295  @ everywhere
    T50p                                     $299     @ everywhere
    AH-D1001                             $129     @ HeadRoom
    AH-D2000                             $284     @ Amazon (intl sold by Z Electria)
    AH-D5000                             $419     @ Amazon (sold by Z Electria)
    AH-D7000                             $693     @ Amazon (sold by Electronica Direct)
    T50RP                                  $74       @ B&H
    Grado (no deals)
    HE-5                                      $429      @ Headroom
    HD 25-1-II                              $180      @ Adorama
    HD 595                                  $179      @ Adorama
    HD 600                                  $320      @ Amazon (sold by Pavilion Electronics, US only)
    HD 650                                  $429      @ Amazon (sold by RecordingStore, US only)
    HD 800
    SRH750 DJ
    SRH840                                 $Call      @ HeadRoom
    HFI-580                                  $148      @ B&H
    HFI-680                                  $195      @ Amazon (sold by Beach Camera)
    HFI-780                                  $174      @ Amazon (sold by Best Seller 21)
    Pro 550                                  $150      @ Amazon (sold by Best Seller 21)
    Pro 750                                  $299      @ Beach Camera or $290 @ Amazon (sold by Best Seller 21)
    Pro 900                                  $423      @ Amazon (sold by Best Seller 21)
    Pro 2900
    Active coupons

    Links to stores checked

    When you find a deal, post it in this thread and I will add it to the list.
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  2. varsitypride3
  3. WyldRage
    Are Ace Photo Digital legit? It's the big danger with amazon: it's a middleman between you and the true seller.
  4. Farnsworth
    You should check amazon. 
    A lot of those headphones can be had for lees there.
  5. varsitypride3
  6. WyldRage


    Right, but most don't ship international.
  7. WyldRage
    I'll add amazon soon, I just won't have the time today.
  8. WyldRage
    Ok, I lied, I just added amazon.
  9. funniecow
    wrong section

  10. hudamanium
    Great list. Gonna keep this tabbed. Thanks OP! 
  11. Argyris Contributor
    Great idea! I was going to do something like this yesterday, but my planned post was nowhere near as detailed as yours. I was just going to have people post links. Your way is a lot more logical, and this thread should be very helpful as a reference for newcomers.
  12. Eric_C
  13. xtasi
    I believe pricing on the AKG k240 MKII is wrong.
  14. Eric_C


    Which one? The one I linked to, or the one WyldRage listed in the first post?
  15. DjAmTraX
    What's up with Grado, no deals at all?  I've been eyeing a GS1000i.
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