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The Deals Thread (CLOSED! See the last post for the link to the new thread)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by wyldrage, Aug 6, 2010.
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  1. shnitz
    You should add the AKG K240  (NON-mkII)
    $99, for those that don't mind having only 1 cable and set of earpads
  2. xtasi
    The AKG K240 MKII is not hte same as the K240S.  They are the same headphones, yes, but they are packaged and sold at different prices.  K240s for $99 on amazon is pretty standard.  $130 for MKII is ridiculously cheap, they usually retail for $180ish.  btw, neither adorama nor amazon sell the MKII at $130.
  3. shnitz


    I know that.  That's why I made sure to mention that this isn't the MKII, and that it comes packaged differently (i.e. without extra earpads or cables).  Still, over 20% less for the same sound may be worth it to some, especially if they are just going to get some other earpads and make their own cable, or if they want to buy them for some sort of wacky mod.  Or, some may prefer the classic K240 look.  To each their own, but you might as well give them the choice, and show them the options.
  4. WyldRage
    Wow, I thought the thread was dead and buried, and the deals may well be: I have not kept them updated due to the lack of interest. $99 seems to be the normal price for the AKG k240, so I won't be ading it. However, the HifiMan HE-5 is on sale at headroom for $429, lower than the new, step-down model HE-4, so I'll ad that one.
  5. GeorgeGoodman
    Respected Ebay sellers who sell good products and have great feedback often have headphones the cheapest I ever see them. The Ultrasone Pro 900s sell for $320 from a respected seller that head-fiers have done business before. He opens the box to check the contents, so technically it is open box, though never used. Most of the deals on the chart are even better on ebay if you stay with the respected sellers.
  6. xXFallenAngelXx
    Thnx for doing this..though next week its gonna be tough to keep up with black friday coming up and all..not to mention amazon's all week deals
  7. Argyris Contributor


    Grado has strict terms with all its sellers that they stick to specific prices for each model. Shure is much the same way, except that it seems they allow retailers to sell the product for less but that the discount not be displayed and that consumers must ask to get the best price.
  8. keynii
    I have been lurking for some time looking for a pair of headphones to buy and I found this deal that I felt the need to post.
    Sennheiser HD25-1 II Addias model for $165.00 go to http://www.electronics-expo.com/make-a-store/item/SENHD25/Sennheiser/HD25/1.html and enter LSDA1116 and you will get $114 off.
    Another coupon available is DEALSOFAMERICA and you will get 40% off. I don't know how reliable this website is but Sennheiser lists them as an authorized deal.
  9. tzhuge
    I really wish I could tell if this is legit or not...
    Sony MDR-SA5000 for $232.72 (and there's coupon codes that work in addition to that)
    I sort of suspect they might have it mistaken for mdrsa3000, except they sell those as well. Even their listed original price is well below prices elsewhere... [​IMG]
  10. howie75


    I didn't notice any major red flags for the seller on resellerratings.com.(87% rating)
    I also found a 10% off coupon code -cabin10.
    So, after the $10.95 shipping and handling fee, the total came out to $220.
    From looking at their listings of the 3000, it does not seem to be another "pricing error".
    But I guess I'll find out for sure in the next day or two.
    This kinda throws me off my little roadmap of purchasing my first Senn 600/650, which I've been dying to
    try for years. Not to mention,
    I need to decide and purchase my first desktop amp real soon.(right now it's a toss up between Asgard and Matrix M-stage)
    -support local CA, USA startup company  and excellent customer service vs slight edge in versatility and sound quality-
    but that's an issue for a different category and has been discussed quite a bit already.
    Back to lurking.
  11. Soundearphones.com has a current black friday coupoun, 20% off sennheiser and monster, "20BF"
  12. dj nellie
    Great thread.  Here are some deals I know about:
    25% off all Ultrasones and other headphones at rmcaudiodirect.com with coupon "PHONES".  They're listed as authorized on Ultrasone's website.  I wish I knew about that deal when I ordered my Ed. 8s :frowning2:
    onecall.com has the Denon D2000 for $224, and they're authorized.
  13. BoyNamedSue
    Subscribed. This is quite a helpful service if the thread is allowed to continue. In addition to list prices, I recommend folks to look for hidden deals like calling stores and asking for lowest price quotes. For example, I recently called J&R and got a deal on the Denon d7000s for only $550.
  14. Rainbow Randy
    Sennheiser HD202 is $414.99 on Amazon. Is that pretty good?
    And HD201 is $16.44.
  15. psone

         Fixed! [​IMG]
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