1. dezzadk

    Closed basshead headphone suggestions? <$1000

    Hi guys. I am looking to replace my Ultrasone Pro 900 which have served me well, but now does not impress me the same way they used to. I have a Leckerton Audio UHA6S.MKII to go with it. Max $1000, but a great deal is a great deal and I don't wanna spend 4x the money on a small difference...
  2. FullBright1

    Ultrasone Edition 11 LTD - mini review

    Updated : 4-10-2021 -- -- Lets do the dance. : Box : Unitarian, devoid of flash, gets the job done. Stand: Its nice and its included. Headphone Build Quality : The Edition 11 LTD is handmade in Germany, and feels special. Sort of a understated sexy wooden elegance for you to behold...
  3. Audio46

    Ultrasone SPRING HOLIDAY SALE at Audio46

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  4. Audio46

    NEW: Ultrasone, Effect Audio, and More

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of all the brands we carry We've got the limited edition Ultrasone Edition 15 Veritas as well as... Effect Audio AKA Balance Adapter for Astell & Kern CODE 51 Grandioso Virtuoso Maestro (See Effect Audio Collection for everything) TOPPING D90 DX7s E30 NX4...
  5. G

    Should I re-cable my HiFi 780s?

    Hey, all! About ten years ago I sent off my HiFi 780s to have the cable shortened. I was in college at the time, and I was sick of stuffing the ~7,000 ft factory cable in my jeans every time I wanted to take my headphones for a walk around campus. I got the cable lopped off to a more manageable...
  6. Ultrasone Edition 11

    Ultrasone Edition 11

    Our portfolio has been enriched by the new Edition eleven, a set of dynamic hi-fi headphones with an open construction. These headphones are meticulously handcrafted at our production facility at Gut Raucherberg near Lake Starnberg. Thanks to their open, circumaural design, they deliver an airy...
  7. Ultrasone 580i review

    Ultrasone 580i review

    S-Logic plus Technology Frequency range: 10 - 20.000 Hz Driver/driver size: Mylar, 50 mm Spl: 101 dB/Impedance: 32 Ohm
  8. Dorpa

    (RESOLVED!) No problems with Ultrasone's customer service.

    EDIT - This situation has now been resolved. Ultrasone have now sent out a new replacement pair of Pro 900i headphones. They were very apologetic and quick to post them out with tracking. I've been having trouble with Ultrasone's customer service and noticed some similar posts on here where...
  9. Audio46

    CanJam NYC 2020 Sale Week at Audio46

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of every brand listed below. Find the best deals from Audio46 all this week leading up to and including CanJam NYC 2020 (Feb 15-16). Discover the exact discounts by visiting us in-store or our table at CanJam NYC. We can make exceptions for private online...
  10. 5

    Wired Over-Ear headphones recommendation



    ADAM AUDIO STUDIO PRO SP-5 HEADPHONES The ADAM SP-5’s transducers contain a 40 mm gold plated diaphragm allowing a wide frequency response from 8 Hz to 38 kHz, excellent transient response, and low distortion. Reproducing sound with pristine resolution across the entire bandwidth, the...
  12. Arthur Li

    Does Ultrasone Go actually got that "S-Logic" sound?

    Saw a new old stock pair going for around 65 pounds. Tempted to buy it - I've been curious about that "S-Logic" voodoo since long time ago. Buying that pair also seems to be the least costly way to own a "S-Logic" equipped pair of cans. My hesitation upon pulling the trigger comes from the form...
  13. V

    New headphones under 200$

    Hi guys, I'm new here so hello :) I'm from Poland so English is not my native language - I'm sorry for any silly mistakes and whatnot. And a wall of text obviously : ). Anyways, let's get right to the point my old headphones, that is Superlux HD-681, died a while ago and I'm kind of in the need...
  14. zcraber

    Ultrasone - PRO 480i vs Ultrasone - HFI 580

    Hello, Newbie here. Can I get a comparison between Ultrasone - PRO 480i and Ultrasone - HFI 580? Which would be the best choice for watching movies?
  15. Krellefdenmark

    Powerful amp for low impedance headphones

    Hello. So I am currently using the Ultrasone Pro 2900 driven by an Aune X1s. Yesterday, I noticed that the 2900's sounded somewhat veiled when being used below a certain volume - though not to the point that the volume was too low for that to be the issue. I asked the guy I bought them...
  16. Ultrasone Tio

    Ultrasone Tio

    Item description from official site: A phenomenal concert room compressed into a few centimetres. Audio lovers from all around the world have asked that unique ULTRASONE quality be brought to the smallest of spaces as well, allowing them to enjoy exceptional music reproduction even more...
  17. Ultrasone Pyco

    Ultrasone Pyco

    Item description from Official site: Tiny but mighty! Fitted with one of the smallest dynamic transducers in the market as well as with vital power-transfer, the Pyco can be taken anywhere. It’s not all about size – it’s about power and sound quality too. You can also be sure of Ultrasone’s...
  18. C

    Upcoming Ultrasone edition 11 and pro 1480i

    Credit: h工口神 from tieba.baidu.com
  19. pokepim

    Upgrade from Ultrasone Pro 900

    Hi after around 6 years of use i finally decided to upgrade from my Ultrasone Pro 900. Im quite the bass head, I use them with JDS Labs C5 and to me they sound extremely great. I kind of dont want to upgrade them that badly but I guess I want something that is also potent with bass like Pro 900...
  20. blakey72

    Ultrasone Signature Studio vs Signature DXP?

    I'm looking at pulling the plug on either of these headphones. I've tried to find comparisons but not much around. I'll be running them off a Burson Soloist SL Mk2. I want them to be comfortable for long listening periods, Slightly laid back (not bright) but detailed. I'm not a basshead so just...
  21. Kdubbs82

    Ultrasone Pro 900i

    can anybody give me the skinny on these cans? Width Imaging Sound & detail Anybody have a pair of these they’re willing to let me rent to try them out? I’m waiting for the price to drop but they’re holding at $550. Thanks!
  22. Giraku

    New Ultrasone Edition 15

    I found this image on Fujiyama-Avic special website for Headphone Festival Fall 2017. Is anyone know the details of these cans?
  23. [No title]

    [No title]

    ULTRASONE Signature Pro & Signature DJ
  24. [No title]

    [No title]

    ULTRASONE Signature DJ & Signature Pro
  25. [No title]

    [No title]

    ULTRASONE Signature Pro & Signature DJ