1. rk12

    Need assistance with buying my next headphones.

    Hello everybody, this is my first message, but I know this is the place when it comes to headphones. My old affordable Equation RP21 is close to end it's life so I need new headphones. The budget 200$, new only. Requirments: Excellent built quality, I not planning to replace them...
  2. pichu

    Ultrasone S Logic Technology Songs

    So with the ultrasone S logic technology, you can get a veru nice 3d sound out of them? Do you know any songs that sound awesome with this feature? One I know of is Element1 - Piano vs Bass . What are some songs that you think sound awesome with surround sound headphones? Espicially Ultrasone...
  3. Gibbonatorr

    Looking for new headphones, need help finding good ones for my music

    I'm looking into buying new headphones, but i know almost nothing about them, and i want to know what headphones i should by that would sound best with my style of music. I really only listen to Post-Hardcore and Emo, so if anyone has any suggestions within my budget of about $200, it would be...
  4. Nooks

    Gel Pad Mod for ATH-M50

    Hello head-fiers! This is my first thread ever here, so nice to meet you guys     I always take my M50 anywhere on the go, being able to carry decent sound on the go was a big plus for me.  However, I was not satisfied by its sound isolation.   Now I don't know whether I should be...
  5. LuciferRising

    Shure SRH 940 - one of the best closed?

    Are Shure SRH940 the best closed headphones for that price range?
  6. Sorensiim

    Comfort mod: HD650 headband padding on the Pro 900

    My only problem with the Ultrasone Pro 900 is that like every other Ultrasone can I've tried, they tend to hurt the top of my skull after about an hour or two because the measly little pad on the headband manages to somehow rest the entire weight of the headphones right on the dome of the skull...
  7. 7Virtues

    IEMs for movies?

    I currently own vsonics, sunrise IE, and nuforce ne6.   Curious if I spent the same money on headphones, would I get a better sound for movies than using any of those?
  8. Harinda

    Dealers in the area -- Mclean, VA

    Hi there, This is my first post on Headfi. My brother just got a pair of HD650's and is in the process of burning them in. I was a bit surprised to hear the "tinny" sound of the headphones after all the reviews I have heard about the bassy-ness of these cans. Does the break in period really...
  9. astroid

    Look what i got! only 500 in the world!

      nice , well for a box...     sweet !     Ok , basically Pro 650's, must have been using up the remainder of the stock from when they discontinued them. 500 made only and only available in Germany. The best part is the cost , £130 delivered to UK, thats around £50...
  10. einUsername

    Which Sennheiser headphones should i buy?

    Hi, i saw these two headphones on the Sennheiser homepage for 200 and 300 but somehow the ebay price seems to be totally different. Both are sold for approx. 120! I dont really know what the specs on the Sennheiser page mean.. could anyone tell me if they just put the wrong price tag on the...
  11. Fangmasterflex

    Street headphone suggestions under $150?

    Hello all,   My brother in law is currently looking for some headphones for his daily commute around the train system in NYC.  I've been out of the headphone game for a while, and the new amount of choices are really staggering.  He brought up the beats, but after reading threads around here...
  12. Hevan

    Bought HD598, was dissapointed BUT... (updated impression after 5-10h~ish of use)

    Hey everyone,   I just bought a Sennheiser HD 598 headphone, coming from a Steelseries Siberia. I have a sound card Club 3D Theatron Agrippa (exactly same as Auzentech X-Plosion).   I expected this headset to be very good, but instead, it doesn't sound any better then my siberia :S...
  13. nicholars

    Which Ultrasone model < £250 has the Best bass, and smoothest treble?

    Ok so I have decided to try out some ultrasones and there are a lot of different ones....   The sound signature I want is :   Loads of well defined deep bass (more is better :D)   LEAST sibilant / harsh treble <<< This is important because I seem to get easily fatigued by treble...
  14. azerot

    Searching for Headphones between 70$ and 210$

    i m searching for a nice pair of headphones that sound good when you play metal, classic music and techno. i can pay between 70$ and 210$. I prefer AKG. Can the experts help me?
  15. d_headshot

    Why don't more headphones have replaceable cables?

    I've only seen a few models where the cable is replaceable and even has different cables for different applications(angled jack for portable, coiled, longer straight, etc.). Why don't more manufacturers implement this into their designs?
  16. astroid

    got my first ultrasone coming tomorrow....

    What can i expect? Its a well burnt in HFI2200, i have HD600, ZX700 and TDK, WR700 (very impressed with Kleer audio!). Is S-Logic effective, or. Nonsense?
  17. MusicaMan

    Reference Discs

    Hi, thought these two links might be useful to people (maybe just newbies like me).   SoundStage! Reference Discs List http://www.soundstage.com/referencediscs/referencediscs.htm   Ultrasone Reference CD (download link) FLAC http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EP732YPC   Cheers
  18. FoxSpirit

    Least sibilant heaphone in the low-to-high mid-range?

    Hi headfiers   I am pondering getting new headphones but there is ONE thing that kills listening for me hard: sibilance. I belong to those people where, listening to a sibilant device, my ears are sensitive for hours to an end. So it's a no go.   But man, do many headphones have this...
  19. skiam

    What portable amp would be the best for Sony MDR z1000 and Ultrasone Pro 900?

    Hi What portable amp would be the best for Sony MDR z1000 and Ultrasone Pro 900? Suggest 2 for me! One under $150 and one under $300.     Thanks    
  20. roma101

    Ultrasone HFI-700 *UPDATE 8/1/11*

    So I recently came across an awesome deal for HFI-700's from someone in the area. Should I go for it or are headphones like the HFI-580's/680's major improvements?   What I'm looking for is: good hard-hitting bass, good mids (don't want recessed mids), good non-fatiguing highs. Basically an...
  21. fknerichere

    Headphone Recommendation for $200 budget please anyone!

    Hi guys,   I'm on the search for headphones that will give me good comfort a nice all round sound quality but also some nice bass. I am also a gamer and so wouldn't mind if the headphones included some surround sound effect. Also I wouldn't mind if it came with a microphone but if need be...
  22. BassinURface

    Itching 2 Upgrade ! [m50]

    When I got my First set of nice Cans a year ago [the m50's] they really sounded like magic. But I really want to experiment here and I'm really looking to upgrade the arsenal and the problem is i'm not sure which way I want to go.   I do most of my serious listening at home but sometimes , I...
  23. Senpai3330

    Blu-Tack vs Dynamat?

    I've heard of both being used as dampening material. I have a hard time believing there isn't a clear winner between the two simply because of the huge differences (putty vs sheets). Anyone care to speak a little on the subject?
  24. derycksan

    Turtle Beach Parts?

    It looks like the Turtle Beach z6a uses an OEM of Ultrasone's headband, got me to thinking that perhaps a headband swap would make the HFi's more comfortable.  Anyone know of a distributor forTurtle Beach parts? 
  25. Xaviax

    Not sure whether I should spend $100 or $200 in headphones.

    The 2 I'm looking at right now are the ATH-A700s and the ATH-A900s. In general though how much better would $200 headphones be than $100 ones? Is the sound quality "twice" as good or does it not scale that well? The most expensive sound card I'd probably be plugging into it is an ASUS Xonar DG...