Does Ultrasone Go actually got that "S-Logic" sound?
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Arthur Li

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Oct 17, 2016
Saw a new old stock pair going for around 65 pounds. Tempted to buy it - I've been curious about that "S-Logic" voodoo since long time ago. Buying that pair also seems to be the least costly way to own a "S-Logic" equipped pair of cans. My hesitation upon pulling the trigger comes from the form factor of that headphone - it's an on-ear. From what I understand, "S-Logic" works by positioning the drivers at the peripheral area of the driver front baffle, rather than at the center, so the drivers do not fire directly towards ear canals but targeting certain parts of the ear lobes. In this way, sound-waves were manipulated to bounce around for a while, then finally enter ear canals. Ultrasone claims it lead to an immersive listening experience similar to auditioning a surround sound system. To be honest, "S-Logic"'s working principle sounds super dodgy to me, I want to remain open-minded about it though. OK, back to my concern. It seems to me that "S-Logic" is simply in-compatible with on-ear design. The driver front baffles is so tiny that it barely covers the drivers, so fiddling with drivers' positions is no-go. More importantly, ear-pads of an on-ear headphone rest on the ear lobes to create a seal, then how does Ultrasone manipulate the directions of sound-waves reflection from the very first place. Lastly, the empty space between listeners' ears and driver front baffles is extremely small in on-ear designs - my intuition suggest that sound-waves are just gonna enter your ear-holes immediately after they are generated by transducers' movements.

I am not suggesting that Ultrasone are full of schiit about their Go on-ear model as well as its blue-tooth version. I am simply confused and feeling insecure about buying a product that makes completely no sense to me. Could someone with experience using either wired/BT version of Go tell me your listening impressions - does it actually sounds much more spacious & three dimensional than other on-ear models? Thanks.

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