(RESOLVED!) No problems with Ultrasone's customer service.
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Sep 6, 2010
EDIT - This situation has now been resolved. Ultrasone have now sent out a new replacement pair of Pro 900i headphones. They were very apologetic and quick to post them out with tracking.

I've been having trouble with Ultrasone's customer service and noticed some similar posts on here where some were able to resolve the issues, so I thought I'd make my own.

My Ultrasone Pro 900's had a loose connection somewhere causing the left side to cut out and not work. If it did work, it would sound very crackly in the left side and cut out again. I emailed Ultrasone in Germany and told them in depth about the issue. I also let them know I had tested on multiple audio devices so it was definitely a fault with the headphones and I was fairly certain it wasn't the cable. They asked me to send them in so I posted them to Germany from the UK. Once they received them they emailed and told me they would update me when they had been inspected/repaired. After waiting nearly 3 months, they finally got back to me and said 'they we're unable to reproduce the issue' and asked me if I had screwed the detachable cable in correctly (seriously?!), and before I could even ask them to double check, they emailed saying they had sent my 'repaired headphones' back to me with a new cable.

Once I got them back, I took them out the case and plugged them in and immediately had the exact same issue right out of the box. I was pretty frustrated at this point as they can't have 'inspected' my device very much over the almost 3 months they had them if I was having the same issue as soon as I used them. I emailed them again to let them know they were still faulty, and they asked me to send them back in, so I did, and asked them to let me know when they received them.

Weeks later, I'd heard nothing, so I followed up and emailed asking if they had received the headphones yet. They replied that they hadn't, so I replied back that I was concerned as I had posted them a while back and they should have received them by now, and they haven't replied.

So now it seems my headphones have disappeared, and Ultrasone's customer service are being blunt and generally really don't seem to care.

Does anyone have any advice? I saw someone suggest contacting Ultrasone's headquarters in Germany in another post. Does anyone have any contact info I should try etc? Any advice is appreciated.

- Elliott
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