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The Deals Thread (CLOSED! See the last post for the link to the new thread)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by wyldrage, Aug 6, 2010.
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  1. thinh4u2
    Oh man, if only i could get this code....would be nice to use it along with the Senn HD 650 + 50GC.  The $410 + 50GC is the lowest this has been, am I correct?  Wonder if it would be a good present for my father lol.
  2. mitch_o
    Apparently Amazon customer service reps are saying they're still sending out emails, so it may still come. And of course you can try hopping on the list of people requesting codes over on slickdeals; someone was kind enough to give me theirs. 
  3. soundisee
    Is it safe to buy from new sellers with no ratings yet on Amazon? I found KRK KNS 8400's for $99 but maybe it's worth going for a featured seller with positive feedback for $140 instead?
  4. thinh4u2
    even then its kinda troublesome, its practically like ebay. IMO, best way is to buy straight from amazon or fulfilled by amazon
  5. viralcow
    Refurbished Klipsch M40 - $155 shipped.
    Probably still a bad deal... but who knows, these might make great christmas gifts.
  6. Spiderman
    ugghh that design.
  7. LordSnail123
    Same, thanks for the amazing deal Audius!
  8. jjmai
    I thought that's a very sexy design.  But other say it's butt ugly.  To each's own.
    I demo'ed it briefly and thought its noise-canceling was a bit weak.  Can't say much about the sound, didn't have anything playing.
  9. rrwatch
    Sennheiser HD598 for $ 219.95  at Amazon.com free shipping and comes with $ 30 Amazon gift card. All time low price at Amazon was $210 so this is a decent deal.
  10. nick n
    just checked an email from  https://www.koss.com
    30% off KOSSfree shipping ( 3 days only it seems )
    Use discount code KHP30
    what the heck I applied it and it dropped the ProDJ 100 down to $32 !
    ProDJ 200 down to $52 
    heck that's more than 30%...[​IMG]
    uhhhh the ESP950 OMG.  $400 !!!!!!! ahhh must be a goof when i went to check out for good it jumped back up to $699. Damn.  MAybe it is only that price in the US?  Let us know.
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  11. KG Jag
    T1 through Amazon as low as $899.
  12. Audius
  13. Audius
    Hifiman RE-0 IEMS are back in stock @ $50 on clearance sale @ head direct http://head-direct.com/Products/?act=detail&id=38
    Ultimate Ears 100 IEMS in color "jade guitar" $9.99 @ tigerdirect , shipping isn't free but only like $3.75, so I guess this puts them on par with amazon.com.
    newegg.com Sennheiser CX150 IEMS, $17 w/ free shipping, normally $30 @ amazon, $50 elsewhere.
    alright, I'm off to bed, got finals to do in 5 hours. No rest for the wicked, I guess ;P
  14. lpan
    I spotted this, it was a goof where they accidentally did 60% instead, and it seems they rectified it asap unfortunately! 
    Edit: It seems as if before checkout it displays the wrong price and discount, but upon checkout it changes to the intended. Probably a bug rather than an actual mistake I think.
  15. nick n
    they must have just fixed it as I was checking out.... could have been great. I'll grab an ESP950 sooner or later.[​IMG]
    Still...30% is worth mentioning
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