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The Deals Thread (CLOSED! See the last post for the link to the new thread)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by wyldrage, Aug 6, 2010.
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  1. kstuart
    By the way, the fact that Amazon still has ATH-M50S for $116 indicates that the demand for those fell off dramatically after a big peak, leaving Amazon with excessive inventory.
    And the widespread prevalance of HD650 deals makes me wonder whether Senn is finally doing the obvious - updating it (and so would need to clear out inventory on the old model).
  2. psych
    Mee Electronics have their random earphone promotion on again.
    You pay your price, and will get a random earphone from their range.
    M16, M6, M31 - $9.99 - Grand Prize A151
    M16 in-ear earphone in one of two colors (regular price: $19.99)
    M6 Sport in-ear earphone (regular price: $29.99)
    M31 in-ear earphone in one of four colors (regular price: $34.99)
    Grand Prize: A151 in-ear earphone (regular price: $74.99)*
    M16P, M6P, M31P - $11.99 - Grand Prize A161P
    M16P in-ear earphone with mic/remote in one of two colors (regular price: $24.99)
    M9P in-ear earphone with mic/remote (regular price: $29.99)
    M31P in-ear earphone with mic/remote (regular price: $39.99)
    Grand Prize: A161P Hi-Fi in-ear earphone with mic/remote (regular price: $99.99)*
    Use Coupon Code WOWMEE - ~75% off
    Use Coupon Code SHIPPING_COUPON - Free US Delivery or $2.95 off International Delivery, 
  3. DemonFox
    Thanks for this, I've never heard of this company before but I like what I see!! Some of the deals and bundles that they have are amazing!! T70p for $320 new plus free shipping or the DT990/32 $239 or $299 with a Fiio E7 is silly!! Best pricing I've seen all year on Beyers.
    Thanks again
  4. Barry S
    Sennheiser would have to be crazy to discontinue the HD650--and they're not crazy.  The HD650 is still a popular product and the updates are already out--the HD800 and HD700.  Sennheiser discounts to move product--when everyone opens their wallets in November/Dec, you don't want to be left out in the cold.
  5. kstuart
    It's still a popular product is exactly why it needs to be updated to match the technology in their newer products.
    If you passed arithmetic, you can see that HD800 and HD700 are not updates for HD600 - they are higher in the line.  HD650 is an update for HD600, but that was a long time ago.
    If the same marketing guys still work for Senn, it could be HD650II or if not then HD650A or HD650Plus (e.g. HRT) or even HD660.
    BTW, if you still don't believe me, just check list prices:
    HD700 - $1000
    HD650 - $500
    HD598 - $250
    So the 700 and 800 are not updates of the 650...
  6. dxanex

    I'll bite, but when I put in the free shipping code in, it still showed standard shipping was 2.95, even after it applied the discount? [​IMG] Whatever, maybe they'll adjust it after they charge my card...still not bad. Never heard of this company before, should be fun to get a random IEM to try for 10 bucks.
  7. Barry S

    I'm sure you're right, but we should have a small wager to make it interesting. If the HD650 is discontinued in January, I buy you a pair of the replacements, but if they're still around--you buy me a pair of those obsolete cans. :wink:
  8. elwappo99
    So just to clarify, you're basing this off the price of the HD650s dropping?
  9. thinh4u2
    Nice find, thanks! I bit on the w/mic deal for $12 with free shipping.  Would be amazing to get the A161...but i am not too wishful lol
  10. devhen
    LOL yeah he is. In some cases I think you can make guesses based on pricing but not here. Amazon has such a massive amount of stock and gets product from so many places and sells through so many 3rd party sellers that drawing any conclusions based on Amazon pricing is pretty silly. Especially when you look at the price history of the HD650-- its all over the place and has dropped this low many, many times over the years.
    EDIT: I guess he was referring to the many deals on the HD650 lately from multiple sellers, not just Amazon, but I still don't think its out of the ordinary or any reason to think Senn is discontinuing the HD650. Hell, they still haven't discontinued the HD600 and its many years older. :p
  11. LizardKing1
    No need to go down the line of assuming one's inability for math. Don't lots of people prefer the HD600 to the HD650, although it's technically a downgrade? And that can't all be just those cases where someone prefers a bass cannon to something really good. Also that linear logic doesn't apply to AKG (K181 is a full-size refined K518) or Beyerdynamic (DT770 is V-shaped, DT880 is neutral, DT990 is V-shaped, technically same line).
    I'm not trying to start a big debate on what constitues a simple upgrade or a higher-end line, but his assumption wasn't that dumb.
  12. kstuart
    Note that I never said "discontinued", I said "updated".
    If they do so, the HD650 will be available as long as there is inventory.  (And one reason for that is that certain people never bother to research new products if their existing product breaks, and they like the product.   In fact, Amazon continues to stock stuff like 10gb hard drives and PCI and ISA cards, simply because a segment of the population prefers buying the exact same thing.)
  13. devhen
    No they sell old computer equipment because they have remaining stock (mostly refurbished items and returns) and because selling said inventory is better than just throwing them away. No one's manufacturing things like 10GB hard drives anymore but there were so many manufactured originally that it takes a really long time for stock to be completely depleted worldwide.
  14. HamilcarBarca
    The combination of an insult ("passed arithmetic") and some model numbers do not form a logical basis for any conclusions.
  15. parasitius
    I hate my credit card company and I hope they burn in hell forever.
    I had T5p's in my cart at sonic, applied the coupon and everything, $739ish IIRC, *bam* credit card error. One hour later I straighten it out with the cc company and Sonicelectronic price skyrockets. Called and explained and best they can do is $900. *goes off to cry*
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