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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by wualta, Mar 27, 2005.
  1. WallofHooligans
    Hmm, interesting. I actually think putting anything in front of my t20v1 does more bad than good, even simple earpads that are lined with "acoustically neutral" cloth just ruin the highs for me. Strange though, I have more of a problem with the low mids than any of the treble. I'd guess it's around 2-5k that seems bloated to me. I'd have to do a sine sweep to check.
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  2. WallofHooligans
    Hmm, I've got an off topic question about electrostatics. If the transformer can be plugged into a wall outlet, and therefore will be biased by that input rather than the speaker taps from an amp, does that mean I could rig the speaker wire at the back of my transformer into a TRS plug and stick that sucker into my headphone amp? Would that work? Is there any danger to this? My headphone amp has its own volume pot, if that helps to clarify what my intent is.
  3. Feilong4
    Yeah, it's a bit sharp with the mods I've done on them. A thin cotton-like material on the front seems to smoothen things up top. I had a second opinion from a non-audiophile relative and he commented that the "bass is good, treble is ok, and miss are the worst thing about the headphones". It is somewhat distant sounding in the mids I guess. The pads are the Shure SRH1540 pads.
  4. nick n
    Are you talking about 2058 Cat5E cable?

    EDIT:" Well duh..." He is talking about the year not Cat5E... :p
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  5. Feilong4
    Anyone here picked up that NAD RP18 on the bay?
  6. Feilong4
    Received the T10's today which makes my old Fostex collection complete!

    The T10's sound pretty good. Sounds neutral while rolling off in the bass. Bass isn't as punchy as I'd like. Female vocals sound pretty natural with no sense of coloration. Treble seems to be well-behaved - not too bright nor too dull. However, they seem to be lacking a bit of air up top. Tonal balance reminds me a lot of the HD600.

    I've been talking to @GREQ for his thoughts on pad rolling specifically with Audio Technica earsuit headphone pads. I'll take one for the team and check those out.

    As for now, I'll be checking out my T20v1 once again as I'm noticing an imbalance where things seem to pan more so to the right. Thought I was crazy until one of my relatives pointed it out. I'm hoping it's just a cable or modding issue.

    1 - pgglxOW.jpg 2 - LAvY8xr.jpg 3 - GnYwmMD.jpg

    Fostex Collection.jpg
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  7. nick n
    ohhh nice work there. Coucou21.gif
    There is another T10 that has the same coloured badging as your T20 there ( more silver )
    I am not 1000% sure but I think the darker badged may sound a tad darker, the "lacking a bit of air up top" you mention.
    I have had 3 ( or 4 I forget ) and IIRC the Silver badged one here sounds like the top end is more present. I recall comparing since I had both at the same time.
    No idea if this is due to random batch variances or if it is sample to sample variation.
    Either way it is of a different production run due to badge differences.

    Also some had the "Aluminum Solder Only" decals inside , and some do not.
    I mentioned the Aluminum Solder thing before in here once or twice.
    It is not solder with aluminum content, it means aluminum compatible solder only :)

    I even double checked that at the local Professional/Industrial Electronics Supply Store I get stuff from the odd time.
    None of them had ever , ever, heard of Aluminum solder.

    That's all I have been able to figure out about the above.
    Would love to be a billion percent sure on the solder thing, rather than a thousand percent sure.
    but if ever working with that try and save the bead of original solder on the iron and re-use it.

    They're sure an awesome design hey.
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  8. Feilong4
    I did not know that. Very interesting! I'll keep an eye out.
  9. nick n
    That's within what I tried so no guarantees. Maybe someone else can confirm.
    So what's next series 2 so you can include the T40 :)
  10. leeperry
    And in the end T20v1 is your favorite or? To my ears 10 was an obvious crippled 20 and RP18 was too small for my big skull anyway. 30 is supposedly vastly uncomfy coz cups don't swivel at all.

    T20v1 really has a lot going for it, too bad the one I got here has those pesky "alu solder only" stickers dammit so I can't recable it, I used to have one that didn't have the stickers but out of the blue one driver died on me going supersoft overnight.
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  11. Feilong4
    I'd like to say the T50 is my favorite, but I sometimes find myself picking up the T30 up a lot more and not just because of less weight.

    So I'd say its a toss up between the T30 and T50.

    Edit: I had my non-audiophile relative do a comparison between the T30 and T50 and he preferred the T30 because he thought they had a better balance from bass to treble.

    Edit edit: ZMF Ori pads on T50 and Brainwavz hybrid pads on T30.
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  12. nick n
    was just noticing that the various Technics RP-DJ1200 pads may be a viable replacement for any of the low profile T30/T20v1 .
    They do all have small inner openings if you find the ones that are the same as stock.
    Maybe the 1250 is larger diameter unsure right now.
    Only measurements for the 1200 I have found so far is
    Size: 82*74MM so I suppose average is 80mm there.
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  13. WallofHooligans
    Speaking of earpads, I've been wondering about these pads from david clarke aviation, they look like tasty options for some supras that we all know and love. Can't seem to find the measurements though. They fit the "DC PRO series."[​IMG]
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  14. nick n
    ooh nice find. Thanks for posting those. They've got to be comfortable if pilots are rocking those.
  15. WallofHooligans
    Man, I wonder if these are perfect on some yamahas... A bit expensive though 34ish dollars wherever they are sold.

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