1. estreeter

    Stereophile goes back to '91 to revisit the HP1

    Prepare to feel old - really old ...   http://www.stereophile.com/content/grado-hp-1-headphones   Other than the odd review from Wes Philips, Stereophile havent spent a lot of time exploring the headphone world - obviously, that all changed with the establishment of Inner Fidelity, but...
  2. mnarwold

    Yamaha YH-1 Ortho Quick impressions

    I just got a good listen on these headphones at a friends and thought I'd share my quick thoughts just in case anyone is interested in a vintage pair of ortho headphones. I did this listening while going back and forth between the YH-1 and my HE-500s. I've heard of these going for $60, but I...
  3. marshallsmith

    Mogami recable and Ortho setup

    I'm currently on my way to recabling two orthos I've had for quite some time now a pair of Yamaha HP-1's and YH-2's I'm planning on going with the Neutrik NC4MXX XLR-4 and using Mogami W2893 as the wire to run but I'm stuck on the options of what to use at the split to the phones themselves...
  4. S

    Fostex tube amp hp-v1

    Does anyone have any information regarding the new portable tube amp hp-v1 coming soon from fostex? Is it gonna be better then what's out there now? Is it worth waiting for or do you have any other suggestions for best sounding portable amp/dac for an iPhone? I have been looking at fostex hp-p1...
  5. Homage

    Yamaha HP-1 'Rare' Headphones In Almost New Condition (Offers)

    So I've thought about this over the last few months, and still not 100% sure I wanna let them go to be honest (damn things look and sound cool), but at the same time I have hardly used them since I purchased them a few years ago, no more than a dozen times at the most! Also, I've just purchased...
  6. Joe Presto

    IC: Yamaha HP1 with anisotropic magnets

    Selling my collection, please also check my other ads   Interest check for now, not quite sure I want to let these go.   Yamaha HP1 with box, near mint condition. Pads in great condition. This version is the rarer one with the black box.       From link: "Variants There...
  7. stratocaster

    Yamaha HP-1/YH-1

    Looking for a pair of Yamaha YH1/HP-1 orthos. Basically I am just interested in the drivers, so the condition of the rest is not important.
  8. gurubhai

    Yamaha HP-1/YH-1/YH-100 earpads

    Looking for replacement pads for these. Don't mind if they are slightly worn-out.
  9. apatN

    Orthodynamic Yamaha HP-1

    For sale is my second pair of Yamaha HP-1. They sound great and are technically perfect.   Pads are in an okay state, cable is not in the best of states and the headband has been replaced.     Feedback can be found on head-fi. For questions you can always PM me. SOLD (that was fast!)
  10. A

    My DIY Orthodynamic Headphones

    Over the past year I've discovered the world of high end headphones and since then I have developed an audio fetish. I started my journey trying to find the best headphones for me, but I always seemed to be disappointed. I tried countless of different headphones, everything from Sennheiser...
  11. wualta

    Orthodynamic Roundup

    In the fall of 2004 I declared my commitment to study the development, if any, of Yamaha's old line of Orthodynamic headphones, which used a driver type known generically as isodynamic, small-O orthodynamic, planar-magnetic, or magnetostatic. Why?  1) they'd been virtually extinct for 20 years...
  12. Arzack

    Yamaha HP-1 dimensions of the headband ?

    Hello, Sometimes, i'm lucky, i've found a HP-1, it sounds great of course, but it's incomplete, no headband....   So, if someone have any dimensions.....   Of course, i can build my own, in leather for example, but would prefer have the exact dimension !   If i found that can...
  13. Somefears

    Yamaha HP-1 Ortho's

    For sale is my pair of Yamaha HP-1's. I bought these a couple of years ago from a fellow Head-fi'er. These are one of the earliest offerings of a Orthodynamic headphone. Like most ortho's, these guys require a lot of juice, but they sound great. They are in very good condition considering their...
  14. Chefguru

    Which of the metal grados is your fav?

    I put all of them in the poll, but for me I'm more interested about how people place the ps1000 vs ps1/hp2. I've done some searches but couldn't find a poll that was recent.   Price is not relevant - judge entirely on sound -
  15. djgustashaw

    Yamaha HP-1

    ok, has anyone here heard of the yamaha hp-1's? these are my dad's old cans from way back when, id say at least 15-20 years old. anyway, they're open, full size cans, and they sound GREAT. a very detailed, intricate sound, though they need serious amplification. anyway, i was just wondering if...
  16. setmenu

    Just ordered some Yamaha HP2 headphones

    These are from the early 80s , apparently won awards and were much liked at the time. My reason for ordering them is their Planar drivers as I have some interest in this transducer technology. Anybody here heard them? I will post comments when I receive them. Setmenu
  17. Alucard

    Yamaha HP-1

    I have had a pair of these lying in the closet for some time but I've never tried them actually. I don't know very much about them except that they are from the 70s and many think they are quite good (on another forum someone said in 99 that he had heard hp's in the range of $8000 (!) and he...
  18. Yamaha HP-1

    Yamaha HP-1

    Yamaha's original top of the line Orthodynamic headphone, from 1975.