1. YAS-207 Sound Bar with DTS® Virtual:X

    YAS-207 Sound Bar with DTS® Virtual:X

    World's first sound bar with DTS Virtual:X virtual 3D surround sound* Slim, understated design perfectly complements your TV Wireless subwoofer for powerful bass with flexible placement Bluetooth® wireless music streaming Simple setup with HDMI®, optical or analog connection Enhanced Realism...
  2. Yamaha WX021 Music Cast 20 Multi Room Speaker

    Yamaha WX021 Music Cast 20 Multi Room Speaker

    It’s how we connect. The MusicCast 20 delivers versatile listening with ease - able to be used as a standalone speaker, paired, or acting as surround speakers with a compatible MusicCast AV receiver or sound bar. Product available from August Music streaming services built-in MusicCast...
  3. prawdziwysimone

    Yamaha eph-200 impressions?

    HI! I am looking for a new set of iems, also i am a big fan of micro drivers and eph-100s. I am thinking about eph-200 but it is hard to get some impressions, i found a few comments about them in a eph-100's discussion but there is not to much about them. Can anyone describe me how are they...
  4. E

    Edifiers S2000 Pro Recommendations

    Hi guys, i bought the Edifiers S2000 Pro, i've been testing them for the last 2 days but i came across some problems: 1 - They sound AMAZING connected via Bluetooth. 2 - They sound terrible connected with balanced cables on the AG06. 3 - They sound good connected with RCA on the AG06. Now...why...
  5. jamri

    selling Yamaha HS8 pair with jamstand stands

    I'm selling my studio monitor pair HS8 with jamstand stands and power cables included. VERY GOOD working condition. Please see pictures for cosmetic defect on one speaker. ASKING PRICE: $400 OBO
  6. Mohamad Itani

    Stereo Integrated Amplifier NAD vs yamaha

    I just bought a yamaha CA-V2 amp for my speakers (tannoy pbm 6.5 II) and the seller just offered me to exchange it on a NAD 304 for free. Is it a good upgrade or downgrade? i just listen to music casually, music source on ipod classic 5.5 generation line out (bypassing the ipods AMP). And most...
  7. bequietjk

    Yamaha HS7 *MINT*

    I purchased these from Guitar Center in June of last year. My plan was to use them for music production but I haven't gotten around to it and have only used them for casual listening. They are in excellent condition and show pretty much zero signs of wear. I will be including all of the...
  8. V

    New headphones under 200$

    Hi guys, I'm new here so hello :) I'm from Poland so English is not my native language - I'm sorry for any silly mistakes and whatnot. And a wall of text obviously : ). Anyways, let's get right to the point my old headphones, that is Superlux HD-681, died a while ago and I'm kind of in the need...
  9. Karendar

    [SOLD] Yamaha HP-1 Orthodynamic headphones vintage

    Hi, Selling a pair of Yamaha HP-1's Orthodynamic headphones in great condition! Has original pads and cable. The jack was flaking out, so I resoldered it on a 3.5mm right angled jack. Works great with phones or DAP's! Will ship anywhere as long as buyer pays shipping. I have a corporate...
  10. DJBaila

    FS: Regarded... Yamaha HPH-MT220 Studio Monitor Headphone

    Used but excellent condition professionally modified for removable cable. Cable is original with Amphenol mini 4-pin XLR connector. ****** See pics. you get what you see. Nothing more, nothing less so OPEN your eyes. ********* Manufacturer details...
  11. C

    Recommendations for HD800s DAC/AMP?

    TL;DR: Is Yamaha MG10XU mixer a good enough DAC, or should I upgrade? (With Schitt magni 3 AMP) I recently order some HD800s' and should receive them Monday. My setup will consist of audio from my computer > Yamaha MG10XU > Schitt Magni 3 > HD800s. I also have a Shure SM7B mic going to the...
  12. Cloudtastrophe

    *SOLD* Yamaha EPH-100 SL

    Great sounding iems in the EPH-100 by yamaha. These are discontinued and the successor doesnt sound as good so get these while you can! One of the best Microdriver iems! Good detail and imaging, impactful bass, non sibilant treble, good depth, superb machined build quality. I am second owner so...
  13. Yamaha HPH-MT5

    Yamaha HPH-MT5

    High-grade monitor headphones that deliver a balanced sound faithful to the source. Perfect for in the studio, music production at home, or for personal listening. Great portability thanks to the folding arm and 250g light weight hardware designing. 40 mm custom drivers with CCAW voice coils...
  14. takato14

    [WTB] YAMAHA YHD-1, YHD-2, YHD-3 or YHE-50S

    Looking for a YHD series Yamaha ortho, preferably in poor condition. I will be using this for a transplant project so only the drivers need to work. PM with offers. Cheers! ~Tak
  15. longboarder

    Yamaha yhl-006 restoration help

    So I recently went to a garage sale and picked up a Panasonic to-e27v since I have a thing for tapes and it came with a pair of the porsche design Yamaha yhl-006 headphones. Of course since it was a black model I assumed it was just a crummy pair of additional old headphones, but after I heard...
  16. Kurido

    Inquiry on Speakers

    Hi I'm someone who can only afford budget gear and am in search for the best I can get for my money. Simply, I'd like to ask if there is much, if any difference, in sound quality and signature between the Wharfedale 101s and Yamaha HS5? I currently have the Wharfedale's rigged with an Aune T1...
  17. Kurido

    Inquiry for ookshelf

    Hi I'm someone who can only afford budget gear and am in search for the best I can get for my money. Simply, I'd like to ask if there is much, if any difference, in sound quality and signature between the Wharfedale 101s and Yamaha HS5? I currently have the Wharfedale's rigged with an Aune T1...
  18. scott1

    FS: Yamaha Pro 500

    Perfect condition with both the portable cord and longer cord for use at home. Excellent sound with a lot of bass without sounding veiled. Great build quality too.
  19. ptolemy2k6

    *sold* Yamaha A-S2000SL Integrated Amplifier (Silver)

    HI guys For sale Yamaha A-S2000SL Integrated Amplifier (Silver). I got 2 of these for myself and a friend but friend changed his mind, so this is for sale. It was bought this month from an authorized dealer, so full warranty applies and I will have invoice handy shall you ever need it. Not...
  20. nicosalto

    power amplifier for JBL 4319

    Hi, iam looking to replace my amplifier and i would appreciate some help into choosing the right one. My current gear is: MicroRendu > Gustard X20 dac > Marrantz 170DC Amp > jbl 4319 speakers i am mostly listening to acoustic, jazz, folk, indie ... My speakers have a maximum recommended power...
  21. musicbuff

    Speaker/Integrated amp synergy

    Is the Marantz PM 11S3 integrated too much amplifier for Monitor Audio RX6 speakers or will the amp make these speakers shine?  Right now my RX6's are being powered by a vintage Yamaha A450 Natural Sound Amplifier (bought in 1980).  Some details in the mid frequency are too soft and I have to...
  22. stevebags

    The Sound Card....

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I must ask that we all act as such.     I am going to pick up one of the new Yamaha amps pretty soon, 301 or 501, it is for a small room....   I need a decent sound card for my computer.  We all know that the card has to have certain specs.....  But, my main caveat is...
  23. deltawave

    Shure SE425 high end distortion problem

    Hey guys, I'll start this off by saying that I've searched all over Headfi looking for someone having a similar issue, but have come up short. I have a pair of SE425's, (on my third pair due to this reoccurring issue) I've noticed severe distortion on the right ear when not turned up that high...
  24. Digital7

    Debunk the Yamaha MT220 Myth

    Hi people! I'll start-out by saying I'm very disgruntled about the false hype surrounding these headphones, and the hype seems to have gained unjust traction, so i need to do what i can to debunk the misnomers. This headphone has been, and is being touted nearly everywhere as supremely...
  25. craigc

    Yamaha Porsche designed headphones

    Hi, Im feeling retro and nostalgic and as a result I am on a quest to find these dull and impracticle headphones. Black or white, not bothered as long as they work or are servicable.... Can anyone bear to let theres go? Cash waiting, obviously. Love the forum, many headphone memories...