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Apr 23, 2004
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Marine Biologist

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Galvanically isolated his brain

  • About

    Marine Biologist
    Headphone Inventory:
    ◄Team Ortho►
    -Oppo PM-2
    -Yamaha HP-1(sintered & aniso) / YH-1 / YH-100 / YHD-1
    -NAD RP18 (kapton)
    -Echo TDS-16
    -Elektronica TDS-5M
    -heavily modded Fostex T50RP / Fostex T10 / Fostex T20's / Fostex T40
    -RFT HOK 80-2
    -Dual DK-720
    Source Inventory:
    this & that
    Music Preferences:
    70's music essentially
    "That tiny room at the beach was absolutely the perfect place for my first time. When we came together, I could feel the hairs growing on my chest. I saw my future. I saw my past. For a few minutes it was like being alive. They lived happily ever after. All my questions had been answered. All my fears disappeared. All that was left was a kiss. Every move we made was a kiss."
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