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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by wualta, Mar 27, 2005.
  1. WallofHooligans
    Maybe I'll make a sacrifice to the azure gods and just make a pair of earpads entirely out of blu tack.

    Speaking of which, I recently got a fostex t20v2. The earpads absolutely murder the bass. Weird! Turns out that t20v1 pads sound much, much better. Something about the cone shape of the ear side profile really ruins the seal for most earpads. Your ears have to be VERY close to the driver to get nice sound out of it. I actually tried another larger set of Chinese pads on them, and the distance between my ear and the driver caused some really intense cancelation. It was a really strange sensation, like feeling the sound but not hearing it, sort of like pre 30hz.
    Actually I solved my problem with both the original pads and the seal problem that they cause. Simply by flipping the earpads inside out, I had something totally new. The result was a very hard to put on, but the way in which the earpad is now offset towards the driver helps with the seal and the unexposed inner side of the pad was in much better condition for wearability. I've tried the same thing with my t20v1, but didn't like the resulting sound. image.jpg

    In other news, a nice find! IMG_4029.JPG
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  2. GREQ
    Brilliant! :D
  3. WallofHooligans
    Merry Christmas, fellows
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  4. Feilong4
    Merry Christmas indeed!
  5. Feilong4
    Just received the Ori and regular Audeze pads yesterday. The regular Audeze pads seem to affect the sound the same as the vegan pads - I'm not hearing any significant differences, if any, in sound upon short impressions between the two.

    With the Ori pads, it isn't as bassy as I had remembered. I guess this can be a good thing as it still sounds fairly balanced with a warm tilt. EDM and anything with bass still sounds great! It does sound smoother say like from 4 kHz and onwards.

    The Ori pads look a lot more handsome than the Audeze vegan pads on them.

    T50v0 pads 2.jpg T50v0 pads.jpg
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  6. ruhenheiM
    i forgot did you already explain this or not, how big are the differences between t30 and t50 in measurement, i mean in ear pads diameter? i need to start looking ear pads for the denon

    and i just realized sony actually designed some of the most comfortable ear pads out there, i've tried some of their over ear earpads and it's very comfy also looks great
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  7. Feilong4
    There is smaller than I thought it would be. The T50 looks ginormous in comparison to the T30, but I guess the grills of the T30 gives me the impression that it's small.

    I got roughly 3.1875in or 80.9625mm for the diameter of the T30 baffle.

    I got roughly 3.875in or 98.425mm for the diameter of the T50 baffle.

    It's a bit tricky to find pads that stretch over the baffles well.

    T30 baffle.jpg T50v0 baffle.jpg
  8. ruhenheiM
    god damn it, looking those inches ruler really took time to digest. use fcukin metric system! it's make more sense! hahaha
    thanks! man i never thought t50 would be that big. on the other hand +/-81mm, i think i still could use sony xb950bt pad then. i'm using that pad for my toshiba and it looks great and very comfy :D

    sony pad.jpg
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  9. WallofHooligans
    So I measured my Victor HP-d70 because Fei and I were talking about the pads. The pads themselves measure about 79mm, but dont fit securely in the opening. They are held in with adhesive rather than suspended over a lip like most headphones nowadays.
    Speaking of which: The pads that GREQ linked a while back came in from china, they are actually very nice. I picked them up in 115mm for my stanton dynaphase cans, which does a ton for the comfort over the stock pads, but I probably could have gotten away with 110mm, and I think that would have yielded a better fit. They sound great too. I'm going to order another pair in 80mm for my Victors and possibly another pair for my t20, since the pad diameter for the t20 fit all three versions that I own.
  10. Feilong4
    Damn, I slept through a listing again. This time a Victor HP-D50.

    Anyone here picked that up?
  11. nick n
    It did go for a bit more than I would have paid but beggars can't be choosers as the saying goes.
    I think that one is the equivalent of an Akai model.
  12. WallofHooligans
    I think they are mentioned a few times in the roundup- here's one.
  13. GREQ
    The price it went for reflects it's rarity/collectability (whatever that is), and not it's objective sound potential.
  14. Feilong4
    Just thought it would be an interesting headphone to pad swap and play around with like the T30 and T50.
  15. Feilong4
    Worked on my T20v1 some more to remedy the treble peaks that I had a problem with. I found some cotton-like material stuffed away in my closet that's used in MayFlower Electronic's T50RP mods. A bit of speaker cloth blu-tacked on top to hold the cotton in place.

    Seems to smoothed things out around 7-9 kHz(?) a few db without affecting the other frequencies much or at all. I can push them at a higher volume without wincing at hotly mastered EDM :D

    3 - mMcAp5T.jpg 2 - jYFniAt.jpg
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