1. QwertyQmin

    [SOLD] [US-TX] STAX SRM-1mk2 Balanced Edition (super rare)

    Hi! I got this many months ago from Birgir at Mjolnir Audio. He went through and did a full repair of the amp and also did some mods to the board. To quote him; "I did modernize the bias supply and some small tweaks here and there but nothing major." The XLR inputs on the back and everything...
  2. crwoo

    Why doesn't any company make bluetooth cables for Shure IEM

    I know this sounds crazy, but wouldnt it be cool to have a bluetooth cable for earphones such as the SE846 or the SE535? I know I would love to have one for whenever I dont want a cord hanging from my brain. 
  3. Koolpep

    Aune T1 Mk2 vs. Mk1

    Seems that Aune released an updated version of the famous T1. The T1 Mk2.   Did anybody had the pleasure to listen to the new version yet?   What are the sonic differences.   Here is what I could find: - Tenor...
  4. d-cee

    stax srm-1 mk-2/lambda pro channel imbalance!

    hi all, i left my lambda pros plugged into the srm-1/mk-2 and switched on while i was at work today so that they could "charge" so that when i got home they would be ready to sing. however when i got home i got the biggest shock of my life to find that the right channel is substantially...
  5. glorkaglickflic

    Stax SRM-323 S vs Stax SRM-1/MK-2 Pro

    Here's the article:   Is the Stax SRM-1/MK-2 Pro really superior to the Stax SRM-323 S like the article says?
  6. Dutchess of York

    The Stax Lambda Thread

    As someone in the middle of a stax transition, Ive spent many hours on the black hole that is "The Stax Thread". Hopefully we can break it down into some sub-categories so future head-fi(ers) dont develop carpal tunnel in their search for electrostatics. How about limiting this one to the...
  7. glorkaglickflic

    Stax 507 questions

    I've ordered the Stax 507 from PriceJapan.  I haven't ordered the amp yet, but I plan to purchase it from the US rather than from Japan because I don't want to deal with an extra step-down transformer and also don't want to have to deal with repair/warranty issues with an imported product. I...
  8. loligagger

    Stax SRM-1/Mk2

    Selling a Stax SRM-1/Mk2. Everything is in working order, no issues with its performance. It was modified by the original owner to have one pro and one normal bias jack. The stock electrolytic capacitors were replaced only a few months ago, the bias & offset was adjusted as well. There's a...
  9. DefQon


  10. Julez

    Stax SRM-1 MKII Professional in good condition!!!

    Stax SRM-1 MKII Professional!!!   The amp works perfectly! Cosmetic condition is really good! There is only one little scratch on the right side of the amp. Multivoltage Version!! The amp will be cleaned up befor shipping!   Shipping and Paypal possible!!
  11. nemomec

    Stax SRM-T1S balanced Tube Amp Price Drop!

    Sell ​​a tube headphone amplifier Stax SRM-T1S in perfect technical and good optical condition. The front colour is over the years a little bit switched to violet. The SRM-T1S was set to 240V, maintained (capacitor replacement with high quality Nichicon caps) and recalibrated. The tubes are new...
  12. 3X0

    Are there any affordable "reference" electrostatic amplifiers?

    I would first like to mention that I subscribe to an objectivist mindset when it comes to dynamic transducer amplification. I would be comfortable running any of my headphones out of something like a Magni+Modi or O2/ODAC and have little-to-no interest in upgrading.   However, I have almost...
  13. Julez

    Stax SRM-1 MKII Pro in good condition!! Multivoltage version!!

    Selling a Stax SRM-1 MKII highend electrostatic Amplifier in good condition!!!   The amp is fully functional! Theres one Pro and one Normal bias output. The Voltage can be switched on the backside of the amp so it could be used everywhere.   The amp looks good except for the two...
  14. konagold

    Stax SRM-1/MK2 Pro refurbish

    Hi   I picked up a SRM-1/MK2 Pro (series A) off of ebay for $299. It had been stored away for at least 10 years (lots 'o dust!). Cleaned it and it works. It's dead silent, no hum at all.   I now want to do a full refurb. I've seen the post(s) on replacing the power caps but don't know...
  15. spritzer

    FS: Stax SRM-1 Mk2 Pro - late model

    Here is a late model SRM-1 Mk2 Pro (B-series but that doesn't mean anything) which has all the same improvements as the PP except that silly output wiring.  Lovely amp and I've replaced all the electrolytic capacitors and adjusted the offset and balance so it now measures like new.    This...
  16. Keithpgdrb

    Stax srm1-mk2 or T1?

    This question got buried in the stax thread, so I thought I'd try a standalone thread.   Looking for some opinions here.  I've done lots of reading and searching already.  I have a completely rebuilt srm1-mk2.  How would this compare to the T1?  The T1 is appealing because it has both pro...
  17. KrypticMind

    SR-Lambda Pro, SR-5NB, SRM-1/Mk2

    To eBay it goes...
  18. green0153

    FS : Stax SRM-1 Mk2 P.P. rev.C , SRM-3 , Lambda Nova Classic , KOSS ESP/950

    <p> <p> Hi, <p> <p>   <p> <p> Selling the stuff that I'm not using because of my other DIY amps and in need of cash, <p> <p>   <p> <p> The Stax SRM-1 Mk2 P.P. rev.C , <p> <p>   <p> <p> is the best from the SRM-1 series that uses higher quality components that the rest...
  19. Julianp13

    Best DAC for Stax Lambda and Srm-1 Mk2

    My first post and I know every one will have a different opinion but I need some ideas.   My current setup is a WD tv Live and 1Tb WD elements feeding a Cambridge Audio Dac 3 into a Stax SRM-1 Mk2 with Stax Lamdba pro headphones. I love the sound (although it does show up bad recordings!)...
  20. Akathisia

    STAX Lambda Pro & SRM-1/Mk-2 Pro

    For sale is my recently acquired STAX Lambda Pro and SRM-1/MK-2 Pro amplifier.  Both the Lambda and amp show signs of use, that I feel are appropriate for their age with scuffs and scratches- but are in perfect condition operationally. I have removed the cover from the amp in order to tighten...
  21. johnation33

    FS: STAX SRM-1 MK-2 (SRM-I/MK-II), SR-Lambda Pro, and Free 15' Extension Cable

    Items Included: --STAX Professional SRM-1/MK-2 Driver/Amplifier (B Version, Pro and Normal Connections, US voltage so no transformer needed) --STAX SR-Λ (Lambda) Pro Earspeakers (The old classic model not the newer crappy ones) --Free 15' Extension Cable for Earspeakers --Also includes power...
  22. shalingang

    Stax Lambda pro and SRM-1/MK-2 pro amp combo excellent condition

    Due to relocation have to sell my beloved Stax Lambda pro and SRM-1/MK-2 amp combo in excellent condition. The amp has both normal and pro bias connectors for working with all Stax models. Unlike normal old phones, this combo were new old stock 5 years ago. since then they has been taken care...
  23. crumpler

    SOLD: STAX SRM-1 Mk2 PP (Worldwide)

    STAX SRM-1 Mk2 PP for sale (Worldwide)   Price: AUD$SOLD shipped worldwide, provided shipping is <AUD$60 Condition: 8/10 (Sonically, functionally perfect, condition very good for it's age) Duration of ownership: 3+ months, previously owned and modded by Spritzer Reason for sale: Moving...
  24. soldermizer

    Stax SRM-1 MK2 cleaning

    Hi.  I am a new Stax owner.  I am cleaning up the (initally working) "energizer" (amp) and have a question.  I am a long time DeoxIT fan, and aware that it should not be used on certain things.  This unit has an ALPS pot that I think may be one of the carbon types, thus one should use the Fader...
  25. ericohgb


    Dear friends, Looking to trade my mint STAX OMEGA2 MK2 for a tube STAX amp like the 007T. Thanks, Erico