1. Bleeding Transistor

    Stax SRM-1/MK2 Voltage Switching

    Hello Headfi., my first post here. I recently purchased the Stax SRM-1/MK2. It has both the normal and the pro connectors. I am confused about its voltage selection. The back of the unit says that it supports 100v, 117v, 220v and 240v. Also on the back there was a plate that I unscrewed which...
  2. crwoo

    Why doesn't any company make bluetooth cables for Shure IEM

    I know this sounds crazy, but wouldnt it be cool to have a bluetooth cable for earphones such as the SE846 or the SE535? I know I would love to have one for whenever I dont want a cord hanging from my brain. 
  3. Koolpep

    Aune T1 Mk2 vs. Mk1

    Seems that Aune released an updated version of the famous T1. The T1 Mk2.   Did anybody had the pleasure to listen to the new version yet?   What are the sonic differences.   Here is what I could find: - Tenor...
  4. d-cee

    stax srm-1 mk-2/lambda pro channel imbalance!

    hi all, i left my lambda pros plugged into the srm-1/mk-2 and switched on while i was at work today so that they could "charge" so that when i got home they would be ready to sing. however when i got home i got the biggest shock of my life to find that the right channel is substantially...
  5. glorkaglickflic

    Stax SRM-323 S vs Stax SRM-1/MK-2 Pro

    Here's the article:   Is the Stax SRM-1/MK-2 Pro really superior to the Stax SRM-323 S like the article says?
  6. Dutchess of York

    The Stax Lambda Thread

    As someone in the middle of a stax transition, Ive spent many hours on the black hole that is "The Stax Thread". Hopefully we can break it down into some sub-categories so future head-fi(ers) dont develop carpal tunnel in their search for electrostatics. How about limiting this one to the...
  7. glorkaglickflic

    Stax 507 questions

    I've ordered the Stax 507 from PriceJapan.  I haven't ordered the amp yet, but I plan to purchase it from the US rather than from Japan because I don't want to deal with an extra step-down transformer and also don't want to have to deal with repair/warranty issues with an imported product. I...
  8. 3X0

    Are there any affordable "reference" electrostatic amplifiers?

    I would first like to mention that I subscribe to an objectivist mindset when it comes to dynamic transducer amplification. I would be comfortable running any of my headphones out of something like a Magni+Modi or O2/ODAC and have little-to-no interest in upgrading.   However, I have almost...
  9. konagold

    Stax SRM-1/MK2 Pro refurbish

    Hi   I picked up a SRM-1/MK2 Pro (series A) off of ebay for $299. It had been stored away for at least 10 years (lots 'o dust!). Cleaned it and it works. It's dead silent, no hum at all.   I now want to do a full refurb. I've seen the post(s) on replacing the power caps but don't know...
  10. Keithpgdrb

    Stax srm1-mk2 or T1?

    This question got buried in the stax thread, so I thought I'd try a standalone thread.   Looking for some opinions here.  I've done lots of reading and searching already.  I have a completely rebuilt srm1-mk2.  How would this compare to the T1?  The T1 is appealing because it has both pro...
  11. Julianp13

    Best DAC for Stax Lambda and Srm-1 Mk2

    My first post and I know every one will have a different opinion but I need some ideas.   My current setup is a WD tv Live and 1Tb WD elements feeding a Cambridge Audio Dac 3 into a Stax SRM-1 Mk2 with Stax Lamdba pro headphones. I love the sound (although it does show up bad recordings!)...
  12. soldermizer

    Stax SRM-1 MK2 cleaning

    Hi.  I am a new Stax owner.  I am cleaning up the (initally working) "energizer" (amp) and have a question.  I am a long time DeoxIT fan, and aware that it should not be used on certain things.  This unit has an ALPS pot that I think may be one of the carbon types, thus one should use the Fader...
  13. ri_toast

    Stax SRM-1 Mk2 rca jack

    The RCA jack is a little flakey, at first I thought it was the cable but turns out to be internal. From the photos I've seen of the internals it looks like the center post connector might be bent from "rough" handling. I can certainly open it up and take a look. How long would it take for the...
  14. Stevebobwe

    STAX SRM-1/MKII voltage question

    Will be receiving this amp paired with some Lambda pro cans within the next few days and I want to be sure about the voltage switch on the back. If I am not mistaken U.S. plugs are 110v. Do I want the switch in the position shown or pushed up? I have not actually received this amp yet so forgive...
  15. mskorpik

    Virgin audiophile needs help with Stax SRM-1/MK-2

    I am a avid music lover and shared this passion with my late uncle who was an extreme audiophile. I was the niece who could hear adjustments in his system and I think he appreciated that. I am ever so grateful to him for leaving me his masterpiece. I am working on self educating myself while to...
  16. rudi0504

    Stax: SR 002 + Srm 002 and Srm 003 mk2 + Srm 003 impression and appreciation thread

    Hi All Stax Japan has anounce new portable iem and Will Be launching By begining November 2012 Sr 002 + Srm 002 AS replacement For Sr 001 and Srm 001. Sr 003 mk 2 + Srm 252 S = Srs 005 S system as replacement For SR 003 + Srm 003
  17. burritoboy9984

    SRM-1 vs SRM-1 Mk2

    Ok Stax mafia, I'm looking at purchasing a Stax (most likely SR Lambdas) setup in the next couple of weeks/days when a good looking one pops up, and I was wondering if there is a large difference between the 2 aforementioned amps when paired with the SR Lambdas. I only found one place that...
  18. spaceace1014

    Stax SRM-1/Mk2 Re-cap

    Although I just recently created this account I've been lurking around on Head-Fi for the past 7 years now if the sticker on my Headroom Desktop amp is anything to go by. I've been curious about electrostatics for a very long time... almost as long as I've had good headphones but only after I...
  19. wualta

    Orthodynamic Roundup

    In the fall of 2004 I declared my commitment to study the development, if any, of Yamaha's old line of Orthodynamic headphones, which used a driver type known generically as isodynamic, small-O orthodynamic, planar-magnetic, or magnetostatic. Why?  1) they'd been virtually extinct for 20 years...
  20. XzifT

    ESP 950 with Stax SRM-1/MK-2 Pro?

    I'm a happy owner of the ESP 950 electrostatic headphones, but have read around that the sound will be so much better using a Stax SRM-1/MK-2 Pro instead? So how can I get my hands on a converter cable from ESP 950 to Stax SRM-1/MK-2 Pro?
  21. JonJeffman

    Stax SRM-1 - two headphones at once?

    Sorry if this has been answered before but have been searching around and can't find an answer.  I have a Stax SRM-1 MkII, with both the normal and pro bias sockets.  I just recently purchased a set of SR-202's to go along with my Sigma normal bias.     Can I plug both sets of headphones in...
  22. Stevebobwe

    Best USB DAC to pair with SRM-1 and Lambda Pro cans

    I am looking for a USB dac to play .flac files from my PC. Around $150 would be ideal but I can spend more if the quality would really be worth it. The dac will be fed into the SRM-1 amp. A friend of mine has a SR-202 setup and he uses the Udac2, however, I have read a lot of bad things about...
  23. buencamino

    stax srm-1 and mk-2 amp?

    Hi guys, would these two be good? I mean I've heard stats are good sounding... but it's pretty cheap now so I'm guessing it doesn't sound as well as the more expensive hp's? thanks
  24. dyl1dyl

    The One Headphone you would take if you were stuck on an island (not limited to Audeze) :)

    Hey guys, pick your choice from the selections or post if I did not include your option. Remember, this is the one headphone you will have to live with for the rest of your life.
  25. SoliloCey

    Connecting SRM1 to TV

    So I'm connecting my Laptop and computer to a TV, it has 3 HDMI components, 1x 1/4" headphone jack(or is it 1/8" - i don't do imperial) 2x component set connections.   I'm looking to set the SRM-1 with the DVD player I guess, though setting it through the headphone jack might be preferable...