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Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by wualta, Mar 27, 2005.
  1. BucketInABucket
    Yeah they are great! I paid a pretty penny for them but I knew it'd be something I probably wouldn't ever get the chance to buy again...rather like your T50 :p

    The pads are a pair of OEM Denon Dx000 pads from ebay I got a year ago or so.

    Time to post on the classifieds!
  2. Feilong4
    I got very lucky with my T50's. The cable was in terrible condition and the person had no idea if they worked which probably scared others away. I also had no idea of its potential or anything about them at the time - all I knew was that I had to win them. :o2smile:

    How long have you had your HP-500 btw?
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  3. BucketInABucket
    Hey, I'd say it's worth it just for the rare factor, and now you know that it was an amazing find! :D

    Hmm, probably about a year or so I think? Maybe less. I can't remember when I got them honestly.
  4. Feilong4
    They were definitely worth it! They've been my daily drivers ever since I got them, and I haven't been too hung up on FOTM ever since :D

    Well not like I was able to keep up with that anyway haha.
  5. BucketInABucket
    How is the comfort for you? For me, there definitely isn't quite enough room for my head so unfortunately I can't use them as my daily driver.
  6. Feilong4
    With the vegan pads, they're fairly comfortable albeit a bit heavy. I just have to max out the headband adjustment.

    My previous daily driver was the HE-500 so anything and everything else will be much more comfortable.
  7. WallofHooligans
    I'm kind of interested in the new fostex offerings coming in the new couple-a months. The t60RP looks nice. I'd like to snag a pair of those pads for rolling. Anyone know pads similar to these?
    Actually I'm still pissed that I can't find a pair of these beyer pads either. :xf_mad:
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  8. GREQ
  9. WallofHooligans
    Mhmm they've been out of sale since 2012... And yeah, aviation ear seals are pretty much the same thing, but they don't make round ones. I bet some fostexen are just begging for this kind of earpad.

    Actually, I wonder how well a earpad made out of mask maker's silicon would do?
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  10. GREQ
    Thanks for volunteering. :smiling_imp:
  11. Feilong4
    The Denon DX000 and TH900 pads look similar.
  12. ruhenheiM
    any comparison between t50 and t30?
  13. Feilong4
    With the Audeze vegan pads on the T50 and Brainwavz hybrid pads on the T30, the T30 is warmer throughout and seems to be rolled off a bit at the top. The T50 seems to have more emphasis in the 1-6 kHz region which makes vocals shoutier in comparison. Going from the T30 to the T50, there seems to be an overlying "shhhh" tone if that makes sense. Going from the T50 to the T30, vocals seem to be a bit recessed. There's a quite of bit of change in the midrange. A few minutes with either and my mind adjusts and then it's fine.
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  14. ruhenheiM
    i forgot which one is your t50 again? kapton or mylar?
  15. Feilong4

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