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Mad Lust Envy's Headphone Gaming Guide: (12/10/2019: Schiit Gaming Dac/Amps 'Hel' and 'Fulla 3' added)

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by mad lust envy, Jan 17, 2011.
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  1. wizia
    Do you use the Mixamp while you're gaming on PC? If you only use it with consoles, what is your computer's source?
    BTW, I didn't say anything before but great guide.
  2. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    I don't game on PC. In case anyon missed it, the PC360 impression is on the previous page as well as the opening post.
    HD598 vs. PC360

    HD598 wins. Hands down. Now if only they made a headset based off the HD598...then the PC360 would be obsolete. Until then, the PC360 is definitely good enough as a headset.
  3. chinesekiwi
    Having both the AD700 and DT880, I do feel the DT880 is better for gaming. Soundstage width is not everything in a gaming headphone. What's much more important is imaging within the soundstage. the AD700 is the much better value out of the two, that cannot be argued, but the DT880 images better in a smaller sized soundstage. It's imaging first, then soundstage width.
  4. Styles
    Good thread MLE!
    I'm new here but found my way to the site looking for the next level in headphone audio for Xbox gaming.  Here is my path that I took and ended up at now: 
    -Started with Tritton AX360 (blue) - sounded great to me at the time as it was my first DD surround headset, they broke and I fixed and re-sold them
    Turttlebeach X4- They were great because they are wireless but had less sound than the Tritton.  Best feature in my opinion is that your voice comes through the headphones as well, like a telephone, so that you don't find yourself yelling :p
    -Turtlebeach X41 - Sold the X4's because they were IR and I bought a plasma TV and it interfered with the IR signal. The X4's are RF. Still the same as far as sound from the X4 though they are sold with a selling feature of 7.1 DDSS. Xbox only outputs 5.1 so the 7.1 is garbage as far as Turtlebeach is trying to sell them to people for that.  I would say that Turtlebeach's are fun and good for people that want a wireless set up and aren't going to be too picky about the sound. If you're a gamer of the next level and compete a little then TB's aren't going to cut it.
    Now the end and a set up I hope you can try and compare to the rest in your review here.
    -Astro Mixamp (wired not the new 5.8 wireless)
    -Beyerdynamic MMX 300 gaming headset.  This set up is the sickness!!!  These are based off the DT770 and are closed.  The mic is very high quality and have been told is very clear on the other end from people I play with. I like having a built in mic and if I would have gone with an audiophile level of phones and added a mic it would have just meant more wires.  Not to say I would never do that as I have seen some pretty sick set ups on Head-Fi that people have custom made, but I like having it all in one.  I might add a headphone amp later to get more soundstage but its good enough for now and is the best set up I have had to date.
  5. rabidgamer
    I just spent a good part of 5hrs gaming with the AD700s/Ear Force DSS, what can I say that hasn't already been said? lol, they are wonderful... as far as soundstage goes, best I've ever used by far... I know where EVERYTHING is, it's actually a bit scary.
    I checked what SPL I was getting out of them, with the loudest sounding song I have and the average was just under 70db with peaks reaching no more than 75db and the game is definitely quieter, so getting that amount of detail at what could be considered a low volume has made me incredibly happy. I have no doubt that if I blasted them I could hear more, but that's not what I'm looking for.
    The only downside is that they are low on bass, but the ear force dss has a built in bass boost thing and surprisingly it actually works very well, so if I ever need bass I know it's there.
    I also finally found a use for my Kinect, I now use the mic on that for game chat (I sit close enough that it's not an issue whatsoever, if anything it picks up too much) so theres one good thing I suppose :) lol
    Couldn't be happier.
  6. VulgarDisplay

    You should check and see if the soundstage/foam mods apply to the pc360.  Perhaps it would then rival the hd598.  
  7. dub Beatz
    I'm sure I read about a mod that opened up the PC360 and apparently it didn't do it justice. I don't remember where it was. Actually, it might have been here on head-fi.
  8. LukaTCE
    Which is good headset/headphone just for gaming ?  my budget is 200€ with sound card
    I saw on this forum you recommend ATH-AD700
    So for gaming is better open-air right?
    What about HD 555 moded to HD 595 or original HD 595 ?
    And about PC 350/360
    Also i saw on forums SteelSeries 7H are better then PC 350 is that true ?
    Or any others you can recommend me
    Also which sound card you can recommend ?
    I was looking into Xonar D1/DX (60€) both are same right ? DX PCI-E don't made sound better right ?
    Or Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium fatality (70€)
    Or any other at that price range
    Also what to buy it will work with Xbox 360 ?
    Will work just with this ? http://www.fyygame.com/xbox-360-earphone-transformer.html
    Or i will need MIXAMP 5.8 or are there any others  wireless sound card or how is called
    Or Ear Force DDS
    Is same sound quality with this mixamp or DDS or PC sound card like this xonar d1/dx, X-Fi Titanium fatality

  9. halehaler
    Can I add a mic. to the creative's, if so please link to a good one, ideally that is buy able in England.
    If not, what headphones can have a mic. added to them?
  10. Xpresser
    Fantastic thread/info MLE!!!
    This is exactly the type of research I've been doing for the past 2 weeks. I play BF Bad Company 2 a lot on the PC and need a better solution than my current Plantronics .Audio 510 USB headset (yuck!). I have heard that the AD700 with a stand alone mic is a great setup for FPS gaming and of course your review only confirms that. The thing is I need a closed solution since my main PC is in the bedroom and I sometimes game while the wife ("why do you need to spend hours and hours researching...just buy the dang thing") is asleep. Anyhow after reading this I am leaning more toward the Sennheiser PC 360 but it is a bit over my budget plus I was hoping to get something that would be very well suited for music.
    Since you didn't list it I assume you didn't try the ATH-A700 and that was the one I was really considering before reading this thread. I was considering it because from what I have learned it's basically the closed version of the ATH-AD700. Now my question to you, or anyone that wants to offer up their opinion/experience, is would the A700 deliver the same type of directional accuracy as the AD700 or would it be hampered since it's closed? And you mentioned the biggest drawback to the AD700 is that they are really bass light so wouldn't that improve a bit with the closed A700's?
  11. ssavage
    thanks bro, just ordered my AD700s. Although, I think the 990s are next
  12. Riku540

    What about the supposed 6 o'clock blind spot that I have yet to experience?
  13. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    akaTRENT's review of the PC360, which pretty much mirrors everything I have said.
    Okay, I didn't quote, but here are my replies:
    LukaTCE, my recommendation if you can afford it is Sennheiser PC360 with Astro Mixamp. The Mixamp can be plugged into your PC as well. If you ABSOLUTELY need a soundcard, I'd recommend something with Dolby Headphone like the Asus Essence STX. I don't play on PC, so I can't really help you there, though if you got the Mixamp, it would render your soundcard moot anyways. If you DON'T need a mic or will mod a mic to a headphone, the Sennheiser HD598 is AWESOME, and even better than the PC360.
    I personally feel that the overall sound presentation of the Sennheiser PC360 is BETTER than the AD700. The AD700 has a bigger soundstage and is a little clearer, but is also lacking in bass. The PC360 is better balanced. It isn't missing anything. It ain't bassy, but the bass is noticeably more present. Imaging/positioning is pretty much on par with the AD700. IF the modded 555 or 595 truly is what the PC360 sounds like, then I'd recommend them over the AD700 simply because they are more well rounded. That's only IF. The AD700 is still an FPS beast, but the lack of bass makes them more of a one trick pony. However, if you're getting one headphone for FPS, and one for everything else, then the AD700 is the best for FPS, IMHO.
    halehaler, I modded a labtec LVA-7330 onto my Creative Aurvana Live. There is enough cup space to add a mic. They will work extremely well.
    Xpresser, I haven't tried the A700 (which is actually NOT a closed equivalent of the AD700, but more of a closed AD500). The A900 is more like a closed AD700 from what I've been told from owners. They are COMPLETELY different series in Audio Technica, and people need to stop comparing them as simply open vs closed.
    Closed headphones can offer spectacular and accurate positioning (i.e. DT770, D7000, Creative Aurvana Live), but the soundstage just won't be as big, which may make the depth of directional cues sound too close at times. Considering the A700 is known to have a large soundstage for a closed headphone, I'm willing to bet that they'll be fine for gaming, though not on par with the AD700.
  14. chinesekiwi


    A negative of the DT880 is the lack of soundstage depth compared to other headphones such as the AKG K701. This can be compensated in gaming by for example, on Asus soundcards, using the 7.1 speaker shifter and increase the distance of the speakers away from the dummy head.
  15. Mad Lust Envy Contributor
    Nothing you can do about it on consoles though. The DT880 is a marvel for gaming, except when it comes to FPS. I'd stay away if FPS on consoles is top priority.
    I never been backstabbed more with any other headphone.  <_<
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