1. jazzjet

    Advice needed on upgrading my Sennheiser 598's

    Hi,   I’m seeking some help and advice in choosing an upgrade to my Sennheiser 598’s. One problem I have is that there are hardly any specialist retailers near where I live ( Cornwall, UK ) so I’m mostly ‘flying blind’.   I am interested in a home setup ( I mostly listen to audio books on my...
  2. Ryanr1987

    My AKG comparison K7XX, K712, 65th Annies and the rest! to stop this confusion!

    Still to this day people are confused about these headphones. They will state they all sound the same which is totally incorrect. The topic has been covered so many times so I'm making this thread/review to try help with the confusion.   Firstly I'm going to start with my personal findings on...
  3. wgb113

    Oppo PM-2 vs. Audeze EL-8

    Looking to upgrade from a pair of AKG K712 Pros.  Amp/DAC combo is an Oppo HA-1.  Portability is a plus but not necessary.     I like the AKG sound but find the K712s to hit a pressure point below my earlobe.   Thoughts?  I realize not many have heard the latter yet.   Bill
  4. AltCtrl

    DT880 to what?

    Hi I'm wanting to buy new headphones and I'm coming from a Beyerdynamic DT880 600ohm paired with a matrix-m-stage amp and asus essence stx soundcard.   I'm wanting warmer/more fun and possibly more bass. These will be used for music(electronica/edm/epic) and gaming. Comfort is also a big...
  5. jordannn15

    AKG K712 Pro Alternative?

    I have the AKG K712 Pro and they are the perfect headphone for me, except for the fact that they are very loose on my head. This may be because my head is smaller than average, not enough clamping force, or the headband isn't tight enough. I love the overall sound of these cans, tight refined...
  6. dmort

    Gonna spend some money - I don't need advice, just fellow audiophiles to discuss options with up to $500 budget

    Howdy all - like I said in the title, I need to chat with people as opposed to just reading threads....   I have a decent flac collection, foobar, etc. I use a Gilmore lite + psu and an emotiva xda1. My current phones are AKG k601, AT ESW9, JVC HA s500, and a pair of px100s. (I also have the...
  7. jtsanabria

    Accidental Post - Moved to Intro Section

    I have been using the 712s for about a year now. Yesterday, I was cleaning them and one of the plastic pieces actually broke (completely accidental and broke my heart at first - until I remembered I had an unlimited warranty for reimbursement!). Once I return them, I will receive $399.60 for the...
  8. HeadphileGamer

    Anybody know where I can get the AKG 65th Anniversary or K712 on a deal and are They any good.

    Everywhere seems so expensive: ( I've heard the 65th have nice lush mids?
  9. HiAudio

    Sennheiser HD650 and AKG K712

    I have these two and love both and use NuForce  icon HDP to power them. I haven't made extensive comparison and I am not really good at comparing those. The only difference I can tell now is the decay on K712 seems better and K712 also sounds louder at same volume level on the amp due to its low...
  10. HiAudio

    Oval shaped vs round shaped ear cups

    Which one do you prefer? Which one is technically better for the sound?   My Senn HD 650 and RS 220 are oval shaped and I almost do not need to move it after it fits well. AKG K712 is almost round. I do have the space to move then back or forth and perceive different sounds. Sometimes I like...
  11. Straz

    Headphone upgrade

    Hi everyone,     I'm a bit of a headphone beginner, I currently have the Phillips Fidelio X1.   I have a bit of an upgrade itch so just searching around.   I love the deep bass in the X1's, however I sometimes feel the bass is sloppy and drowns out some of the midrange. I had some...
  12. matti620

    What gives a HP a speaker-like presentation?

    Obviously there are no perfect headphones and there are many things to look at, so say I'm looking for HP which deliver speakers-like presentation as my current HD650 do. Which attributes make a HP so? From your experience do some HP successfully sound more "live" than that or mimicking speakers...
  13. Bloodflowerz

    Who is using high end headphones for gaming? A question of the T1, HD800 and the AKG K712 (and similar)...

    Just wanted to get a idea of whether it's worth spending the money on a high end headphone just for gaming and watching movies? I'm not too concerned with music playback as I have other headphones for that.    So, main concern is sound stage and reasonable bass if possible. How many of you...
  14. BiffZiff

    New headphones and Dac+Amp hurt ears. What's Up?

    Recently coming from closed cans Audio Technica ATH-A900x I purchased AKG K712 Pro's. With them I got the Shiit Magni and Modi.  The sound is really nice it seems especially for electronic music.  Only thing is my ear drums hurt after some use.  I think I used them for about 2 hours yesterday...
  15. Jazic

    Are the AKG K701 and K712 cables the same?

    Looking to grab a shorter K712 cable but was wondering if I could just look at the K701.
  16. krass76

    amp for k712

    Hey, I'm out to buy some k712 pro and need an amp to go with it. I already have a Steinberg UR22 and the headphone amp is said to be quite **** so I want to use the lineout into a propper amp. From what I've read the JDS Labs Objective 2 (o2) would be it, but I'm not certain yet. I will be...
  17. macro

    Double Amping (Yamaha RX-V371 > O2 > K712)

    I've been looking at getting some cans for my living room (mostly gaming/movies, some music) and I'm pretty sold on the K712s or K702 Annies. I'd like to use them with my Yamaha RX-V371 receiver, as I've read Silent Cinema is actually pretty good. The problem is my receiver's headphone amp has...
  18. BigBadWulf

    I am looking for upper class gaming Headphones? Which one? I posted some ideas.

    Hi Gentlemen,   I think I am now addicted to headphones. Just like you! ;) So I plan to buy one real good headphone (ok I think, there it will not stop). First I have to save some money for it, but as everybody here knows it starts with reading a lot of reviews, tests and forumreadings (and...
  19. AngelJD

    Would like to be able to watch blu-ray movies from my blu-ray player and computer with headphones and good virtual 5.1 sound.

    I live in a small space that will not be able to have true 5.1 speakers in or positioned well.  Plus I'm sure my walls are not sound proof enough not to bother others should loud sounds like explosions or gun fire happen.  Reading online I read about a device called MixAmp Pro that takes the...
  20. Jiggerjuice

    Headphones to work with my Computer - Advice

    I'm looking at getting one of the following, from Mad Lust Envy's reviews:    http://www.amazon.com/AKG-Pro-Audio-K712PRO-Headphones/dp/B00E4WXWBE/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1406732241&sr=8-1&keywords=akg+k712 AKG K712 Pro - 350 bucks  ...
  21. XIX47

    How To Deal With Customer Service (AKG)?

    I have recently noticed an issue with my AKG k712s in regards to rattling on the left driver while listening to low bass. So after inspecting the driver for loose hair (none found), I emailed AKG customer service and received a response from one of the reps. He stated he forwarded my email to...
  22. Almost Tactful

    Sigh...Searching Again - Closed Back with Felt Pads For Electronic and/or Rock

    So I looked and looked and decided to give an open back set of cans a try. Went with the AKG K712 Pros and while they sounded good they left me wanting more, to top it off they were way to loud for my office enviro haha. So I'm looking again but need to stay with a closed can this time around...
  23. kman1211

    Open vs Closed: A Review and Comparison of the AKG K712 Pro and the Beyerdynamic DT 150

    This is a review I've been putting off until I got my new amp the Schiit Lyr 2 mainly because I wanted to spend time with both headphones on a higher end system than what I had before. This review is my overall impressions of the two headphones and which I ultimately think is better on my...
  24. MichaelJames99

    Which headphones do you listen to for movies?

    Wanted to throw this question out...   So which headphones and amps do you use to listen to movies?   Any setup that really blows your mind? Like you feel you are really there or find yourself looking over your shoulder to see if the sound is in your house or in the movie?   Movies and...
  25. Hapster

    Akg K712 PRO vs Shure Srh 1840?

    Hey, so I've basically narrowed it down to these two headphones, they both look fantastic. Neither FR graph indicates either of the two is "laid-back", which is more what I'm looking for. I listen to mostly EDM in my spare time, and will probably end up recording with these as well, in the...