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I am looking for upper class gaming Headphones? Which one? I posted some ideas.

Discussion in 'Video Games Discussion' started by bigbadwulf, Sep 6, 2014.
  1. BigBadWulf
    Hi Gentlemen,
    I think I am now addicted to headphones. Just like you! :wink:
    So I plan to buy one real good headphone (ok I think, there it will not stop).
    First I have to save some money for it, but as everybody here knows it starts with reading a lot of reviews, tests and forumreadings (and some Youtubevideos).
    I want to spend between 400€ (518$) and maximum 600€ (777$).
    I will use them for 60% Gaming (only COD shooter and maybe soon a little bit WW2 flightsim), 20% Music and 20% Movies.
    But if the „uber“ Headphones make watching videos or hearing music much better, the percentage may change. No mobile use. Creative Z, Asus Phoebus, Turtle Beach Sierra ACU (+ little LD Systems HPA4 Amp) or Pioneer VSX 921 will power them. (an Asus STX is planned)
    I already own the Sony MD MA900, Beyerdynamic DT 990, Sennehiser HD 598 and Superlux HD 681 :D
    My candidates are the following cans(at the moment, pls give me more recommendations).
    I have heared none of them, all just by reading about them. I am sure, that everybody hears the sound in another way and has other preferencies.
    AKG K-712:
    good soundstage, better bass than the 701/2. Analytical, good price compared to the others below. 345€ (446$)
    Beyerdynamic T-90:
    Clear Sound, I haven`t found enough about fps gaming, nice look, good bass. 469 € (607$)
    Denon D7100:
    most controvers cans I have found. The opposite of the AKG with a fun setting. Good Soundstage for closed Headphones. Superb accesspories. 529€ (685$)
    In europe they cost 579€ (749$ including taxes and so on). Just read good things about the closed HP. Real good Soundstage for closed ones. Are they better than the Denons for my intentions?
    Audio Technica ATH-AD2000X (japan import):
    as far as I know it has the maximum Soundstage, but is the rest ok? 505 € (654$)
    Sennheiser HD 700:
    Overal good 512€ (663$)
    Sony MDR-Z7: available in November, interesting HP. 600€
    Some nice pics, high Quality looking:
    I hope, that I post this in the correct section, because my main focus is still gaming.
    Closed headphones are usually the worse ones, but I would like to know, if the isolation can bring an advantage in gaming?
    A good bass that is better at the ones I already own would be nice.
    I know, there could be better pure gaming HP like the K-701, in this area I own already own some good ones (598/900).
    Somewhen I will buy a good amp too, but I think the soundcards are good enough at the  beginning.
    To buy and test everything on my own would take to much time and I am not a fan of doing this, so I try to make „the first buy a hit“ with your help. I have no soundstore nearby to test them.
    Thank you for your help in advance :)
  2. Reckless95

    My AKG 712s are great. I bought the Astro A40+mixamp 2013 new for 1/2 almost a year ago. I thought they were great for footsteps and sound stage (directional position) obviously they got destroyed. I still find though when using my mixamp with them that they need more juice. I was reading that a good amp helps the sound stage and sound quality a lot, I'll have my fiio e17 here this week and will beable to get back to you on how they sound then. They are very comfortable aswell.
  3. BigBadWulf
    Yeah, that sounds interesting. Have you tried any of the others, so you could compare them?
  4. Fegefeuer
    Check out Mad Lust Envy's thread. Plenty of users there with experience on all kinds of headphones, basically almost alle price ranges. 
  5. BigBadWulf
    Thank you Fegefeuer,
    my Problem are 1737 pages :) Thats a lot to read. I tried it, but I when there are on every side links and so on, the confusion grows.
    A thats nice, this one is nice...
  6. Reckless95
    The first page has all the headphones on it. I haven't tried many headphones out. I do however have a HT that I've had, Custom Salk speakers, to now SVS Ultra's W/ dual SVS PB-13s. What I will say about the K712s is that it is a balanced headphone in my opinion. They don't emphasize bass, what I like. I prefer in game to now have much bass or else I don't have a clue of what's going on around me. If you're looking to spend more though, I would check the Beyerdynamic T90s. All I can say is I enjoy listening to them as much as my HT.
  7. BigBadWulf
    To save the Money will take some time. So I´ll wait for the opinions about the Sony, if they fail the T90 will be mine :) Thank you.
  8. takato14
    Audio Technica just released a new headset recently, the ATH-ADG1:
    Looks pretty nice and it's getting good reviews, I'm debating getting one for myself
    I think its based off the ATH-AD900X drivers/chassis
  9. Reckless95
    That's highway robbery.
    ATH-AD700X Specs:
    ATH-ADG1 Specs:
    The same, you're paying $150 for that mic. Better off with the 700X and a $50 mod mic.
    Edit: You can get the 900x for $190
  10. trahere
    I'd just like to add though, that Audio Technica are one of the industry leaders in microphone technology. Granted there is additional cost for the convenience of a built in mic, but it's rather unfair to compare Audio Technica's microphone to a mod mic.
  11. takato14
    Specifications mean nothing, the AD900X is spec'd the same as the 700X too except for the max input
    Audio-Technica makes some of the best mics, there's no way a modmic would come even close
    I would gladly pay $100 for an AT mic as opposed to a $50 modmic
  12. Reckless95
    Worth the $150, just my opinion.
    I don't think it's worth the extra money. That mic doesn't give him better audio in anyway. He asked for opinions.
    Here, she says they're based off the 700x.
  13. reddog
    I would recommend the alpha dogs, it has a great sound stage and good imagery. Plus it isolates out side distractions well. Though if you get these amazing cans, you will need a headphone amp, to allow these cans to reach their true audiophile potential.
  14. BigBadWulf
    The Alphas are always in my mind. I am very interested in them, but I will wait for the Sony Z7 and compare them. The metal leather Combo of the Sony Looks fantastic and my great MD MA900 are for Sony a good Point.

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