1. Change is Good

    Like New AKG K712 PRO *SOLD*

    Hello Everyone,   Up for sale is my beloved AKG K712 PRO; purchased back in September from Razordog Audio. They are in mint condition after numerous hours of use. It includes two stock cables (one coiled) and a 1/4 inch adapter.   Free shipping inside the US (International shipping will be...
  2. Melee

    Best "Starter" Headphones? - HiFiMan HE-400 / AKG K712 / Sennheiser HD650 / Sennheiser HD600

    I am looking to enter into the audiophile world. I'm hoping to find as nice a pair of headphones as possible in the Used Market for around $300, as that fits well into my budget and allows me room to purchase a nice Amp and possibly DAC to pair with them. I will likely have a microphone added to...
  3. Trance_Gott


    Hello, i am selling a brandnew only once used AKG 712 Pro in original package with all accessoirs. Price is with shipping inside EU.
  4. spikes

    AKG K702 65 Anniversary Edition vs AKG K712

    Hey I was wondering if someone could tell me if the AKG K712 is a recoloured version of the AKG K702 Annie? I was really interested in the Annie because of Mad Lust Envy's Headphone guide, but the Annie is extremely expensive in germany (569,00 € on amazon o.O). I will be mostly useing it for...
  5. DanielMiracle

    Akg K712 Vs Beyerdynamic DT990

    I'm looking for a new pair of headphones to go with my computer, and have narrowed my choices down to the Akg K712s and the Beyer DT990s. I, personally, lean towards the K712's, but wanted a second opinion. I will mainly use these for listening to music and gaming. Which do would be my better...
  6. DanielMiracle

    Looking for a Tube Amp/DAC Combo to go With AKG K712s.

    I am planning on purchasing the AKG K712s and a DAC/Amp to go with them. However, I am unsure of what DAC/Amp combo I should go with. I would prefer to have a tube amp, and keep the price price under $300. I have looked into the Schiit Vali Modi combo, but the Vali seems to have mixed reviews...
  7. HiSenn5

    Headamp for the HD650, K712, maybe HD800

    Hi there folks,   been lurking around for a while, couldn't resist and signed up. Maybe you can help me choosing an AMP.   I'm currently looking for a Headamp for my HD650 and K701 for around 400-500$. I'm not sure if I'll upgrade to the k712 or HD800. That's why I'm looking for an...
  8. DanielMiracle

    AKG K712s Worth it?

    I have been looking into getting a new pair of headphones to go with a Schiit Magni/Modi combo connected via optical to the Xonar DG for surround sound, and I'm strongly considering the AKG K712s. I was wondering, however, if they were really worth $350+ or if theirswould be a better more cost...
  9. TheLawless

    Please help me choose the gear I need for a gaming, blu-ray movie, and "lossless" music PC.

    Hi everybody! I am new to this community and can't wait to start learning more about audio. A couple of days ago I was completely clueless about cables and different signals but I am starting to understand some of it. Please forgive me if I don't understand what you are trying to tell me.   I...
  10. chicolom

    Beyerdynamic T90

    Hi!   I'm selling:   Beyerdynamic T90 - $OLD! Less than two months old and in mint condition.  Comes with everything.     Price is shipped in the US.  Please pay as gift or add 3%...buyers choice.   Thanks
  11. MLee

    FS: New price - AKG K712 US only please

    These have about 200 hours on them and look as new in box.  All original accessories and box included.  Price includes Paypal fee and priority shipping to US address only please.  Thanks for looking.
  12. Vangelis

    Which AKG K700 series hp with a removable cord sounds closest to the K701 in high frequencies and sound stage?

    I really liked my AKG K701 headphones with their clear extended high frequencies and über open sound stage. Having sold them I want to replace them a newer AKG 700 series with a removable cord. I don't really care about the bass but I want to know which hp, the K712, K702.65 or 702 has most open...
  13. Mjolnir125

    K702 with K712 memory foam pads

    I know that some people have purchased the K712/annie memory foam pads (I think they are the same) and used them on the K701/K702/Q701. I just purchased the K702 but I am thinking I would prefer memory foam for comfort, and some people have stated that it increases bass as well, which is always...
  14. Silent Xaxal

    Good Amp at around 100$ or less. Must be PC and Mobile Device Compatible.

    Greetings! I am currently planning to buy an AKG K712 Pro when I go to the US next year (At least, if the current Amazon price stays the same).   I have heard that it needs an amp to get the best sound out of it, so I'm currently scouting for a good amp at around the 100 dollar price range...
  15. 24Bit

    AKG K-712 Pro REVIEW

      The AKG K-712 drivers are not the same as the previous K-Series headphones. I feel better having said that. Fhew. I don’t want to bore you with more specification information in the beginning of this review, so I will start off with the Conclusion first. You can read the details afterward...
  16. TitaniteXtreme

    Struggling between Philips Fidelio X1 and AKG K712 Pro. Any Ideas?

    I am not an Audiophile, but I am serious about my music, I hope I can own a good headphones to enjoy music. I love bass, currently I am choosing between Fidelio X1 and K712 Pro, which is within my budget. Any advices will be very welcome~~
  17. JeWorms

    Need recommendations for AMP + Headphone combination

    I recently get a Meridian Explorer as a DAC for my desktop use, also want to buy a open back headphones to take the advantage of high rez music. Right now I am considering Sennheiser HD 650, AKG K712, or Hifiman HE400. I am relatively new to the open back cans. Any advice will be good for choose...
  18. Ramzal

    $500 Budget for Headphones, please help!

    I currently purchased the Schiit Modi and Magni combo, and am looking for a good pair of headphones to go with them!   My budget is $500 on Amazon, preferably. Since I'm a prime member and can utilize the shipping.   I play alot of videogames on my computer, so gaming audio is highly...
  19. MadMoxxi


    SOLD     -Susan
  20. Ferna

    Best headphone for 500$ including shipping to Sweden

    Hello everyone! I've been looking around for new headphones since my Denon AH-D2000 with Mark mod are breaking down and don't sound to good anymore, the left headphone starts to fade abit. So now I'm on a hunt for a new pair of headphones, It should mainly sound good with music but it's a plus...
  21. Moliere

    Headphones sound flat and low bass

    My source is a computer connection options are USB and coaxial. My use of headphones is the music - movies - and games, I currently have HD201 headphones. I love the sound flat and low bass. Headphones should be closed.   (I thought of such a combination, feel free to change any of the...
  22. MadMoxxi


    Mint almost new MaD Dog with alpha pads, latest version with single ended cable.   SOLD   -susan
  23. pieman3141

    AKG K712 Pro cable/other questions

    I've been researching some cable options for the AKG K712s, and I have a few questions about that.   1. Will any mini-XLR-to-1/4" or 1/8" cable work? 2. If I go for a high-end option, what seems to be the consensus? I like the way Headphile cables are designed, but are there other options...
  24. PiNa.cz

    The AKG K712 Pro Support and Impressions Thread

      More info here. They look promissing: No bumps on the soft leather headband and low-end performance improved by 3dB. 
  25. XANADV

    HiFi cans for PC gaming

    Hello all. I am new to this forum as I just signed up today. Sound reproduction has been an increasingly interesting topic for me in recent months and now it is time to make my first leap into this hobby of yours.    I know this question has been asked hundreds of times over the years (I have...