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Would like to be able to watch blu-ray movies from my blu-ray player and computer with headphones and good virtual 5.1 sound.

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by angeljd, Sep 16, 2014.
  1. AngelJD
    I live in a small space that will not be able to have true 5.1 speakers in or positioned well.  Plus I'm sure my walls are not sound proof enough not to bother others should loud sounds like explosions or gun fire happen.  Reading online I read about a device called MixAmp Pro that takes the Dolby 5.1 sound information either from the usb or the other digital inputs and makes a virtual 5.1 Dolby sound from it and many reviewers seem to like it.
    I'm considering trying it out plus buying the Superlux HD-668 B headphones with it (one day like to get the AKG K702 or K712 Pro headphones for music and movie watching both from my blu-ray player and computer in another room should this work) but after some reading I discovered alot of blu-rays movies use DTS and not the Dolby that Mixamp decodes and makes virtual 5.1.  I don't know if my blu-ray player (a Sony BDP-BX510 with uses a coaxial and HDMI output) can take a DTS coding and make it a Dolby coding that Mixamp can use (something I'm going to have to look up but so far I haven't gotten any answers).  Thus I also don't know if there might be a way between that can do so such as Blu-ray player by coaxial -> ??? -> Mixamp pro -> Headphones for 5.1 listening (I read 7.1 virtual sound isn't as good as 5.1 virtual sound for headphones.
    Figure this was the best area to post my question.
  2. PurpleAngel Contributor
    Personally I would not try to use a mix-amp with a stand alone Blu-ray player.
    The mix-amp is best for use with a gaming console.
    What do you plug your Blu-ray player into?
  3. AngelJD
    It's connected to my Samsung 6030 LED by HDMI.  My HDTV is connected by the tv's analog audio out jack to a Topping TP30 Class T Mini Amp composite input which is linked to my 2 Cambridge Audio speakers (I was able to move things around for the speakers but they are not perfectly positioned so some audio settings had to be altered to give better sound balance).  The tv also has a optical audio out jack not being used currently.

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