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    Zooming of HDA5230 , THE hiend grade of Portable Headphone amp of Bakoon Products
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    In Bakoon mania listening room 🇰🇷 , Formal distributor of Bakoon Products 🇯🇵
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    Sennheiser Hd800 + Bakoon Products HDA5230
  4. S

    HD800 VS HD800S

    I'm consider buying a used hd800. Anyone can give me some valuable advise on choosing between hd800 and hd800s? (I use parametric EQ extensively, so frequency response is not a concern of mine.
  5. A

    HD800s VS DT1990 Pro

    Hi ya'll I was wondering what headphone should I get? Currently using the Sundaras and I'm not fully satisfied. I was thinking of upgrading to either the HD800s or the DT 1990 Pro. What is better among the two and is the price of the HD800s worth it even tho I have the money to afford it? Just...
  6. theaudiologist1

    Neutral, Open Headphones between $1000-1500?

    I want to upgrade from my neutral R70x'es but all the headphones in this range are either warm, or cold, like the HD800's having high treble peaks and the Hifiman headphones being warm, etc. Anybody know a good headphone between $1000-$1500 ("almost-TOTL" tier?) that is as neutral as the R70x...
  7. zcreto

    Klipsch Hp 3 ~ ether c flows or z1r

    Need help for my longterm to end game closed back portable headphones. i have a simple gear which consists of Fiio m11 topping nx3s amp . may upgrade gear gradually ( xduoo 05 plus . m15 waiting for discount or opportunities) but wanted to start off with Headphones. Headphones in my...
  8. roskodan

    [Wanted] Audeze LCD 2 Rosewood

    Wanted. I'm not selling. Shipped to Europe. PM me. Looking for Audeze LCD 2 Rosewood, prefer older, non fazor units, but will consider newer units as well. Payment by PayPal or IBAN.
  9. ra990

    SOLD: New 6' Corpse GraveDigger Cardas 4-pin XLR for HD800, HD800S, HD820

    Up for sale is a brand new Corpse GraveDigger Cardas Cable that I purchased for an HD800S I was getting, but then that fell through. Now I have this cable and I likely have to pay a restocking fee if I return it, in addition to paying for return shipping. So, I'd rather pass this discount on to...
  10. Vapin Wabbit

    Drop THX 789 vs Monolith Liquid Platinum

    Was hoping to get some insight from some people on what my next headphone amp should be. Currently have the ether flow 1.1 open and am looking to eventually get a HD800. My main music genre is classical (orchestral, concertos, and solo string instruments). Looking forward to hearing some thoughts.
  11. K

    SOLD: Sennheiser HD800 + custom cable + new pads + SDR mods

    EDIT: SOLD. I purchased these from another user here back in December and have used them fewer than 50 hours since. I enjoy the novelty of the HD800's insane soundstage and treble but ultimately, they're just not for me. Included is the original packaging--the outer box has some shelf wear as...
  12. CYZZM

    SOLD FS: Recently purchased Sennheiser HD820

    I am selling my brand new HD820, purchased last month (May 2020). All accessories and original packaging included. Only used for less than 10 times. The reason to sell is looking for an HD800/800s, trade with those two + cash is also great. Bst closed-back headphone for classical. I asking for...
  13. Maxx134

    SOLD Norne Silvergrade for HD800

    SOLD Hello this is a version1 Norne silvergrade cable for the HD800. It is just shy of 6ft long. It has been reterminated with the newest & latest version of HD800 plugs(greater internal surface contact), so it is now a tiny bit shorter, about 1/4 inch (6 mm) shorter than 6ft. It is a great...
  14. 04gto

    <SOLD>WTS Tonekraft by Audio Envy HD800/HD800S Balanced Cable PERFECT

    Hello everyone. I am offering a Tonekraft by Audio Envy balanced cable, 10 ft length. $319 plus tax and shipping when new. Barely used. You cannot tell it apart from new, as there is no visible wear or marks. Check out the company website, a lot of research and technology went into the material...
  15. 04gto

    <SOLD> Sennheiser HD800 Excellent condition.

    Hello all I am offering these Sennheiser HD800 Open Back Headphones for sale. Stock, no modifications. Headband pad and ear pads are in excellent condition. They have been used sparingly since new, 8 out of 10 condition. With only minor visible blemishes on the back side (see photos). Come from...
  16. Uppertaker

    WTB: HD800 [EU]

    Looking for HD800's in the eu PM me your offers
  17. R

    SOLD: Like new Sennheiser HD800 + Sennheiser balanced cable (pentacon)

    I am selling my Sennheiser set-up (HD800, HD800S and HDV820). I have had some amazing sessions with these babies over the years but I think I have had my fill with headphones as they've mostly been stored away in the last year or so. So it's time for someone else to love and enjoy them. I am the...
  18. A


  19. pikapika


    Hello everyone, I am selling my hd800 and DAC together as a package only. It sounds amazing, but you probably know that better than I do. I will miss them, but we will see each other again in the near future. I am selling them for the asking price, priority shipping and paypal fees are included...
  20. henrycrinkle34

    SOLD! Sennheiser HD800 with extra pads and cable

    SOLD SOLD SOLD These are in phenomenal shape. Please see pictures. Comes with orginal earpads as well as mint condition Dekoni Fenestrated Sheepskin pads. Also comes with original cable and a BestInTheVerse 4 pin XLR cable along with a 4 pin XLR to dual 3 pin XLR cable. Also including a...
  21. J

    FS or FT: Focal Elex SOLD

    Good evening, I'm selling or trading my Focal Elex. Only trade I'm currently interested in are the HD800S (obviously I would add some $$). I understand these are currently on Drop, but rumors have it that they are not shipping currently (might have changed since last I've heard). Selling them...
  22. Cj Gochanour

    [WTB] HD800(S)

    Looking for preferably HD800, will take 800S if the price is comparable. Any condition, any S/N, any accessories. Local to TN. Can pay shipping.
  23. Vitaly2017

    SOLD Wireworld nano eclipse 4.4mm copper 100% SOLD

    Hi I am selling wireworld nano eclipse cable. 10ft long 4.4mm balance all carbon fiber connector and copper pole. Hd800 connectors. Its a 100% all copper wire. Compatible headphones hd800 hd800s hd820 or campfire cascade. In very good condition Paypal fees and shippng included
  24. Teaster

    Black dragon cable for hd800

    I am selling my black dragon cable for hd800 asking for 110 dollars shipping and pp are included.
  25. Teaster

    Black dragon cable for hd800

    I am selling my black dragon cable for hd800 asking for 110 dollars shipping and pp are included.