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Special "Meet Your Maker" Event in Las Vegas

  1. Sennheiser
    Saturday, August 24th, 3PM - 9PM, the Audio Video Boutique is hosting a local meet.

    Prominently featured will be auditions with the flagship Sennheiser HE-1 Orpheus, our most uncompromising headphone of otherworldly sound and timeless beauty.

    As an added attraction, this event is also a great opportunity to demo our audiophile range of headphones including the HD 800 S, HDV 820, IE 800 S, and more.

    The Audio Video Boutique is located at
    353 E Bonneville Ave.
    Suite 175
    Las Vegas, NV
    (702) 948-9262


    HE1_Detail_shot_heatsink_02_RGB.jpg HE_1_4_roehren_HiRes_RGBv2.jpg HE_1_2_3_offen_schwarz_HiRes_RGBv2.jpg
    IE_800_Detail_Back_red.jpg HDV_820_Detail_Shot_01_RGB.jpg HD_800_S_black_moodshot_0154_RGB.jpg
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